Bank Rasheed sells the dollar for travelers and delegates at the official rate

Rasheed Bank announced the sale of the dollar directly for travelers and delegates at the official rate,

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Iraq gives citizens financial facilities of up to 40 million dinars

Rafidain Bank confirmed on Tuesday that the granting of financial facilities to citizens in the southern provinces … Read More

Central Trade calls to

Baghdad balances News………
Called on the central bank, Wednesday, the Ministry of Commerce to cancel 10 companies … Read More

Iraq receives two billion dollars

A commission of economy and investment parliamentary Alreeta from Iraq near the receipt of two billion dollars … Read More

The stability of central bank sales at $ 162 million

Iraqi Central Bank sales of foreign currencies stabilized during the auction on Sunday, when the price reached

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Iraq to rebuild infrastructure through five-year plan post ISIS

More than half of the revenues Iraq obtained … Read More

Rasheed Bank: Form {kyc} ensure the safety of customer funds

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Rasheed Bank announced that the form {kyc} put forward to ensure the safety of … Read More

Central Bank: No distinction between foreign and Iraqi banks and currency auction

[Oan- Baghdad]
denied the Central Bank of Iraq, there is no discrimination between foreign and Iraqi banks … Read More

What the central bank issued proceedings against contractors?

Central Bank announced on Thursday that the rate of interest for dues contractors in national bonds , … Read More

Rafidain Bank

Rafidain Bank on Tuesday announced its readiness to cooperate with investment companies for the purpose of establishing … Read More