Walkingstick:  Abadi receives World Bank delegation and looking them in support of Iraq

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, the World Bank delegation met with, among other issues the two sides in support of Iraq.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office, in a statement, received / balances News /, a copy of it, that “al-Abadi, received at his residence in Washington on Monday, the World Bank delegation.”

He said the delegation, according to the statement, his support “for Iraq in its crisis and financial help Iraq create jobs and training and development of human potential.”

As Abbadi said, “the importance of the World Bank support for Iraq at this stage,” Msttrda “and we do not want to link Iraq’s long-term loans, but to create jobs and develop our capabilities in many areas to serve the country and our citizens.”

This arrived Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, this morning, to the US capital and Ashentun.anthy 29/9 P







Experts are counting on Abadi talks and Trump in the “reconstruction of Iraq”

General Commander of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said, “The reconstruction of Iraq on the verge of exceeding campaign liberated areas of Daesh, to include all parts of Iraq.”

This came at a time when the Iraqi prime minister to visit the United States to meet with US President Trump, and to discuss the reconstruction of Iraq after the war against al “Daesh.”
And the intention of the reconstruction of all the cities of Iraq, economic adviser to the United Nations in Iraq, Falah al-Lami, told the “Sputnik”

“He said Iraq during this period and after the victories against al-organizing Daesh, became a welcome in the international community, especially with regard to the idea of ??reconstruction and transition to develop a strategy to rebuild Iraq, and as a result generate a lot of profit on the investment companies and the US and European companies, also notes shuttle visits that began by a number of ambassadors and foreign ministers to Baghdad and meetings with the Prime Minister, all came after achieving victories and also represents a quantum leap toward the construction and investment and reconstruction in the next phase, and Cetkll that the meeting between the prospective Iraqi Prime Minister and US President, there are many in the quiver of the US government with respect to this side. ”

He said al-Lami said “Iraq has the largest reserves in the world of oil, and this is what makes it easy to invest in it, the fact that the process of getting money in place too quickly, ongoing today with Iraq and agreements entities invested benefit the most from the usefulness of Iraq, however, it will benefit Iraq through this investment the reconstruction of the country the fact that a lot of infrastructure in all provinces in Iraq’s rickety, and this needs to put a big plan for Iraq in general and not only to the provinces that were to occupy Daesh. Within steps the Iraqi government is a trend towards investment that Iraq has suffered from rampant corruption as well as of war. ”

For his part, the economic cream Fatlawi says that “the reconstruction of Iraq is a difficult and arduous process for two main reasons, the first is the decline in oil revenues during the previous and the current period, as well as the consequences of the Iraq’s debt because of the war against terrorism, which is likely to last for long periods, the second reason, which is important to the process of the fight against corruption, which if it has properly will provide part of the funds for the reconstruction of Iraq, devastation that exists in Iraq a large incorrectly perceived, and we imagine from the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, followed by economic blockade period up to the year 2003, and then a period of regime change, which increased after that period, Iraq’s imports came, but unfortunately, Iraq could not invest that money to come later stage of the war against al Daesh that began draining significant resources, in addition to ruin left. ”

He Fatlawi that “the subject of the investment project had previously been put forward in the former Iraqi government time, which is called the payment on credit, which is a good opportunity for Iraq to be put projects for investment, because it possesses the resources far outweigh the other countries that live today in better economic condition of the resources Iraq, Iraq is a rich country, and companies can carry out the investment, but must create a suitable platform for that. ”



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