Vsdk: I’m going out on a limb here, just thinking out loud…

==>>This is a “WHAT IF?” scenario/possibility<<==

It’s my understanding that…

In order for banks to be updated worldwide with a drastic/noticeable rate change of a currency, the change would have to happen when all banks are closed worldwide…

* It’s been said that Iraq’s rv process would be similar to Kuwait’s.

* When Kuwaity banks opened Mon. 3-25, there was a new rate, if banks open at 8 hrs. that would have been midnight US central time Sun. into Mon.

* If the Iraqi rv is similar to Kuwait’s, it would make sense that the new updated rate for the IQD be shown by midnight US central time Sun. into Mon.

Again, NOT CALLING A DATE/TIME, just saying common sense & everything points out to there being a rate change by midnight US central time Sun. into Mon. Just something to chew on…
?Frank26:  Yes………….. BTW ……… MC and ATM have an M in common ……… For Money.

Vsdk:  Was never good at algebra (but sure got a lot of common sense & discernment) putting 1 & 1 together here…    If MC=M, ATM=M THEN M=Money WHICH WOULD MEAN M=LDs!!!…


Dr.Dinar:  Didn’t Delta bring an article a few years back saying that they can’t load the ATM’s until they had lower denoms?  hmmmmmmmmm


StephenMac63:  You ever have that moment that throughout all the excitement you are perfectly calm? Hmm, wonder what that word is?


IMHO… This here SCREAMS volumes!!!    I smell fireworks & bank.

From Q&A:

FaithPrevails:  Frank CBI can’t hold it more than 3 days correct and they have rate

Frank26:  YES


FrostytheSnowman:  Christmas in July sounds great to me Boss26! What’s the likely hood of me being FIRED on Monday? (hehehe)

Frank26:  92.7%

Vsdk:  Buuut! If you’re fired that means you’ll meeeeeeeelt! We want to keep you frosted, Frosty!

FrostyTheSnowman:  LOL!!! Ahhhh … that’s nice…. But trust me … if I’m VAPORIZED on Monday … we’ll all be ECSTATIC!

Whether that happens on Monday or not … IMO … it’s not far off.

Just like the quick-snip of Delta’s golden scissors … I’m looking forward to the hour when Frank can imitate the host of “The Apprentice” and say … “Frosty, YOUR FIRED!!!”

Coincidentally … who was the host of “The Apprentice?”

Kinda COOL huh?

IMO … Time to make America (and the world) Great Again!


?David12001:  Thank you DON961, this is just an amazing news article, 16-Jul-2017, Saturday into a Sunday how about those apples. I cant wait to see how this comes together.

Don961:  Keywords: Central Bank seeks to balance between two goals

2017/07/16 15:22

The Governor of the Central Bank of the Bank’s endeavor to achieve a balance between the sale of the dollar and maintain it, indicating that the balance away from the margin of speculation and achieve large profits.

Ali Al-Alak said that “the bank seeks to balance the sale of the dollar and maintain it,” noting that “the balance in foreign currency is sufficient as it was in previous years there is no margin and area of ??speculation and achieve large profits

“Iraq is going through extraordinary circumstances because of the drop in oil prices significantly, which makes the central bank’s policy to two options either to respond to the dollar to eliminate the margins and this will be at the expense of reducing the reserves of foreign currency or sell the sale and accept the margin of exchange rate rise, “The bank seeks to balance the two goals.”

The Central Bank of Iraq was established as an independent bank under its law of 6 March 2004 as an independent body responsible for maintaining price stability and implementing monetary policy. It supervises 10 commercial banks, 26 private banks and 16 Islamic banks, as well as 19 foreign banks. 6 financial institutions and 31 financial transfer companies.


BWSutton:  Is that describing a managed float?


Samson:  Financial Kurdistan begins distributing the employees’ salaries for the month of May

13:13 – 16/07/2017

Announced Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance in the government of the Kurdistan region Raper a friend, Sunday, starting from the distribution of the salaries of the month of May to the staff of the Kurdistan Region, starting on Monday.

Roudao network Kurdish media quoted a friend as saying that his ministry “will start on Monday, the distribution of salaries for the month of May, the Ministry of Peshmerga brigades.”

A friend pointed out that “the distribution of the rest of the Kurdistan region of employees’ salaries will be successively”.   LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary Finance: the coming days will bring good news for employees

09:09 – 07/16/2017

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed Sunday, about a shortage of some of the financial budget for the current year terms caused the lack of salaries of state employees, noting that the supplementary budget will be approved in the coming days will solve the crisis.

The committee member said Magda Tamimi, in a statement / information /, said that “the general budget saw a financial imbalance in securing the salaries of employees in seven units will be remedied in the coming days.”

Tamimi added that “the supplementary budget to be discussed in the House of Representatives in the coming days will provide the amounts as planned in the budget,” indicating that “the country Aishd financial crisis but administrative corruption and the dominance of some influential parties on customs and caused a shortage in tax money.”

The member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Magda Tamimi revealed on Saturday, was seeking to cancel the deduction of employees’ salaries after the liberation of Mosul operations.

??????? ????????: ?????? ??????? ????? ???? ???? ???????? 


Samson:  Central Bank announces maintain its independence after foreign control over the price of the dollar

16th July, 2017

The Director General of Financial Operations at the Central Bank, Mahmoud Dagher, Sunday, the central bank maintained its independence through external control over the price of the dollar and install it at one level.

Said Dagher in an interview I followed “Economy News”, “the central bank maintained its external independence through his control over the price of the dollar and install it at one level,” adding that “the central bank’s budget represents the balance of the monetary base, which local has become assets of the credit is equal to or greater than assets foreign and this is threatening the ability to extra lending. ”

Dagher warned “there is a significant threat to the monetary reality is foreign assets that represent the original in the creation of assets and reserves dinar,” noting that “local assets has become a big pressure should stop because the central device towards them is unable to continuity.”

Among Dagher that “the solution is to reform the reality of the border crossing points, which the government stopped shining in its implementation, because the border port settings means adjust the currency and information selling and financing import window,” adding that “the investment budget stalled three years ago, the inability of ministries to provide investment projects level the feasibility study for the benefit of foreign loans because of the lack of institutional controls in the country


Freemana:  Im no expert, but this here sounds positive.

Bglight3:  IMO…You hit the nail on the head FreeManna…This talks about “the central bank maintained its external independence through his control over the price of the dollar and install it at one level,” a NEW EXCHANGE RATE, and like the Master Card, out of the Rafadain Bank, “the solution is to reform the reality of the border crossing points, which the government stopped shining in its implementation, because the border port settings means adjust the currency and information selling and financing import window,”…like the citizens can now use the MasterCard OUTSIDE the borders of Iraq!!!

Legacy22:  They just keep talking louder and louder.  Perhaps they should just put it on their new website now!

Samson:  Iraq nominated for Vice President of the World Meteorological Organization

16th July, 2017

Nominated by the Ministry of Transport Director General of the General Authority for meteorological and seismic monitoring and the Permanent Representative of Iraq in the World Meteorological Organization ( of WMO ), Thaer Hussein Ghraoui for the post of vice president of the organization.

The Minister of Transport Kazem Cup Hamami in a statement received by the Ministry, “appointed Iraq News” that “Iraq’s entry to compete for this position is a step forward for the return of Iraq to exercise its role in the organization after a major interruption.”

And “it is the first time of its kind since the founding of the General Authority for meteorological and seismic monitoring and joining the World Organization since 70 years offers Iraq its candidate for the job.”

For his part, Ghraoui noted that “the great care and the growing interest by the Minister to make it a candidate for the post for the positive effects of Iraq’s return to international incubator,” pointing out that “will compete with the member states of 190 members.”

The head of the World Meteorological Organization has three deputies elected by voting every four years for two renewable by the representatives of the permanent member states Anizh.anthy








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