MP: Iraq to establish trade zones with

Member of Parliament Amer Al-Fayez announced on Monday that Iraq aims to establish two trade zones with … Read More

LUKOIL completes 3D Seismic Survey at West Qurna-2

Russia’s LUKOIL has reported that it has completed a field 3D seismic survey at West Qurna-2 fieldRead More

The Restoration of Iraq, and British Expertise

Back to the future.  The restoration of Iraq and British expertise.

Iraq … Read More

Iraq plans to export about 3.22 million barrels per day

Trade sources said on Thursday that Iraq plans to export about 3.22 million barrels per day of … Read More

Genel Energy buys back Bonds at Discount

By John Lee.

Genel Energy has decided to repurchase a nominal amount … Read More

Dollar exchange rate Stock Exchange struggle and stability of local markets 4-2-2017

The dollar exchange rate rose slightly to fight Stock Exchange, while prices have stabilized in the local … Read More

Douai: target production of 900 thousand barrels per day

The Governor of Maysan Ali Douai, Monday, for the determination of the province to target production of … Read More

Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks and markets (Monday, April 3, 2017)

Dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market

US $ 1 = 1,165.9100 … Read More

Gold prices today (Monday, April 03, 2017)

The average price of gold today’s financial markets in Iraq, the Iraqi dinar

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The exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar in banks and local markets (4-01-2017)

The exchange rate of the dollar in Iraqi markets

1 USD = Read More