Don961: Abadi is not just meeting with President Trump ….

“Abadi will meet with the American president, top administration officials, congressmen as well as representatives of a number of American companies.”

Article posted this morn included international agencies as well … he will be busy …  his country is the Prettiest Girl at the Prom  after all  ….. IMO

Abadi to embark on visit to Washington within days

March 19 2017 04:33 PM

Spokesman of Prime Minister’s Office Saad al-Haadithi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi will embark on a visit to Washington within the few coming days upon an invitation from US President Donald Trump, said Spokesman of the Prime Minister’s Office Saad al-Haadithi on Sunday.

The spokesman said Abadi’s visit to Washington will be the first of its kind after Trump assumed office.

The spokesman did not set the date of the visit, but he noted that Abadi will meet with the American president, top administration officials, congressmen as well as representatives of a number of American companies.

Abadi’s talks in Washington will cover joint efforts as part of the war on terrorism, close cooperation at the security and military levels as well as means of enhancing the two countries’ relations



Don961:  IMO   Abadi will be busy …. meeting :
President Trump
Vice President
Foreign Minister
Chairman of the House
Members of Congress
Number of international organizations
Number of institutions
International Coalition of Foreign Ministers

Abadi up to America

one hour ago

Twilight News / arrived, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday morning to the United States, according to the announcement by the Iraqi government in a statement.

Abadi on Sunday and went to the United States on an official visit at the official invitation of US President Donald Trump.

He will meet Abadi, in addition to the US President a group of administration officials, including Vice President and Foreign Minister and Chairman of the US House of Representatives as well as meetings with members of Congress and the Senate.

The focus of meetings Abadi to enhance cooperation between the two countries in the security, military, economic and other fields.

And it will also meet a number of institutions and international organizations will attend the international coalition foreign ministers’ meeting to eliminate Daesh.

Iraq has hailed the days before the US president’s decision excluding Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens are prohibited from entering the United States.

The United States leads the US component of an international coalition of more than sixty countries launched air raids on the stronghold of al Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

Also it resides on the territory of Iraq more than four thousand US troops in charge of training Iraqi forces and provide advice in the war against Daesh as supporting Iraqi forces through helicopter gunships and artillery shelling.

Countries and the associated long-term strategic agreement paved the way for the withdrawal of US troops from the race in late 2011 and regulate the relationship between the two countries in the military, political, economic and other fields.


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