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chattels: US helping clear ‘historic’ amount of explosives in Mosul

chattels: The coalition’s unexploded bombs are only a small part of Mosul’s problems. The bulk of the explosives have been hidden by IS fighters to be triggered by the slightest movement, even picking up a seemingly innocent children’s toy, lifting a vacuum cleaner, or opening an oven door.

The effort could continue wreaking destruction on Iraq’s second largest city even as IS was defeated after a nine-month battle. U.S. Embassy officials and contractors hired to root out the hidden explosives use the same words to describe the devastation in western Mosul: Historic. Unprecedented. Exponentially worse than any other place.
abangjadul: @tman23

abangjadul: regarding cbi request for holiday

abangjadul: @Cree

abangjadul: it is from cbi

chattels: Next Stop, Tal Afar: In Northern Iraq, Forces Prepare For Extremists’ Last Stand Mustafa Habib Intensive air raids, secret political talks and military forces gathering on the outskirts of the city: Everything points to the battle of Tal Afar – almost the extremists’ last stand in Iraq – starting soon.

chattels: Last stand, except ……………………. Hawija and Western Anbar Province ( Qiam )

Doug_W: secret political talks and military forces gathering on the outskirts of the city:

chattels: PREDICTING THE SHAPE OF IRAQ’S NEXT SUNNI INSURGENCIES August 16, 2017 Author(s): Michael Knights

chattels: Abstract: All politics and security is local in Iraq. Therefore, the analytical framework for predicting the shape and intensity of Iraq’s next Sunni insurgencies should also be based on the unique characteristics of each part of Iraq.

The Islamic State and other insurgents are bouncing back strongest and quickest in the areas where the security forces are either not strong enough or not politically flexible enough to activate the population as a source of resistance against insurgents.

Doug_W: National Unity

chattels: Iraq ……………………. what a ****** mess.

Doug_W: 4 sure

chattels: Reidar Visser? @reidarvisser 17h17 hours ago #Iraq parliament has now passed all but 2 articles of new provincial elections law, relating to Kirkuk. Today postponed to Saturday.


Doug_W: there now my Twitter acct is made

Doug_W: I lost my 25 yr old log in

chattels: Have a fine day all.

Spectra: @abangjadul why are you trying to predetermine that the CBI holiday should or even might be our factor…i SAY STAY GROUNDED ,but ty !

Spectra: @chattels hey , we appreciate you !
Spectra: @chattels bless your day

Tebow: National Camel Spider Day

Spectra: @Tebow lol

tman23: I find the CBI holiday VERY INTERESTING !!! It is not a designated recognized holiday on their yearly schedule…… So it is logical to assume they are making a change or adjustment to something inside their operations…… It could be as simple as following the successful country of Yemen and pegging to their currency….. :hh

abangjadul: @tman23 Article quote: “Erbil is ready to postpone the referendum on the independence of Iraq’s Kurdish Autonomous Region if Iraq’s central government fulfills a number of conditions, Iraqi media outlets write Aug. 17.”


I just cant’ figure Barzani’s date of 9/25 for the vote…and then Nov 1 Kurd will hold another election for President etc…

Why not place it all on the ballot at the same time Nov 1…This 9/25 date is weird and I suspect Barzani is holding not just Baghdad but other entities feet to the fire.

abangjadul: @tman23 like this

Blossom7454: @tman23 GM Im hoping they do something like revalue their currency upwards!

abangjadul: @Spectra hoping hoping hoping then nothing …lol

Spectra: @abangjadul thats a interesting article
Spectra: @abangjadul ty

Tebow: yes that its a CBI holiday

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 8-18-17

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