ISIS militants surrender to Kurds, general says

Nearly 1,000 suspected ISIS militants have surrendered to Kurdish forces near Kirkuk in the last few weeks, … Read More

Peshmerga Warns Baghdad Against Attempts to Retake Disputed Areas

Commanders of Peshmerga responded to Baghdad’s statement regarding the disputed territories, stating that the Peshmerga forces won’t … Read More

Iraqi army finds two pilots’ bodies killed by IS in Hawija in 2016

Bodies of two pilots, who were reportedly killed by Islamic State in southwestern Kirkuk last year, have … Read More

Four top IS leaders killed by army jets in northeastern Diyala

Four prominent Islamic State leaders were killed in an airstrike launched in northeast of Diyala, commander announced.… Read More

Iraq won’t be first party to trigger a war over Kurdistan referendum, NSA

The Iraqi government will not initiative an armed confrontation with the Kurdish government over the disputed Kurdish … Read More

The killers were killed and refused to surrender in Hawija

Popular forces and security forces killed on Sunday a number of terrorists in the Hawija district … Read More

Hundreds of ISIS families turn themselves in to Peshmerga in Hawija

Hundreds of ISIS families have turned themselves in to Peshmerga forces in Hawija district in Kirkuk governorate, … Read More

IS’s Baghdadi’s close member, five snipers, killed in airstrike in Kirkuk

An Islamic State member, known to be close to the group’s supreme leader, was killed along with … Read More

Paramilitary troops free another IS-held region in Kirkuk

The pro-government paramilitary troops have announced liberation of another region in southeast of Hawija, Kirkuk.

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Jubouri announces the return of the fifth bridge in Mosul for service in front of the movement of vehicles and citizens

Ninewa operations chief, Major General Najem al-Jubouri, announced on Thursday the return of the fifth bridge in … Read More