Jaafari calls to open the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund in Baghdad

Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al – Jaafari, on Sunday, to open the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, in Baghdad, stressing that Iraq needs to help friendly countries in thereconstruction of the infrastructure of its cities.
The Information Office of the Foreign Minister, in a statement received “Tomorrow ‘s Press,” said al – Jaafari met in Baghdad, Minister of State for the Middle East and North British Africa, Alistair Burt, the meeting discussed progress of the bilateral relations between Baghdad and London, and ways of boosting them to serve the interests of the two friendly peoples , in addition to the Iraqi victories achieved in the war against terrorist gangs Daesh touched. ”

He praised al – Jaafari, according to the statement as “British support for Iraq , whether at the bilateral level, or at the international coalition level , ” stressing ” the need to continue to provide financial support, logistical, and training Iraqi forces, political support, and media.”
He added that ” the victory achieved in Iraq is a victory for a humanitarian compound, and security, politician and diplomat,” noting that ” the victories achieved not only for Iraq but for the whole world, and we continue to look forward to more support, assistance, and to continue cooperation on the security side, the military , and intelligence; to prevent the spread of terrorism. ”

He stressed that “Iraq needs to help friendly countries in the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Iraqi cities, and benefit from the experiences of developed countries , ” noting that “what happened in Iraq represents a turning point in the global war against terrorism , and that Iraq has provided a large number of martyrs and the wounded; to liberate its territory from the grip of terrorists Daesh, and defended himself, and the whole world. ”

He Jaafari “Iraq is looking forward to support Britain in the opening of the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund , the IMF in Baghdad, and a meeting of the Iraqi Business Council British during the coming period to increase trade and investment cooperation between Baghdad and London.”
For his part , said Alistair Burt, “We are very much proud of what has been achieved in Iraq of great victories against Daesh terrorist gangs , ” and expressed “high valuation of Britain for the sacrifices made by Iraqis, and what happened is a historic achievement.”

He continued , “We continue to support Iraq even achieve security, stability and humanitarian support, reconstruction, construction, and we have a great desire to contribute to this,” noting that “Daesh gangs targeting everyone, and he did not fight Iraq only, but fought Britain as well, and we look forward for further cooperation to dry up the sources of terrorism, and we will stand always to the side of Iraq. ”

Source: Alghad Press

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