Judy Byington

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 20 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EST 20 April 2017 by Judy Byington

A. April 19 2017 Real Truth Call Yosef, Tank:

1. They were trying to force the RV to come in today, April 19.

2. The Zim paid out in Hong Kong today, April 19.

3. Humanitarian programs received their dispersement today, April 19.

4. The Segmented roll out was confirmed today, April 19.

5. Paymasters have been notified.

6. We are at a moment to moment, min, hours away for the 800#s to come out.

7. At 1 pm EDTtoday, April 19, they tested the Emergency Broadcast System which will be used in case we have to go to martial law.

8. The Iranian Rial is revaluing and some have even exchanged it at $20.

9. If you have Zim you will want to get in and exchange within the first two days.

10. They don’t want the 800 numbers public and have created a system to put them out. If you get a 800 number they ask that you not email it out, or post it on Facebook. You can notify people by phone.

11. They are watching the internet, Facebook and reading your emails. If you post an 800 number on the net, or by email, you may find your Facebook or email taken down.

12. In the near future the US government will function on a flat tax rather than the IRS collecting taxes. On April 15 2017the IRS closed their books. The IRS and Federal Reserve are no more because they were owned and run by the Cabal.


B. April 19 2017 7:21 pm EDT Bluwolf Update: “In the Coming Hours” – Bluwolf Intel Update 4-19-17

1. Even though you may not be seeing or hearing from me doesn’t mean that I am not working for you. I am.

2. We are in fact highly favor to be exchanged within the coming hours.

3. Not much of a wait is now resonating between us, the banks and its personnel.

4. Now we are on God’s timer and it will not take long.


C. April 19 2017 7:16 pm EDT TNT Call : TNT Showtime CC w/ Cliff Notes by Sunny 4-19-17

Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#
http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=97220055 https://t.co/f77JH9XHxL

1. SKR holders were told their funds would be active by Tues-Wed April 18,19.

2. Nothing has changed we are just waiting for information.

3. We had folks who got notified yesterday April 18.

4. The Bank folks are still looking at Tues-Wed. April 18, 19.

5. The Iraqi plan was to release their Dinar on Tues. April 18 at 3-4 times the current rate of $.90.

6. The Dinar international rate would be significantly higher than the current in-country rate of $.90. Abadhi did say six to one.

7. Iraq said they would stop using the US dollar yesterday, April 18, 2017.

8. Mosul liberation now is being targeted for April 30.

9. US Banks are still looking at Tues. to Wed. April 18, 19 (Yesterday to today).

10. For those who want a timetable it is from now until the 30th.

11. I believe we are there. Anytime between now and April 30th, but I prefer now.


D. April 19 2019 6:14 am EDT Gary Larrabee & Phillip Tilton: Gary Larrabee – Philip Tilton: We are Officially Back on Count Down

1. The USNs went active April 18 Tues. Noon EDT.

2. The US was the last of 209 countries to go sovereign.

3. If you have Zim you will be given a second 800 number to call.

4. Tier 4’s first exchange window was scheduled to begin at Noon EDT April 19 2017.

5. Bruce was one of the Gurus who would be given the 800 number. Thebigcall.net

6. The 800#s would not be given out on the internet.

7. Zim holders would be personally contacted.

E. April 19 6:14 am EDT Info in Flux One Who Knows: “Information – In Flux” – One Who Knows – 4.19.17

1. Info on exchanging the Zim is in flux, though is always getting better and nothing is more important to the Elders that you being able to “Receive” their gifts.

2. One Zim note was worth more than the Cabal EVER HAD in their existence. They are very powerful pieces of paper and so they are being very careful with exchanging them.

3. They want to make sure that the only people who are calling the Zim redemption numbers are those who have ZIM in hand.

4. I do not know the complete new plan just yet. Yosef and Tank are WAY more knowledgeable on the new change that I am in the moment. I can verify that they are “Well Connected” and have good and valid information.

F. According to Tilton info given on Bruce’s Call Tues. night has been confirmed:


Dinar Updates

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  • Judy, if we are waiting on 800 numbers and they will not be notifying the zim holders by internet, how will I receive te number to call for zim redemtion. I brought my zim from ebay. When you say no internet notification does that include the 800 nuber to be given out to Bruce? I am confused.

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