Najafi is required to participate in exchange

Euphrates –

Revealed Saudi media about the requirement of the coalition are united by Osama Najafi agreed … Read More

Flooding forces Mosul residents to flee war in rickety boats

By Ahmed Aboulenein

MOSUL, Iraq- The Iraqi man laid the body of his wife, wrapped in a … Read More

Mawazin News

Abadi Office issued a clarification on Iraq’s agreement with the United States to keep its troops

The … Read More

Iraq-Business News

$41m Humvee Contract for Iraq

AM General LLC has been awarded a $41,571,288 contract to procure 134 … Read More


US Combat Troops Will Not Stay in Iraq after IS: Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi stated … Read More

Iraqi News

Kuwait sends 75 tons of food commodities to western Mosul residents

Kuwait has sent 75 tons of … Read More

Deputy: Abadi hired an international team

Special scales News
The Commission on Economy and Investment in the House of Representatives, on Wednesday, the … Read More

Central Trade calls to

Baghdad balances News………
Called on the central bank, Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce to cancel 10 companies … Read More

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Five years, billions of dollars needed to rebuild Mosul – officials

Mosul’s wrecked roads, bridges and broader … Read More

The stability of central bank sales at $ 162 million

Iraqi Central Bank sales of foreign currencies stabilized during the auction on Sunday, when the price reached

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