Bluestar…I was blessed with a phone call from a contact and as a result, I will be at a forum with PM Abadi tomorrow at 5 PM eastern in Washington , DC.    I will do my best to ask a 4 part question tomorrow.

There is no guarantee that I will be allowed to ask my question, but I will try. I will take notes and have a full comprehension of the results by 8 pm tomorrow.

The meeting with President Trump is scheduled for this Wednesday from my sources.

Sincerely,  Bluestar

Frank26:   BTW BLUESTAR ………….. If i could ask A a question it would not be when is Iraq going to RV the currency.

Instead ……. It would be ………… ” Mr Abadi Sir ……. Do YOU want an RV for Your country’s currency in this year of 2017?”

Yes ………… 8 pm on MONDAY CC is open for You.


Cole:  Frank, question for you… is there, (legally) a deadline for Iraq’s (any country for that matter)  budget to be implemented? Of course Iraq can receive special treatment… but is there a “supposed” deadline? If not, why? If so, do you think the IMF/WB/CBI meetings have set a date for this budget?/hcl?/RV?

Frank26:  All IMO  :

#1.) The 1st of the physical year.

#2.) Supposed? …………. Do not know.

#3.) Sovereignty

#4.) Date set for HCL/Budget/RV ? ………………. These and many other questions of this nature will be answered we feel between A’s return from DC up to the middle of April.

One more thing ………………..This is based on a positive outlook.

For those with a negative outlook ……… RUN for the HILLS ….. It’s a SCAM !!! ………….. lol

Just trying to respect everyone ……………..lol 


FaithPrevails:  Walking Stick thank you. IMO opinion 80% percent is done and they can’t go to this meeting without an international rate.

Walkingstick:  IRAQ FINANCE 2017

Preliminary Agenda


The Macroeconomic View- addressing challenges and opportunities

Central Bank plans for banking sector reform and development

Iraq’s public finances: revenue generation, fiscal federalism and budgetary constraints

Strategies for Iraq: stability, returns and attracting foreign investment

Improvement of import/export regulations

TBI’s effective contribution to Iraq’s financial system

How can foreign banks contribute to the development of Iraq’s financial sector?

Global leaders entering Iraq – how will a global giant bank alter the banking landscape?

Striving towards membership of WTO

The Banking Sector

Advancing the role of domestic lenders and encouraging foreign companies to enter the market

CBI’s monetary and fiscal policies to strengthen the financial sector

Restructuring of state-owned banks: Rafidain and Rasheed Banks

Measures to bolster financial stability

The role Iraq’s banks can play in the growth and development of the private sector

Funding opportunities for the private sector

Improving public financial management – challenges and opportunities

Achieving the operational independence of Iraq’s private banks: how to create a level playing field between state-owned banks and Iraqi private banks

The role and prospects of Islamic banking in Iraq

Improving the climate for foreign investors

Improving the business environment & strengthening the economy

Opportunities and reforms needed to enable strong economic growth and a well-developed financial system

The establishment of a National Investment Fund (NIF) to support Iraq’s private sector: reality or illusion?

Governance issues: tackling bureaucracy, Iraq’s complex political situation and legacies of prevailing state intervention

Accounting / Auditing: developing skills to IFRSA desired standards and increasing the number of trained Iraqi accountants

Eliminating exchange restrictions

Transparency: ensuring transparency in the banking sector; mechanisms for banks to identify creditworthy clients

Improving the regulatory framework to protect investors and ensure a fair, efficient and transparent market

Expanding bilateral investment agreements

Implementation of effective risk management procedures in the Iraqi financial institutions to achieve organisational objectives and long-term superior performance

Insurance: new models and requirements

Measures against money-laundering and corruption

Capital Markets the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX)

Development of capital markets – the engine of growth for Iraq’s redevelopment

Developing Iraq’s capital markets – milestones reached and future challenges; increasing the ISX’s overall market capitalisation

Revival and the development of the Iraqi securities market

Legislative and regulatory changes for transparency and for protection of investors

Increasing the issuance of medium/long-term notes and bonds by the GOI from current maturities beyond one year

Implementing government incentives to encourage private companies to list on the ISX
Opportunities for a potential secondary market for SMEs

Energy & Infrastructure Finance

Managing risk and maximising opportunity in Iraq’s projects markets

Iraqi Oil: growth, investment opportunities and new financing models

The opportunities for international investors to contribute in the current oil projects

Financing Iraq’s infrastructure: the role of government, domestic institutions and international lenders

Securing alternative sources of capital in the absence of GOI sources – do foreign investors have the interest for Iraq infrastructure development?

Multinationals and the Iraq projects market: perspectives from international financing experts

Public-Private Partnership: the most profitable joint investment projects

Reconstruction: the role of the banking sector in post-war liberated areas

World-Class Solutions & Electronic Banking

Recent developments and priorities to facilitate electronic banking

CBI strategies in adapting innovations in international banking technology to Iraqi standards

Modernising standards for domestic and international payments, clearing and settlement

Status of bank security in Iraq – physical and electronic security

ATMs implementation – challenges and solutions

Electronic banking solutions for a cash rich society

Implementing international regulations for electronic banking to help Iraqi banks work with merchants and payment organisations

Application of recent technological solutions for customers’ security

Business areas in need of IT innovation and development

Electronic and mobile payment solutions: growth, vision and infrastructure

Currency 365

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