US builds military base in Iraq to supervise Tal Afar operations

A US military base has been established near Iraq’s northwestern Tal Afar city, Anadolu Agency cited an … Read More

Iraqi Defense Ministry expects easy battle at Tal Afar

The Iraqi Defense Ministry’s Counter-Terrorism Service has expected the battle to recapture Tal Afar town, west of … Read More

IS executes one of its elite Legislators in Mayadin near Deir Ezzor

The self-proclaimed Islamic State has executed, yesterday, one of its elite Legislators in the city of Mayadin, … Read More

In figures .. The money that was seized after the fall of Mosul

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Central Bank of Iraq revealed on Tuesday the size of the large sums … Read More

Security forces arrest IS senior intelligence official in Mosul

Iraqi Security forces have arrested an Islamic State senior intelligence official on Tuesday in the eastern side … Read More

Iraqi Federal police uncover ISIS chemical lab in Mosul’s Old City

Iraqi Federal police uncovered an ISIS chemical bombs and Grad missiles developing lab in the Old City … Read More

Iraqi forces begin operation to retake Tal Afar from ISIS, “no civilians there”

With the fall of ISIS in Mosul Iraqi forces have now turned their attention to Tal Afar … Read More

Iraqi army jets kill 13 Islamic State militants in western Anbar

Thirteen Islamic State militants were killed in an airstrike in western Anbar on Wednesday, Ikhnews reported.

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Iraqi jets hit ISIS-held arms depot in Kirkuk

Iraqi fighter jets on Monday bombed an ISIS depot of arms in Kirkuk’s Huwaija, a place the … Read More

Three IS leaders killed escaping to eastern Mosul via Tigris

Three Islamic State leaders were killed escaping western Mosul to its eastern side via the Tigris River, … Read More