Mosul Will Be Liberated, A Silent Message

Mosul Will Be Liberated, Hackers hacks IS radio frequency and sends message to IS comander Baghdadi

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Increasingly Suicide Attacks Raises Questions On Baghdad Security Agencies

People in Iraq’s capital of Baghdad say they have lost faith in their police force after several … Read More

Joint Naval Exercises Of Iran And Iraq

Joint naval exercises, Iran & Iraq conveying a message to the world

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Loss And Fear Still Lingers In Mosul Liberated Areas From IS

Iraqi soldiers kicked in the gate of a home in eastern Mosul and emerged moments later with … Read More

Explosion Of Two Bridges By Islamic State

Explosion of two bridges by Islamic State, to obstruct progress of Iraqi Military

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Advancement of Iraqi Military Increases Towards Eastern Mosul

Iraqi Military advancement towards eastern Mosul, causes infliction of IS

Iraqi government forces made further advances in … Read More

Another Blast In Southern Baghdad

Southern Baghdad blast resulting 4 injured and one causality of civilian

Five people were either killed or … Read More

PM Yildirim Of Turkey, Visits To Iraq

PM Yildirim Of Turkey, Arrives in Iraq for high-level Discussion

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim arrived in … Read More

Eastern Mosul, Iraqi Airstrikes Destroy Islamic State Quarters And Equipment

Another Iraqi Air Force airstrike destroy IS quarters and equipment in Eastern Mosul

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Syria And Iraq War Torn Civilians Needs Help


Australians can help war effected civilians of Iraq and Syria

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