Italian newspaper: Baghdadi escapes between Iraqi areas disguised as a shepherd sheep

Follow-up to the balance of News
La Stampa newspaper Italian revealed, quoting Iraqi and Western intelligence sources, that the organization of Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, spends his days weeks on the run, moving between villages in Iraq and areas loyal to the organization since, disguised in the form of a shepherd sometimes in a poor peasant form sometimes, with extreme caution adoption, surrounded by elements close to protection, areas that are still relatively safe in quad cars cruising payment.
The sources pointed out that al-Baghdadi slept in a different every night house, with an explosive belt from the door of the provision, noting that after escaping from Mosul since the beginning of the military offensive wide, and leaving it to some leaders from the back rows in the organization, al-Baghdadi, re-scheduling priorities and objectives, first and foremost stay on alive, and then to organize and secure conditions for an armed uprising in the desert areas between the major Iraqi cities, especially between Mosul and Baghdad.
The sources confirmed that al-Baghdadi, will not try to access not to the Syrian tenderness nor to any other region in Syria, after the impossibility was certain his access to them safe or secure his life in which if reached, because of the constant bombardment of the many breakthroughs. It ended 29 / m h n

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