Iraqi Forces Demand Peshmerga to Hand Over Areas in Garmyan

The Iraqi army and the Shi’ite militias of Hashd al-Shaabi have warned the Peshmerga forces to withdraw from some areas in Garmyan region in northern Diyala Province, said an official.

Lieutenant Simko Ali, Head of Kokiz Asayish (security) in Kifri, revealed to BasNews “the Iraqi forces last night informed the Peshmerga brigades in Sheikh Bawa to retreat to the borders they held before 2003.”

The Iraqi forces say they have received orders from the commander-in-chief of the Iraqi armed forces to advance into those areas in the region, Ali said.

He mentioned that the Peshmerga forces stationed in Sheikh Bawa remain in their positions and that they have not received any instructions to withdraw.

A huge number of Peshmerga and security forces have been deployed to the frontline near Qalla checkpoint in Gulala (Jalawla) district, said the security official.

The Iraqi army, with support from the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militias, launched on October 16, a large-scale offensive to take over the disputed territories, namely Kirkuk, Tuz Khurmatu, and Khanaqin. The operation led to a humanitarian crisis as thousands of people were forced to flee their homes in those areas.

Source: BasNews

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