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A specialist website showed that Iraq is ranked ninth among the richest ten countries in the world in natural resources.

According to a list prepared by the site ‘www.worldknowing.com’, for more than ten countries rich in natural resources, Russia ranked first, with more than $ 75 trillion, the United States , followed by more than $ 45 trillion, then Saudi Arabia ‘more than $ 34 trillion’, Canada is ‘ more than $ 33 trillion ‘, Iran’ more than 28 trillion dollars’, China ‘more than 23 trillion dollars’, and Brazil’ more than $ 21 trillion ‘, then Australia’ more than 75 trillion dollars’, and then Iraq ‘ more than 14 trillion dollars ‘, and finally Venezuela’ more than $ 14 trillion. ”

Although Iraq occupies this place among the richest countries in natural resources, but mismanagement and financial corruption, insecurity and instability and its dependence on only oil resources, and many other factors, have made Iraq is suffering from a severe financial crisis and resort to borrowing to secure its employees ‘ salaries.