Banking System for international integration with the financial system

Iraq is doing what is asked of them by the IMF and WB (though 3-6 months late) … Read More

Iraq-Business News

German Firm meets with Iraqi Oil Minister

Oil Minister Jabar Ali al-Luaibi … Read More

Iraq gives citizens financial facilities of up to 40 million dinars

Rafidain Bank confirmed on Tuesday that the granting of financial facilities to citizens in the southern provinces … Read More

Iraq-Business News

Zain expects Improved Performance in Iraq

Zain Group Vice-Chairman and Group CEO, … Read More

Mawazin News

US Ambassador: Abadi is committed to introducing our companies to Iraq and will push for reforms

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Central Trade calls to

Baghdad balances News………
Called on the central bank, Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce to cancel 10 companies … Read More

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Czech firm to Manufacture Tractors in Iraqi Kurdistan

Czech company Zetor is … Read More

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Five years, billions of dollars needed to rebuild Mosul – officials

Mosul’s … Read More

The rise in oil exports and revenues for the month of March

The Oil Ministry announced on Thursday, for a slight increase in the total exported quantities of crude … Read More

Rasheed Bank: Form {kyc} ensure the safety of customer funds

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Rasheed Bank announced that the form {kyc} put forward to ensure the safety of … Read More