MilitiaMan: Right on time imo. The fall of Daesh coinciding with MR being completed and activated is purely evident in the plan of Marshal Iraq. – MM

Cole:  The Monetary Reform has no bias to time… but imo, Mosul does. Bias to be in accordance with the Monetary Reform.. catch up Mosul. In the next few hours, truly, we will experience warp speed… applause for the sovereign nation of Iraq.

Don961:  Urgent ..anaba besieged Al-Nouri mosque four views and expectations of the announcement of the restoration of Mosul during the hours of

18-06-2017 06:04 PM     Euphrates –

After fierce battles waged against al – Daesh in the right side of the city of Mosul , security forces were able to besiege Al – Nouri mosque from four sides.

Military sources said it expects the declaration of the restoration of Mosul over the next few hours … follow



Don961:  Parliamentary Energy: the Iraqi economy shackled international restrictions

Journal June 18, 2017

BAGHDAD – The Journal News

Commission on oil and energy parliamentary ruled out the existence of a proposal by specialists about the possibility of oil swap in return for the US and international companies liberated areas of the reconstruction of terrorism.

A member of the Committee, Tariq friend Rashid, told «News Journal», on Sunday, that “Iraq is a sovereign state and does not accept barter oil by international bodies in exchange for the reconstruction of cities liberated from Daesh.”

He added, it is not possible to say for sure Bonnqayd oil for ages, wondering: What is the economic criterion which is based on the trade-off? And where are the aspirations of the Iraqi people, and where Iraq’s oil is a political strategy, especially since Iraq among the countries of “OPEC” oil-producing. ”

He stressed that “it is possible that the participating countries with long experience in the issue of reconstruction of major investment as the companies US or the European Union in the reconstruction of Iraq in exchange for amounts to be determined.”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi economy is mainly loaded and tied a lot of restrictions on international loans, adding that he can not decide oil prices in the future in Iraq.”

He called specialists to find a temporary proposal which (oil-for-reconstruction and construction) to create – US or other industrialized countries, Japan, Germany and France Iraqi partnership after the failure of poor existing projects in terms of planning and implementation over the past fourteen years from the age of the political system and the new economic growth in Iraq.



Samson:  Labor launches a new batch of full-time salary specified in the three provinces

16:48 – 18/06/2017

Announced body care for people with disabilities and special needs in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Sunday, announced the launch of a new batch of full-time salary assigned to civilians in the provinces (Wasit and Najaf).

The head of the judge smaller Abdul Razzaq al-Moussawi said in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, “covered by the province of Wasit’s (785) beneficiaries have already begun to receive their salaries in the local administration hall area Alhaidariya near Wasit governorate building, while receiving Mstfedo Najaf province Najaf’s (1018), taking advantage of their salaries from the State / youth and Sports Forum / Hall located in the morning Alkraawi al-Ansar neighborhood center. ”

Al-Moussawi said that “the sal

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