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sandyf: There are a multitude of international regulations in respect of financial activity with currency being covered by ISO 4217. There can never be any constructive debate as long as people refuse to acknowledge the existence of these regulations and procedures.

The status of world currencies are documented in ISO Tables A1,2 & 3. In the event of a redenomination Iraq will have 2 currencies, IQD and a new currency, probably IQR.

Chattels Tuesday, May 15, 2018   Early Iraq Election Results, 16 of 18 Provinces

The Iraq Election Commission has reported the results for all but Dohuk and Kirkuk provinces. The Sairoon list made up of Moqtada al-Sadr’s followers, the Communists and civil society groups continued its lead with 6 first place finishes including in Baghdad, and 4 second place positions including Basra.

chattels Sairoon has to now form a coalition. Its two main demands, which grew out of the demonstrations were for a technocratic government and an end to ministries and positions in government being divided using ethnosectarian quotas. That will be a huge challenge as Sairoon’s lead over the other parties is not so great that it will be able to dictate terms.

Rather like previous government formation processes there will be plenty of compromises and promises made. Again, because the top lists call came in so close those negotiations could take a very long time before a new prime minister is named.

chattels     Prime Minister Haidar Abadi’s Nasr list finished a hugely disappointing third place. It made a major victory finishing first place in Ninewa a largely Sunni province, but otherwise it mostly finished third in seven provinces. The premier was hoping to win a comfortable plurality due to his victory over the Islamic State, and his handling of the Kurds after the independence referendum.

His major problem was that he ran a weak campaign. He said he would fight corruption, but did nothing substantive. He ran party regulars, his decision to run separate from Vice President Nuri al-Maliki meant he split his own Dawa party, and never built any kind of political machine to get out the vote.

Abadi could retain his job as a compromise candidate between the lists. On the other hand, there is talk that some parties want to take the premiership from Dawa, which has held it since 2005.


chattels     No, Iran didn’t win Iraq’s election  by Michael Rubin

chattels   ” ………… does that mean Iran won, or that Muqtada al-Sadr will really be the kingmaker as the Washington Post has suggested? Or that Iran is the victor? Here, the answer is no and no.

chattels     ” Abadi’s poorer-than-expected showing undercuts his negotiating position, but if he re-combines with all factions of his Da`wa party, he is still kingmaker.”

chattels     ” ………….. it pays to remember 2010 when Allawi won the plurality but was unable to bring Iran’s many factions together (Maliki then became prime minister).”

chattels     Remember also that Maliki won the plurality in 2014 only to be supplanted by Abadi as the compromise candidate. No winner of the plurality in Iraq has ever become the Prime Minister is my understanding.

chattels     ” Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s poor showing undercuts the narrative that Iran is the victor.”

chattels     ” Abadi remains personally popular enough to perhaps still win a new term. He presided over the defeat of the Islamic State and implemented some important reforms. Oil is on the upswing and, alongside it, Iraq’s economy. Baghdad is booming and, according to United Nations’ statistics, terrorist incidents have plummeted.”

chattels     ” If Iraq is to succeed, it is important to take a deep breath, celebrate the fact that Iraq may now have its fifth successful transfer of power – in a region where many other leaders aspire to rule for life and will kill those who seek a vote to end that rule. That’s good for Iraq, good for the broader region, good for the United States, and a notable juxtaposition to the dictatorship suffered by Iranians.”

chattels     Al-Sadr himself did not run for parliament and so cannot be a candidate for the prime minister’s post. But a significant number of seats for his movement would give him a strong voice in building the next government.

chattels     Another uninformed guru. ” G-Lin – There were arts. out yesterday saying Maliki had high tailed it out of town to Iran. That could be propaganda, who knows. But I bet he is a little bit jumpy. If he doesn’t have a place in Parl., he will loose his immunity.”

?chattels     Maliki garned more votes for Parliament than anyone in Baghdad.

chattels     Maliki will be a Minister of Parliament. Query whether he will attain any other position in the new government. Of course he was one of three VP’s in the last government.

chattels     Will Maliki and Abadi reunite the Dawa Party in an effort to form a majority coalition ? Seems unlikely given Sadr’s disdain for Maliki, but …………………

chattels     German Development Minister Gerd Mueller expressed hope that the new Iraqi government would give priority to reconciliation in the country. “I hope the new government will give priority to reconciliation and reconstruction so that internally displaced people can return to their homeland,” Muller told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

“He also said that” is also waiting from the Iraqi government next serious reform efforts in the fight against corruption and re-rapprochement with the Kurdistan region of Iraq in the north of the country. ”

chattels     The elusive notion of national reconciliation.

chattels    Abadi announced on Tuesday that the Independent High Electoral Commission will release results by May 27.

foxmulder     Good morning Gents…the saga continues, perhaps a decisive change in monotary policy !

chattels     foxmulder Another day in ” DinarLand “, eh ?

foxmulder     chattels oh ya , what a joy LOL

chattels    foxmulder ?

Doug_W     “Joy 2 the world the Dinar is here”

spankie     hey guys- reading above- uncertain victory

chattels    ” ……….. after final results are released, the president gives 15 days for the newly elected Council of Representatives to hold its first session. The oldest MP will run the session where the speaker and deputy will be chosen.

Then the new parliament will elect a new president within three days. The new president will recommend the largest bloc in the parliament form the government cabinet within 30 days. If that bloc fails, another bloc will be recommended to form the government, this time within 15 days.”


AMDoug_W     chattels thanks that makes understanding that process very simple/ even I understand it now ?  I bet Dorothy will “get it” too

chattels     Iraqi election results shock political class
Ali Mamouri (Iraq Pulse) May 14, 2018

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chattels     As things stand, there are two possible scenarios for the formation of the next Cabinet. The first involves an alliance including Sairoon, Al-Nasr and the Kurdish opposition consisting of the Gorran Movement, the Justice and Democracy Movement and one or both of the Sunni lists (the Iraqi Decision and Al-Wataniya).

The second scenario would entail an alliance consisting of the State of Law Coalition, Al-Fatah, the Kurdish Democratic Party and some Sunni parties close to Maliki.

The first seems more likely, as the State of Law Coalition and Al-Fatah are not welcome on the Sadrist street and among the Sunnis in general. Still, one cannot ignore the role of regional and international parties in influencing the formation of the next Cabinet, especially Iran and the United States, each of which will seek to tip the balance.

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?chattels     Key arrests tighten noose around Islamic State’s Baghdadi
Shelly Kittleson May 15, 2018

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spankie     Baghdadi has more life’s than a cat
Doug_W     spankie OHH but what a way to have to live always evading NOT 4 me

spankie     makes me think of Bin Laden

Baxter   Morning.. another dinar day…

larrykn     I guess not everyone is happy with Sadr

larrykn     Clay hey bud long time no see , how are you doing

Clay     Wonder who will become PM

larrykn     I think Adabi unless Sadr wants a different look, but he does have to build a govenment which will take corperation

Clay     yep sadr likes abadi

larrykn     its going to get interesting very soon on which way this all plays out
larrykn     I don’t think we will see anything we want till probably at least July now

Clay     hope not that long

larrykn     well if we have to wait on that 2% thing Kap talks about that will be June 15 then they still have a few laws needed , so who knows
larrykn     then you have that 90 days to form a govenment, thats Aug yecks

JoeSchmoe     then eoy starts getting predicted again. It’s a vicious cycle. And all the while, during the down time, the cycle of ‘date,rate,float, and lop’ helps keep everyone entertained. Am I the only one that sees this??

larrykn     @5930415|JoeSchmoe>; GM no thats why I don’t listen to other people , I find the news myself an see what going on, don’t need those headaches

Zig     “sandyf” (3:50 AM today)…..
There are a multitude of international regulations in respect of financial activity with currency being covered by ISO 4217. There can never be any constructive debate as long as people refuse to acknowledge the existence of these regulations and procedures. The status of world currencies are documented in ISO Tables A1,2 & 3. In the event of a redenomination Iraq will have 2 currencies, IQD and a new currency, probably IQR.”

larrykn     really what happen to them getting rid of the MCP policies

JoeSchmoe     So will the IQR supposedly be the LD’s?     and IQD the 000s

Zig”chattels     ” (Yesterday) ……These are the steps to form the next Iraqi government
According to the Constitution …….

The Iraqi parliamentary elections, which took place yesterday, have followed the steps of forming the new government within 90 days. The steps in accordance with the Iraqi constitution will be as follows:….

– The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) will announce the election results on Monday…..

– President Fuad Masum calls on the new parliament to convene within 15 days of announcing the results…..

– Legislators elect a speaker and two deputies by an absolute majority at the first meeting…..

– Parliament elects a new president by a two-thirds majority of deputies within 30 days of the first meeting…..

– The new president nominates the candidate of the largest bloc in parliament to form a government…..

– The prime minister-designate shall have 30 days to form the government and submit it to parliament for approval…..

– Parliament must approve the government program and each minister separately in a separate vote by an absolute majority…..

If the prime minister-designate fails to form a coalition government within 30 days or if parliament rejects the government proposed by the prime minister-designate, the president must appoint another candidate to form a government within 15 days

larrykn     what I saw they have to form parliment within 15 days but have 90 days to form the govenment

JoeSchmoe     Have they ever followed those guidelines in the past?

larrykn     yes , last elections they did it

JoeSchmoe     well that’s good to know at least
JoeSchmoe     I wonder if chattels can debate Sandy’s post about the 2 separate currencies over there?
JoeSchmoe     or what his debate would be

larrykn     they won’t have two currencies for very long , they will have to get rid of the higher notes , I read they have a way they will do it, can’t remember all about it but when I read it , it made sence

JoeSchmoe     larrykn did it negateSandy’s detail?
larrykn     yes

JoeSchmoe     good     maybe you can debate him next time

larrykn     I would have to find that article first, to bad Rcookie wasn’t around he would tell us how all this will work, I really miss him

JoeSchmoe     ya me too

Tebow     IMF doesn’t allow a country 2 currencies. What an idiot. Iraq’s currency is the IQD. When time comes they will introduce the lower demons , also IQD, and over time the large 3 zero notes will go into the banks. The US had large notes, which to this day are legal tender.

larrykn     I agree Tebow, but I do believe they will have a way to get those larger note off the streets a lot faster, but then they did say they will be use for up to 10 yrs

JoeSchmoe     larrykn my fear has always been that those ’10 years’ will go by with us in this same place

larrykn     I don’t think so Joe , once they start the process it won’t take that long
larrykn     and I don’t think they will start out at where they are now either

JoeSchmoe     ‘once they start that process’…being the operative term! ;mad
JoeSchmoe     THAT has always been our issue

larrykn     the one thing I like about these elections is Sadr as always been for the people, he knows they are dirt poor an wants that to change so I feel he will move forward with the monetary reforms quickly

Clay     larrykn sure hope so

JoeSchmoe     careful larry, your common sense and research may turn you into dinarnia’s newest guru…. ‘happy-dance

larrykn     the problem is they have so many corrupt politicians he will have a battle to get it done

larrykn     JoeSchmoe no way , don’t even want anything like that lol

JoeSchmoe     lol….it happens no matter what you want

?larrykn     don’t know if you saw this but they are already attaching Sadr

JoeSchmoe     who is attacking him?

larrykn     they don’t know yet

JoeSchmoe     M’s camp?

larrykn     maybe or some other group

JoeSchmoe     imagine if WE acted that way…     the US

larrykn     lol we do , look what they are doing to Trump

JoeSchmoe     physically I meant

larrykn     that would be civil war

JoeSchmoe     larry, what’s up with our boys in blue? Not gonna happen this year i doubt

larrykn     I saw that lol     riches to rags lol

JoeSchmoe     cant even win one game at home against the worst team in the league
JoeSchmoe     its usually the way it goes though

Tebow    larrykn  agree don’t think the large notes will be on the streets long. Iraqis won’t be walking around with large notes when something cost 1 or 2 dinars.

JoeSchmoe     does anyone else remember 7 or 8 years ago when somewhere in print it said 25k would equal 25?     i dont think it was a dinar forum

Tebow     JoeSchmoe if you believe in a lop

JoeSchmoe     no I don’t, i just remember seeing it somewhere

larrykn    Shiite forces launches test balloons “prelude to Ramadan round exhausted.

Baghdad/Wael grace     Shortly before announcing the preliminary results of the Commission’s second set of provinces, began talking about leaks “bilateral meetings” losing parties gathered new powers have emerged in the last election.

?Sadrist leader Muqtada al-Sadr had already everyone tweeted on Twitter outlining controversial, it seems, those who intends to negotiate with them to form a larger bloc, which excluded list “crowd” and “Maliki.”
And does not intend to chest by aides, stick to naming the next Prime Minister, but by the results of the election will put the game in his hands or turn into what is known as the “Kingmaker”.

Most probably, it’s in the middle of the next Ramadan will be negotiations on forming a new Government have reached a stage of Grandpa. Winning parties are what is happening now is “feelers”.

Even daytime Tuesday, were “walkers” chest-supported superior b 54 seats, and kept “conquest” which includes most popular crowd in second place, the Prime Minister’s Coalition “victory” in the third sequence.

At the House of Al-Maliki  and according to leaks, last Monday night, the meeting is the first partial results after election, “Dawa” conquest “Alliance headed by Ameri, couldn’t confirm the presence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

Attorney denies role relationship, leadership in a coalition Government, President (range) yesterday, his knowledge of that meeting, stressing that “round negotiations had not yet begun.”

He added: “relationship problems still waatrdat election results. Won’t start discussions to form a Government before resolving. Advocacy leadership predicted that picture negotiations during the next two weeks.

She said the leaks were meeting at the home of the head of State of law Coalition Nuri al-Maliki in Baghdad, attended by Fatah leader Hadi Ameri, resulting in a large coalition agreement to form the next Government may include “Abadi”.

Spectra     Zagros Today   ?@ZagrosToday    Breaking: IHEC member (Gorran) calls on IHEC to allow hand counts of ballot boxes in sample areas of Kurdistan Region and says 100s of complaints have been unfairly dismissed by commission despite having legal basis

Clay     JoeSchmoe 25k will be 1000 $25

Larrykn    Clay I don’t know I have this feeling the ld’s will have a higher value then the higher notes which will make the people trade in the larger notes , but who knows

Spectra    @abdullahawez   This is what I mean by KDP or PUK zones, are under KDP or PUK control which run more like two different dynasties each controlled by a family which together called Kurdistan Region:

Spectra     ((((Sadr calls for brotherhood in phone call with Barzanis))))Then Kurdish president Masoud Barzani welcomes Muqtada al-Sadr to Erbil during high tensions between Erbil and then Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki in 2012. File photo: AFP
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Masoud and Nechirvan Barzani called Muqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday to extend their congratulations on his election win, Sadr’s office stated.

They wished “his eminence success,” the statement said.

Masoud Barzani is former president of the Kurdistan Region and current leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). Nechirvan Barzani, his nephew, is KRG prime minister and deputy leader of the KDP.

Sadr thanked them for their wishes and expressed his hope that “the brotherhood of the Iraqi people be strengthened and for the love ties be solidified between the different sects, components and ethnicities.”

A Shiite cleric, Sadr ran on a non-sectarian platform pledging to tackle corruption. His movement joined forces with the Communist Party on the Sayirun alliance.

They have emerged as the surprise leader after the release of preliminary results. Fifteen days after final election results are released, the new parliament must hold its first session during which the speaker will be chosen. A new president will be elected within three days of the legislature convening and the president will then ask the largest parliamentary bloc to form a cabinet.

?Traditionally, the speaker of the parliament has been a Sunni Arab, the prime minister a Shiite, and the president a Kurd.

Sadr and Erbil have frequently taken a similar stance with respect to Iraqi politics over the past decade, including opposition to Nouri al-Maliki during his tenure as prime minister.


Spectra(US labels Iraq’s elections ‘credible’ per observer reports) Heather Nauert, the spokesperson for the US state department, speaks at a press conference with reporters in Washington, D.C., on May 15, 2018.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Iraq’s elections were “credible,” according to the United States, which cited reports from observers.


Spectra     ((Sadr’s bases and religious centers attacked in Maysan after provincial win)) A poster shows Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr (left) and cleric Mohammed Baqer al-Sadr in Sadr City, east of the Iraqi capital Baghdad on May 14, 2018. Photo: Ahmad al-Rubaye

Spectra     ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Two military and religious bases, which belonged to the Sadrist Movement, were attacked by unknown gunmen in Maysan province in southeastern Iraq.

Maysan is located on Iraq-Iran border and is a Shiite-populated province. The targeted Sadrist Movement beat other Shiite parties and coalitions on Saturday’s election and won the province.

The unnamed military source, which talked to the UK-based Elaph online outlet, explained that the perpetrators blew up Saraya al-Salam’s 28th Brigade headquarters and the movement’s Malik al-Ashtar cultural center, which is used for religious affairs.

Sadr released a statement confirming the attack on Wednesday, calling the attackers a “group of cowards,” but not laying blame on any party.

In a video obtained by Rudaw, the movement’s bases have been largely damaged.


Spectra      to head Baghdad to begin talks for new Iraqi government By Rudaw 57 minutes ago)) Nechirvan Barzani speaks at a press conference in Erbil on May 16, 2018. Photo: Rudaw TV

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — A high-level Kurdish delegation soon will visit Baghdad to engage in talks on the formation of the next Iraqi government..”In the near future [the Kurdish leadership] will go to Baghdad and begin talks with all the Iraqi parties to form the government,

” Nechirvan Barzani said in a press conference on Tuesday. “Right after the final announcement of the elections results, talks will start to form the Iraqi government, and as Kurds we will seriously be part of it.”


Spectra     IRAQI DINAR EXCHANGE RATES (MAY 16) SULAIMANI — The US dollar to Iraqi dinar (IQD) exchange rate was stable in the Kurdistan Region’s currency markets on Tuesday (May 15).

?Broker Dana Mawlud told NRT that $100 was selling at 120,750 Iraqi dinars, maintaining the same rate as the previous day.

Mawlud also reported that 100 British pounds was at 162,000 and 100 euros was at 142,000.

Spectra     (Could Kurds throw support behind a Sadr-ruled Iraq? By Zhelwan Z. Wali 2 hours ago) The unlikely victory of outspoken Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr — beating out rivals Haider al-Abadi and Nouri al-Maliki — brought a glimmer of hope to Kurdish leadership that he would be the right Iraqi leader to deal with.

Sadr staunchly opposes the abuse of power and mismanagement by the Dawa Party that has ruled the post-Saddam Iraq since 2003 and was unwavering in its policies and mismanagement even prior to that.Kurdish leaders from KDP wished “his eminence success” in the days after the preliminary official election results were announced.


Spectra    This year Ramadan is predicted to be from Tuesday 15 May to Thursday 14 June (although we’re waiting on the final world from officials).
The world’s Muslim population will be taking part – with fasting from sunrise to sunset being one of the five pillars of Islam.

Spectra    What is Ramadan?
It’s a special time in the Islamic Calendar, when Muslims fast (also known as sawm) from sunrise to sunset for approximately 30 days. Doing so is one of the five pillars of Islam. The dates change annually as they’re determined by the sighting of a new moon – for many Muslims, from Saudi Arabia. The start and end of Ramadan will be declared the day before

Tebow    larrykn can’t happen all notes will have the same rate. Otherwise some of the lower denoms will be valued more than the higher notes. You will never have say a 20 dinar note worth more than a 1000 dinar note.

Spectra     (((US Defense Secretary: We respect the decisions of the Iraqi people in the elections)))US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse, he respects the results of the parliamentary elections that were freed last Saturday in Iraq. “We will wait for the final results of the elections, we respect the decisions of the Iraqi people,” Matisse told Pentagon reporters. According to the French Press Agency.

“The Iraqi people have held elections, it’s a democratic process at a time when many people have questioned that Iraq can take responsibility for itself,” he said.

“The Iraqi people have held elections, it’s a democratic process at a time when many people have questioned that Iraq can take responsibility for itself,” he said.

Zig     IRAQ ELECTION UPDATE PAGE AT which is a site owned by

Doug_W     Zig I can’t read the front let alone the back

Spectra     Government of Iraq   @IraqiGovt   Proactive planning and close coordination between Iraq’s defence and law enforcement agencies ensured that Iraqis were able to cast their vote in the parliamentary elections on 12 May in a safe & secure environment #IraqVotes #IraqiElections2018

?Spectra     Government of Iraq?  Verified account  @IraqiGovt    PM @HaiderAlAbadi: I congratulate the Iraqi people on the success of the parliamentary elections on 12 May

Spectra   @IraqiGovt   The Cabinet held its weekly meeting in Baghdad, reviewed several projects, approved a draft air transport agreement with Ukraine and agreed Iraq’s accession to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank ?

dinard     sandyf  There are a multitude of international regulations in respect of financial activity with currency being covered by ISO 4217. There can never be any constructive debate as long as people refuse to acknowledge the existence of these regulations and procedures. The status of world currencies are documented in ISO Tables A1,2 & 3. In the event of a redenomination Iraq will have 2 currencies, IQD and a new currency, probably IQR……………………dang it i missed him!

Spectra     Dinar: Dr. Shabibi answering revaluation and redenomination questions——Question: Redenomination

I’ve heard a report in the last couple of days That Iraq is about to cut three zeros off the currency …they call that re-denomination that may be the same question (revaluation) that you just received but I wonder if you had any information about that.

Shabibi answer     Well, I mean …. I don’t know whether if it is the same question (revaluation), I think this cutting of three zeros… shouldn’t be exaggerated … actually that is the problem…the question is … just ” re-denomination” …. and …. people writing a lot of articles in the news papers… criticizing the Central Bank…., that is going to …. the value the Iraqi dinar… that is going to depreciate … all kinds of talks.

This is a question, just actually, to facilitated payment… ease of counting and all this things…. and of course when you see a lot of figures, you see trillions and huge figures…. if you want to be precise and you see twelve figures or fifteen figures or digits … So I think we have a plan on that.

Spectra      ((((((depreciate ))))) Dr Shabibi does not seem to go along with this scenario …Now who you going to believe ….? Some goofy know it all Lopster ….or him?

dinardLUXEMBOURG Luxembourg Convertible Franc LUC 989 1990-03
LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg Franc LUF 442 2002-03
LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg Financial Franc LUL 988 1990-03……………….From ISO list three showing historic denominations and funds

Spectra     Questions again to Dr Shabibi—-If you remember … why …. there was not a government decree to add this zeros. It happened because of the course of development of the economy at the beginning of the eighties…. Inflation was very high … Inflation was rampant and therefore …

I mean small denoms start not to be use … so government started to add the three zeros at the time…. and of course conditions are different now .

Spectra     (DR SHABIBI )Inflation is under control, exchange rate is manage by the Central Bank…. all these things when you have the zeros you could not manage … not because of fault of the government or the Central Bank (only) … which I think there was but because there were a lot of exogenous (external) factors.

I’m not saying that we are champions now I mean … there were a lot external factors which affected and a lot of people did not know what to do, so they started to add three zeros and all this things.

So now the situation is completely different from that time, you had a high inflation, you have now a low inflation, you had actually something which is a stable macroeconomics situation .

At that time the situation was not stable . So the only way to combat all of this things at the time was to increase the denomination and put three zeros.

dinard       MALTA Maltese Lira MTL 470 2008-01  MALTA Maltese Pound MTP 470 1983-06


dinard      notice the overlapping dates. ave a blessed day yall im off to go mix me some concrete and mix some steel

foxmulder     IM going to hang with Dr Shabibi !! He and the financial planner

Spectrafoxmulder ME TOO! ?
Spectra     foxmulder He was a financial genius !World renowned to be respected..

Doug_W     foxmulder WHEN are U gonna push the button on all this?

Spectra     perhaps…all we need to get our bearings straight in here..Lets us not forget .The great Dr Shabibi and words of wisdom..i for one will not…

foxmulder     Doug_W the truth is out thete !! But i sure wish i could LOL

Doug_Wit won’t show SORRY

Baxter     Spectra.. how old is that shabbibi stuff?

Spectra    I Think i will stick to the basics..Not over inflate Articles and keep it simple..Many seem to magnify every single article that comes out,digging and trenching and still find nothing….

foxmulder     Baxter 2012
Baxter    ok.. thx    so they will probably redenominate?

Spectra     Baxter Old or not….common sense says basics are still in place as far as economics is concerned…Economics always stays the same…Then his words still make

Spectra     Good common sense..

foxmulder    I Baxter they said when new nores come out they will run alongside the old for a period of time.. hope they stick to it

Spectra   foxmulder It makes sense for that because if they dont many people will be angry at their loss.

Baxter    so in other words.. if they redenominate… say 3000 to 1… that would bring the amt of currency down to about 20 billion… or where it was before Sadaam.. then value it at about one dinar for 3.50 USD… which means… we may break even if lucky

Baxter    is that correct?

foxmulder     Spectra thats why i wzit !! To see what happens good ir bad . We have no control

Spectra     Shabibi mentioned in his video …maybe a old re listen ..he seemed to me to not like the idea of a depreceattion to his currency ..That is my opinion ,that is how i hear him….?.

Spectra    In regards to the removal of the 3 Zeros….

foxmulder    Sorry for typos on phone plus fat fingers … the sigar report stated they could hold a value .83 to 1.113

Spectra    foxmulder yes…

?foxmulder    Their currency will have a greater value ! Even if it close to the Saudies it would be .26 I think

Spectra   foxmulder true

Spectra    Sigar report.

Spectra     Kirk H. Sowell  @UticaRisk  Some were wondering if that tweet from Sadr’s Twitter account about a governing coalition was actually from Sadr. Here his spokesman says the account, & the tweet, is Sadr. (mins 20-22)


Spectra    Kirk H. Sowell   @UticaRisk I’ll have a full article out on this soon, but I’d suggest reservation on early reads (from partial results) that Sadr’s Sairun won by a wide margin & that Abadi came in third. There is a scenario under which Abadi beats Fatah by a seat (51-50) and Sadr is at 55.

Spectra    Wednesday, May 16 – Thursday, May 17, 2018
It has taken 1,964 years for the Black Moon and Pluto to come together again in the sky at 22 degrees of Capricorn and the energetic of the Sabian symbol “a general accepting defeat gracefully.” Tomorrow, it happens again.

Doug_W    Spectra so does that mean an RV?

Operation Disclosure
KTFA (Delta)