Don961: Parliamentary Foreign Affairs was in contact with “foreign countries” to restore Iraq’s properties abroad worth billions of dollars

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, Abdul Bari Zebari said on Saturday that his committee contacted a group of countries, and coordinated with the relevant ministries in order to restore state property abroad, which is equal to billions of dollars.

Zebari said for “counting Press,” that “the Committee on Foreign Parliamentary Relations contacted Bmjuah from countries where there is the property of Iraq from the former regime,” noting that “there is a large property on the property of the former regime and we are coordinating with the special ministries to return the money to Iraq, including the process of where the money smuggled after before a fall. ”

He added, “There are land and houses and property worth billions of dollars abroad,” stressing that “the Foreign Relations Committee made a field visit to Iraqi sites and property abroad to gather information and coordination with the external traceable.”   LINK


Sadr Followers Prepare for Massive Demonstration in Baghdad

BAGHDAD — The influential Iraqi Shi’ite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, has called on his followers to gather in central Baghdad and renew the pressure on government for reforms.

According to media outlets affiliated to the Sadrist Movement, the demonstrations are organized for the upcoming Friday, in which Muqtada al-Sadr will deliver a speech.

In April 2016, thousands of Sadr followers stormed the highly-fortified Green Zone in Baghdad and attacked the parliament building. The demonstrations then turned into violent clashes as the result of which several protesters and security forces were killed or injured.

Sheikh Kazim al-Isawi said on behalf of Sadr’s office that Friday’s demonstrations are to renew a call for immediate reforms and fighting corruption in the country. He expects millions of followers to take part.


Frank26:  But u said u were going to RV in two days on the 20th  ……….(see article below)

As I expressed IMO on M CC ………………. Iran was SHUT DOWN by the ………… IMF/USA Meetings that ended yesterday………….. Have a nice day……….. Tomorrow.  

Naphtali:  Frank!!!  This is good news, but my heart is skipping a beat or two.  This sounds like such a finale of the Time Frame.

Frank26:  IMO ……. It is more the end of Iran being parasitical with …………….. Everyone. 

Don961:  Iran is about to collapse, warns ex- IRGC commander

March 19 2017 12:20 AM

Mohsen Rezaee

Former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has warned the Iranian regime is about to collapse as a result of several internal crises, The Baghdad Post reported on Saturday.

General Mohsen Rezaee said corruption swept his country and the unemployment rates are on the rise.

The 67-year-old, who lost the 2009 presidential race to Ahmadi Najad, admitted the spread of favoritism in Iran, confirming Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s henchmen “dominate the government and manipulate the economy without accountability”.

The pillars of the Iranian regime are being eroded because of chaos, while the officials are obsessed with regional expansion, he warned


Family Business:  If Iran watches Iraq prosper economically this would put pressure on the Iranian Government to adapt or face the possibility of being overthrown …….GO RV!!!

Frank26:  Yes Sir

Naphtali:   So let me see If I understand …. M CC stated that Iran is really Nothing… They are getting put in their place by the Imf.   Is this not an indication of pieces in Place — and we wait for Iraq to pull forward and Change the rate…

Frank26:  IMO ………………… There are other more significant events that indicate an upturn to their MR. But yes ………….. To control Iran’s attitude against the world ……….. Especially USA ………… Is very Good.

IMO ………. Iraq’s MR is far far ahead of Iran’s. 

Yet IMO …………. Iran can gain ground if they start to cooperate MORE. 

Don961:  Khamenei weeps as the wind of revolution blows in Iran

March 18 2017 02:56 PM


Walkingstick:  UN: Sistani has an important role in uniting the ranks of Iraqis

19/03/2017 09:35

BAGHDAD, Iraq today:

He commended the Deputy Special Representative of the mission in Iraq, UNAMI Georgi Posten, the role of the supreme religious authority Ali al-Sistani in the call to unite and renounce manifestations of sectarianism, exclusion and marginalization among the shades of the society.

Posten said at a statement (today’s Iraq), said that “Mr. al-Sistani has played an important role in uniting and denouncing all manifestations of sectarianism, exclusion and marginalization and calls for reconciliation.”

He added that “Mr. al-Sistani calls for these goals as he says of recommendations to ensure that Iraq’s access to the desired objectives to achieve stability, peace and social security.”


Apmcrx:  Quote:  Frank26…I think this guy Samir Nasiri has been stuying here at KTFA…

What are you worried about???   lol

The recovery of the dinar and the window of buying and selling the dollar

Samir Nasiri. Banking expert.

Loomed on the horizon , new indications that the dinar is moving towards gradual recovery for several reasons , notably the central bank since January last application of a new system for window buying and selling the currency and the abolition of the role of intermediaries and fine control over the movement and circulation of foreign currency, as well as making sure they arrive to the last beneficiary in addition to commitment flour for banks and their cooperation with the central system in the new application.

The recent instructions issued by the special adoption of new mechanisms central to facilitate the previous procedures routine in the use of foreign currency for the purpose of coverage of imports and the emphasis on the identification of the last beneficiary in order to maintain Iraq ‘s money from the misuse, where he announced Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ali Mohsen Keywords during frequent meetings with leaders the central bank will adopt in 2017 a new vision applications monetary policy for the purpose of achieving the goals set out in the law No. 56 of 2004.

These goals conservative’s highlights the value of the dinar exchange rate and foreign currency rate covered by building a foreign cash reserve in accordance with international standards in calculating the external cash reserve to cover the dinar and cover the imports entering Iraq

Also , the main objective the other is to maintain foreign from the use of non – economic and developmental its purpose currency, so the central work of the past two years steps deliberate and sequenced and coordinated with the government agencies concerned with maintaining the independence contained in the law where procedural and organizational and structural policy and issued a Strutijeth years (2016 –2 020) and select targets to achieve financial stability and development of the banking work technically and structurally and organizationally in order to reach financial inclusion , where he was in 2016 in the preparation and development of appropriate financial and technical foundations of the reality of the Iraqi economy and mechanisms of the banking business.

What the form of a solid base – wide home and abroad and led to the transfer of the case of the Iraqi economy , basic Bhlqath, most notably the financial sector, the follow – up phase to the gray stage based on the report of the competent international financial organizations.

All this has led the central bank to begin a new phase in the year 2017 based on the four pillars of the first of is work and dealing with banks with new mechanisms raise about the pressures of the previous instruction militant and granting flexibilities and allowances and the many facilities in order to achieve the central goal of economic reform and the banking relies transparency and disclosure.

The second pillar is to deal with the banks on the basis of Matkdmh of new services and high – level banking products and restore the public banking sector confidence, in addition to the financial results and the extent of its commitment to implementing the monetary policy of the Central Bank of trends and its impact on the actual contribution to the GDP and its contribution to sustainable development and the transition from the role of banking to the developmental role.

The third is to deal with the banks, according to the standards of classification adopted by the Central as of 2017 and actually appeared to deal with the banks and accordingly, fourth pillar is the issuance of central bank in the fifteenth of January last new mechanisms to regulate the mediation of banks between the importers and the World Bank relies facilitate procedures and controls and adopt transparency the disclosure of the ultimate beneficiary in order to achieve the goal of the bank to maintain the exchange rate and ensure the use of foreign currency in order to meet the needs of the economy and market development , and not directed to other purposes


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