Iraq recalls their ambassador in Portugal because of failed immunity

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Iraqi ambassador to Portugal, Saad Mohammed Ridha, has been recalled by Baghdad … Read More

Turkey confesses including Assad in Syria talks

A senior Turkish official said Friday it was no longer “realistic” to insist on a solution to … Read More

19th January, Currency Auction Results


The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has reported that 33 banks and 17 remittance companies took … Read More

AMAR International Charitable Foundation for IS victims


The AMAR International Charitable Foundation has been providing vital mental health treatment for many hundreds of … Read More

US judge orders military to reveal all photos from Abu Ghraib


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Further evidence of the US military’s treatment of detainees in Iraq in … Read More

Shell signed a $210-million contract at Majnoon Field


According to a report from Reuters, Anglo-Dutch Shell has signed a $210-million contract with US-based … Read More

Iraq commences $1 billion sovereign bond

Iraq commence $1 billion sovereign bond issuance guaranteed by USA

Iraq has successfully closed on its offering … Read More

$1.4bn Iraq Power Generation Orders alloted to GE


GE has announced that it has secured more than $1.4 billion in orders from Iraq’s Ministry … Read More

OPEC cut resulting in the fall of Iraq’s southern oil exports


Oil exports from Iraq’s southern terminals have fallen so far in January, according to loading data … Read More

Iran opposed U.S. presence at peace talks on Syria

Iran opposed U.S. presence at peace talks on Syria in the next week at Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana

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