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Foxmulder look….. we have all been through this together! no matter the opinions and so called insight the fact remains we all will wait and watch . despite the people who seem to have a higher knowledge than us little people!! I will just watch the CBI and what they do !!! keep the faith

Ron Bandy URGENT Final election results: turn 54 seats victory 52 conquest 49 law 25 wisdom 22

Spectra    foxmulder me too..!

Ron Bandy    i better go lay down… me head she spins…. lol

Spectra    Ron Bandy hope you feel better..    Ron Bandy thanks for the post

twisstr    After reading the comments above I should mention that I am 23 years old… lol

JoeSchmoe    twisstr how did you get into it,who let you in?

Spectra    twisstr thats alright everyone is welcomed .
16 May 18, 06:16 PMJoeSchmoe    you do know there is an age requirement to invest in dinar? You must be at least 40. True, we give Dinard a break and let him take part….but his membership is about to be revoked!

J oe Schmoe;;   NA_NA

Spectra    JoeSchmoe ;eye roll; ;ha-Ha:

twisstr    A good friend of mine was told to invest and he passed the news on to me

JoeSchmoe   how old is this friend?

twisstr    Old enough to be my father! Lol

Spectra    good as long as you only bought what you could afford ….and not over extended your self…   twisstr how long ago did you buy?

JoeSchmoe   so  so biologically he could be 34 lol

twisstr  I bought it just a few months ago, and I believe he is like 45 ish

Spectra    twisstr wow you are very much new..

twisstr   I’m just a baby in this investment!

dinard    JoeSchmoe   you do know there is an age requirement to invest in dinar? You must be at least 40. True, we give Dinard a break and let him take part….but his membership is about to be revoked!………..I’m here for a good time not a long time my friend lol

Spectra    twisstr your fine …no worries …dont just take any ones word on this your self..

JoeSchmoe   so dinard as long as you continue to play nice!! ;frying-pan-smash
JoeSchmoe    so twisstr you and dinard are the same age
JoeSchmoe    so  Spectra careful…that might turn dinard on :laugh

Spectra    JoeSchmoeso dont tell him that ..he may pollute the

Spectra    JoeSchmoeso do you want a gang of dinards running around in here?

JoeSchmoe    so  lol….uh……..

twisstr   Ya I don’t trust many people, especially the gurus.

JoeSchmoe    so   wow…you     catch on early
JoeSchmoe    so  maybe YOU can lend a hand to dinard?

Spectra    twisstr you need to just keep in mind why you bought it to begin with..That’s my suggestion..    twisstr good i dont trust anyone either

twisstr    That was my first lesson from my friends contact was to just ignore them

JoeSchmoe    so at 23, I’m sure there’s no thoughts of retirement at his age yet

Spectra    twisstr your friend was right

twisstr    No retirement for me, I’m a current pre med student

JoeSchmoe    so dinard did you see what sandyf’s friend, sergio, said about him?
JoeSchmoe    so  twisstr dang…pay for your schooling then!
JoeSchmoe    so @dinard supposedly, as per ZIG, sergio knows alot about sandyf. We all know

Sandy’s view on LOP….well here is what sergio said……..Sergio’sSandy always said it has 2 windows it could Rv in during a year

JoeSchmoe    so havent we always heard/seen sandy say no rv and laugh at the thought
JoeSchmoe   so sorry dinard, don’t mean to expose your hero

dinard    twisstr ill teach you the ways fellow. i was once a professor you know.

Spectra   twisstr very nice what area of study?
Twisstr    Biochemistry

dinard    JoeSchmoe   so i always play nice. you do not get the title of professor by being a push over though. and he is not my hero simply because i believe he is not wrong. only money grabbing gurus are wrong in my opinion. and also tebow. he is wrong

JoeSchmoe    so dinard well ya never know. Sandy could be money grubbing guru…or anti guru    so maybe dealers are paying him to pump DOWN the dinar

Spectra    JoeSchmoe    so anything is possible

JoeSchmoeso   BREW did you see what someone said about sandyf, who supposedly knows him better than all of us?    so RED FLAG

dinard    i simply hold all theories true as long a they are within the IMF regulations and by laws no one is wrong. only things i look at and try and understand nowadays. in fact mr sandyman was nice enough to drop a proof suggesting that a country may have two currencies in circulation at the same time

BREW   JoeSchmoe    so DARK RED, LOL

JoeSchmoeso    RED FLAG @ SandtF
JoeSchmoe    so Sergio’sSandy always said it has 2 windows it could Rv in during a year
JoeSchmoe  so  RV??????????

dinard    perhaps RD then RV?????? heck if i know

JoeSchmoe    so that makes little sense to put rd in there

dinard    well it does but i mean its not impossible?

JoeSchmoe    so but the v and d are close enough on the keyboard…unless using a phone lol

chattels    Dollar exchange rate and gold prices in Iraq on Wednesday  16/5/2018
Economy News _ Baghdad  Recorded dollar exchange rates, Wednesday, stable against the dinar in the local currency market.

According to the figures in the “Economy News”, the selling price of the dollar recorded in Baghdad today 119 thousand and 500 dinars , and the purchase price of 120 thousand and 500 dinars for $ percent.

chattels    Courtesy of DinarAlert

dinard    JoeSchmoe    so drop the zeroes could possibly mean redenomination. keywords in that sentence are could possibly so dont everyone attack me all at once ;scared

JoeSchmoe    so dinard drop the zeros has many interpretations over the years. You will figure it out

dinard    what if iraq just says ** the IMF and just deals with straight up bitcoin in oil sales. id get a chuckle out of that lol :popcorn

dinard    JoeSchmoe    so i interpret it as meaning two possible things. one view is popular. the other one not so much

JoeSchmoe   so    twisstr if you want to feel good about the dinar for sure, you should join a ‘feel good’ site like XX or XXX where they pump nothing but hopium. Here you will always see the alternatives

Spectra    dinard so you dont want too see a return on your dinar?
Spectra    dinard get a chuckle out of that lol :popcorn…so what so funny about that?
Spectra     you are not making any sense ? Dinard?

Spectra    JoeSchmoe    so look he just said it was funny so ..I want to know whats up?

JoeSchmoe    so I do not see where he said that. He must be pming you
JoeSchmoe    so his last post was 9 posts ago

Spectra    Either you want your ROI or not?    im confident in my choice …
Spectra    JoeSchmoe  so dinard what if iraq just says ** the IMF and just deals with straight up bitcoin in oil sales. id get a chuckle out of that lol :popcorn
Spectra    JoeSchmoe   so thats what he said..

dinard  JoeSchmoe    so i interpret it as meaning two possible things. one view is popular. the other one not so much

dinard    Spectra i mean i hope i do but im not going to be upset if a long shot investment doesnt happen. its not going to ruin my life really lol its not like i cry at every losing lottery ticket i get. i feel like people are too emotionally invested in this as well

JoeSchmoe    so dunno, nor dont care lol

Dinard  al    so did not delete

JoeSchmoe    so dinard you must not have thrown thousands at this then

Spectra    dinard no one should be upset if it never surfaces

Dinard    JoeSchmoe    so wow dude are you saying im irrelevant? ;crying;

JoeSchmoe    so saying some posts mean no nevermind    so from anyone
JoeSchmoe    so don’t get your dinard pants in a bunch! ;No;

dinard    JoeSchmoe   so close to that but not not quite as much. i only put in what i could afford and will not buy anymore. id rather invest in my new business, that way i know for sure ill be getting a return lol

JoeSchmoe   so thre ya go   so  bbl game on

dinard    oh yes ima watch that too. very exciting playoffs going on dinarians
dinard    may you all have a blessed day class. class is dismissed for now!

Larrykn   What is awaiting ‘America’s man’ in Baghdad?
By Mohammed Rwanduzy 3 hours ago

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was frisked by the federal police upon arriving at a polling station in Baghdad’s Karada neighbourhood on Saturday. Photo: Iraqi PM’s media office hand out/AFP

Iraq’s elections were by all means a surprise to both friend and foe. After months of propping up incumbent Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, even going as far as capitalizing on the loses of their Kurdish allies in the north during the events of October 16 and onwards, the US woke up to the news that their man did poorly in the May 12 vote.

The loss in votes, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that Abadi won’t get a second term as prime minister.

Muqtada al-Sadr, for all intents branded as the firebrand Iraqi Shiite cleric, won a surprising and yet understandable amount of votes. He is known to be fiercely against any type of intervention in Iraq’s politics, by either the US or Iran, two players engaged in a heated battle over the country’s future.

Abadi was hailed by US think-tanks, analysts, and policy makers as the Iraqi nationalist technocrat who could transcend deep-rooted sectarian, ethnic, and religious lines that divide Iraq. Following Kurdistan’s independence referendum, Abadi ordered the Iraqi Army to take control of Kirkuk and other disputed territories and imposed a number of harsh punitive measures against the autonomous region.

The US government, a traditional ally of the Kurdistan Region, not only stood on the sidelines, it exploited Kurdish losses in a bid to strengthen Abadi’s hand and secure a second term, all in the hopes of achieving an elusive dream – eliminating Iranian influence.

Abadi, however, did poorly in elections. He won just one province, Nineveh, and even that was only with the help of his Sunni ally and former Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obeidi.

Sadr’s victory at the ballot box, however, by no means puts an end to Abadi’s chances to secure a second term. Nor

Nor does it entirely eliminate Iranian influence, or US efforts in that regard.

Though a vocal critic of Abadi, Sadr has also supported him on many occasions. For example, in al-Sharqyiah TV channel’s ‘Honest Talk’ show, Sadr hailed Abadi’s achievements as better than previous governments and said he would support a second term for the leader.

Months before the election, Abadi alienated the influential cleric when he formed a short-lived alliance with the Hashd al-Shaabi’s political wing, the al-Fatih alliance that came second in the elections.

That move angered Sadr who is fiercely opposed to Hashd al-Shaabi. He had called for the Iraqi government to ban parties with armed wings from running in the elections.

Abadi, nevertheless, is still a better ally for Sadr than Hadi al-Amiri, Nouri al-Maliki, or anyone else, especially now that Abadi is no longer allied with the Hashd.

If Abadi does make it back to the prime minister’s chair, his powers will likely be greatly decreased and he will need Sadr’s backing to institute policy.

Under Sadr’s guidance, Abadi could be freed from Iranian influence. Though eliminating Iran’s clout would be difficult for the government. It is likely that Iran’s camp, such as al-Fatih and the State of Law, would form an opposition bloc and hamper the work of the Iraqi government.

The bridges Abadi built with the US and Europe could also be damaged by Sadr’s fierce anti-Western sentiments.

The US, however, can likely live with this. The mood in the US is to eliminate Iranian influence in Iraq at whatever cost. As long as the one commanding the office isn’t in the Iranian camp, even if he is anti-Western, the US will be happy.

For the Kurds, the election results provide far-reaching opportunities. Sadr was never anti-Kurdish and he has more than once asked for the implementation of the constitutional rights of the Kurds in a bid to resolve longstanding problems.

Kurds, with a united bloc, could exact great concessions from an Abadi-Sadr bloc that would need the 60 seats the Kurds command, whether they like it or not, if they wish to establish the cross-sectarian and cross-ethnic Iraq they have espoused in their campaigns.

Iraq’s elections weren’t too costly for the US, but they did reveal to Iran their limits in Iraq. The US, for now, can sit back and, with limited intervention, watch the formation of a government that is insulated from foreign influence.