RE: Bluestar…I was blessed with a phone call from a contact and as a result, I will be at a forum with PM Abadi tomorrow at 5 PM eastern in Washington , DC.    I will do my best to ask a 4 part question tomorrow. There is no guarantee that I will be allowed to ask my question, but I will try. I will take notes and have a full comprehension of the results by 8 pm tomorrow.

Frank26:  BTW BLUESTAR ………….. If i could ask A a question it would not be when is Iraq going to RV the currency. Instead ……. It would be … ” Mr Abadi Sir … Do YOU want an RV for Your country’s currency in this year of 2017?”

Risk1:  A… might not know what an “RV” is….That’s the term we Americans use…IMO………The better question would be…… Are you and the CBI intending to delete the three 000’s from the exchange rate to give your people purchasing power and bring the dinar back to it’s former glory in 2017….IMO….No ambiguity…


President Trump’s Schedule for Monday, March 20th, 2017

Posted by: Rich Mitchell    March 19, 2017

– President Donald Trump has a busy schedule on Monday starting with his presidential daily brief provided by the intelligence community.

– The middle of the president’s morning will feature meetings with former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, Speaker Paul Ryan, Secretary Price and Dr. Emanual.

– Trump will spend mid-day with the vice president and secretary of state.

– The president’s afternoon will include meetings with Iraq’s prime minister.

– President Trump’s evening will be concentrated upon his “Make America Great Rally” in Louisville, Kentucky.



OneWildRide: Article:  Iraq and Jordan sign a trade treaty and an “understanding” on the industry

Interesting that the king of Jordan was at the white house the other day and today PM Abaddi is with Trump and today we see evidence of DEALS that Frank has been pointing us to.

Just for you Frank….TA..DA …..

Doodlebug: Thanks OWR!  Here’s the body of the article for everyone’s convenience and this LINK will take you right to the article…

Iraq and Jordan sign trade treaty and “understanding” on industry

Information / Baghdad .. The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, on Monday, announced the signing of Iraq’s economic and trade treaty with Jordan in the presence of Minister of Industry and Trade of Jordan expresses judges, while confirming the existence of an “understanding” on industrial cooperation between the two countries.

He said ministry spokesman Abdel Wahed al-Shammari told / information /, said that “Iraq and Jordan signed today Treaty include economic and commercial aspects of the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade of Jordan and Supply expresses judges in the capital, Baghdad.”

Shammari said, that “the talks included understandings on industrial cooperation between the two countries,” noting that “Baghdad and Amman are looking forward to the economic and trade relations and the formation of joint committees.”

It began in the capital Baghdad on Sunday, the 27th session meetings of the Iraqi-Jordanian Joint Committee in the capital, Baghdad, on the level of agents of the Ministry of Industry of the two countries. Finished / 25


Don961:  Re: Video:  Khamenei weeps as the wind of revolution blows in Iran https://youtu.be/zLMFtuCA2co

An Iranian uprising would severely curtail what the militias are trying to do in Iraq …. Like Frank alluded to earlier …. and articles are saying …. wouldn’t you think the average Iranian citizen is sick of fighting … and being oppressed … and being under economic sanctions …. because of the leadership in place … leaders are all billionaires while people struggle … words , repressive ideals , revenge agendas , etc. of those relatively few in power  don’t put food in the peoples’ bellies …. or give them hope for a promising future …. IMO


Don961:   Abadi up to the United States at the invitation of Trump

53 minutes ago 18 visit

Arrived Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, a US official at the invitation of US President Donald Trump.

Information Office of the Prime Minister, said in a brief statement, said that “the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Washington.”

The Abadi’s office announced, on Sunday, for the latter went to the United States, an official at the invitation of US President Donald Trump, noting that al-Abadi will meet with administration officials and members of Congress and the Senate, it will be attended by foreign international coalition ministers meeting against al “Daesh.”



Samson:  $1000 billion spent in Iraq but lacks services, MP

19th March 2017

Iraqi Parliamentary MP Majid Shinkali confirmed that Iraq spent more than 1000 billion dollars during the past years, but “still lacks services”.

He added that unemployment  and corruption is prevailing in the country.

MP Shinkali hoped that the coming elections will form a new political map with new faces that “might achieve something to the Iraqi people”.



Don961:  United Nations: the recommendations of Mr. Sistani ensure Iraq’s stability and peace and social security

He commended the Deputy Special Representative of the UN mission to Iraq, the role of top religious authority Sayyed al – Sistani in the call to unite and renounce manifestations of sectarianism, exclusion and marginalization among the shades of the society.

Said Georgi Posten in a statement Saturday that “Mr. al – Sistani has played an important role in uniting and denouncing all manifestations of sectarianism, exclusion and marginalization and calls for reconciliation.”

He added that “Mr. al – Sistani calls for these goals as he says of recommendations to ensure that Iraq ‘s access to the desired objectives to achieve stability, peace and social security.”

Source: Voice of the Iraqi community


Samson:  White House presents the budget deficit is not where by mid-May

03.20.2017 at 11:25 (Baghdad time)

Head of the Office of Management and Budget in the White House revealed that Mick Mulvany detailed version of the American President Donald Trump’s budget will be published in May, including plans to get rid of the deficit.

Mulvany said in remarks to the program “Meet the Press,” which is broadcast on NBC, “I think that mid-May is our goal now. We will have a bigger budget.”

Mulvany acknowledged that the budget will not achieve a draw in the next fiscal year 2018, but said the administration wants to take the country to get rid of the fiscal deficit in the end path.

“We are working on trying to reach out to the balance in ten years,” .anthy   LINK


Don961:  Between the government and the parliament .. federal budget bill awaiting release

10 hours ago

From the windows of the dispute to the gates of the agreement over the federal budget for the current year the law as the law takes effect after raising blocks their hands to vote on the project , which , weakened amendment that nearly included in the list of broken laws, but he enrolled finally up with the laws completed, a few weeks did not pass even declared Prime Haider al – Abadi Minister for providing stabbed budget objecting to some of the existing items within the law.

Where he accused Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the House of Representatives to transfer fifty billion dinars from sensitive assignments in the country for salaries and allocations of members of the House of Representatives.

Ebadi said, ” The appeal budget was by the Ministry of Finance presented the list of paragraphs and it cost us from a legal point of a legal team to examine materials modified and there are materials related to the interests of the people have not been touched Others relate to political interests , ” pointing out that “he was fifty billion dinars transfer of sensitive assignments in the country for salaries and allocations of members of the House of Representatives saying, we will not be silent about it, therefore , appeal to those paragraphs because we know what ‘s going on and tell them these things is appropriate ,

“noting that they” worked to hide those amounts budget is invisible under the slogan for the poor and one of them for members of the House of Representatives, but a lot of MPs do not know that even if they knew it , they will not vote on the law, adding, that ” the amounts were concealed in order to preserve the interests of the other and the functions they want to increase it excuse the government ‘s keenness to absorb contracts and a daily wage, but they truly want to set people specific conditions certain. ”

For his part , expressed the Integrity Commission , member of the parliamentary Taha defensive surprised at the accusation leveled by the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to parliament , which refers to the last redeploy amount of fifty billion dinars and added to the budget for the salaries and allowances of its members, pointing out that the budget of the Council for this year is the lowest ratio previous budgets. Stressing, ” The Parliament discussed during its meeting accusations Prime Minister as well as the appeal in a number of articles that the House of Representatives modified, including reducing the rate of 4% imposed by the government on employees ‘ salaries to support the popular crowd and displaced 3.8% and transfers the amount of 50 billion dinars defense budget to counter – terrorism. ”

While the face of House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , a formal letter to the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi called him where to attend the parliament session, Stressing that “al – Abadi ‘s statements are inaccurate and” vague “and called for an open and direct to hold a hearing in the presence of al – Abadi to the Parliament building for dialogue on budget disbursement doors ” on the other hand , revealed the National Alliance MP Abbas al – Bayati, why he did not attend the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to the scheduled parliamentary session, referring to the postponement of the presence of al – Abadi to another session did not specify the time.

He said al – Bayati, said that “al – Abadi did not attend the parliament session due to the late arrival of the invitation letter from the House of Representatives until the morning, he said , adding, that” al – Abadi had the commitments which forced him to postpone his presence to another session did not specify the time , “stressing that” Abadi keen to attend He did not escape. ”

It is noteworthy, “Prime Minister Haidar al – Abbadi accused the former House of Representatives to transfer 50 billion dinars time, stressing, they worked to” hide “those amounts in the budget is invisible under the slogan of the poor

KTFA Monday Night CC

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