The World Bank is pressing the government to reduce the salaries of employees in the budget of 2018

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Gulf newspaper: Kurdistan region is preparing to cancel the results of the referendum

Baghdad / Sky Press

The Kurdistan News Agency reported on Saturday that the Kurdistan region is preparing … Read More

Baghdad-Erbil Negotiations ongoing, away from media – KDP MP


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Who will Govern Kirkuk?

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Kurds walk out of Iraq parliament session punishing referendum voters

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Baghdad-Erbil crisis ‘heading for solution’: Official

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Video: Earthquake Damages Diyala River Dam

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Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund for Jubouri: Creating an economic environment in Iraq is very important

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Russia begins Deliveries of T-90 Tanks

Russia has reportedly begun delivering T-90 tanks to the Iraqi military.

According to Almasdar News, 73 of … Read More

Saudi Arabia, Iraq discuss means of bilateral cooperation

The Shura Council side in the Saudi-Iraqi Parliamentary Friendship Committee, headed by Saudi MP Abdullah bin Salem … Read More