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larrykn: just read that the HCL has been passed
Doug_W: @larrykn lets hope that works and bring some stability

Baxter: where did someone find that the HCL had passed… I cant find it..

JoeSchmoe: @Doug_W hey what was with that HCL post that larry posted above? Is it accurate? I didn’t see it either on DP

Baxter: I cant find it on Dinar Perspectives.. I didnt think they were even going to meet till tomorrow

arrykn: Sunday, April 15, 2018Iraq Adopts Oil and Gas Law: The parliamentary law: the adoption of oil and gas law ends the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil16/4/2018 The parliamentary law: the adoption of oil and gas law ends the dispute between Baghdad and ErbilBAGHDAD –

The head of the parliamentary legal committee, Muhsen al-Saadoun, that the adoption of the law of oil and gas contribute to ending the eternal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil, noting that the parliament received more than five drafts of the law during the previous two sessions.

Al-Saadoun said in a press statement that “the approval of the oil and gas law contributes to ending the eternal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil and determines the responsibility of each party to manage natural resources.”

“The House of Representatives failed to interpret Article 112 and 111 of the Constitution, which caused the disruption of the passage of the law, despite its importance,” he added, ruling out “finding a final version because of differences on the eligibility of the parties to the conflict.

“Al-Saadoun pointed out that “the disruption of the oil and gas law caused a major crisis between Baghdad and Arbil has reached the threat of war between them, while the adoption of the law will ensure the legal and constitutional right of each party, whether a province or a territory.”

Baxter: Oh I saw that….. that doesnt mean it has passed… least I dont think so.. just talkin about it

larrykn: @Baxter they adopted it so its done

Baxter: parliament doesnt meet till tomorrow: not the way I read it

spankie: yes- adoption of

spankie: one big step closer

Clay: @spankie always just ger it done

spankie: many have talked of the hcl needing done

Clay: from my buddy Tim in skype
Clay: BAGHDAD, April 9 (Reuters) – Iraq’s top court will begin hearings in May on the legality of oil exports from Kurdistan, which are at the centre of a row between the semi-autonomous region and Baghdad.

The oil dispute is the main hurdle to normalising relations between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of northern Iraq which conducted an October referendum on independence despite Baghdad’s opposition.

The Supreme Federal Court said in a statement on Monday it has asked to hear the opinions of officials including the central government’s prime minister, oil minister and finance minister, in addition to the KRG’s prime minister, on May 6.

JoeSchmoe: as far as the HCL being done goes….we know how much Hanah Montana puts into the HCL. He says once HCL, then we are there. Well I didn’t see anything from him over at DV yet.

Clay: @JoeSchmoe thanks lets hope

futuremoney: so did they or didn’t they?

larrykn: it looks like they still have to vote on it, some say tomorrow

Clay: @futuremoney as always time will tell

futuremoney: Ive not seen anything on twitter news…so prolly not

spankie: the approval of the oil and gas law contributes to ending the eternal dispute between Baghdad and Erbil

futuremoney: they got the “eternal” part right..

Baxter: I dont think they have… sorry………….. looks like an opinion article to me
Baxter: Parliament doesnt meet till tomorrow : but supposedly .. it is on the agenda

futuremoney: riiigghht

spankie: dated yesterday

Baxter: I know.. parliament meets tomorrow: 17th: all I know… is I haven’t been to the bank…

futuremoney: same o’le

Clay: @Baxter lol me neither

futuremoney: @Baxter prolly wont make qurom

Saguaro Plains: What’s the update on redeeming/exchanging our funds?

Baxter: I have been asking that for over 12 years…

Saguaro Plains: What’s the latest update today? Are we closer?

Baxter: I dont think so..: IMO.. next possible would be after the elections… if then

Saguaro Plains: What date are you saying?

Baxter: mid June at least

futuremoney: @Baxter what year?? LOLOLOL

Baxter: :laugh
Clay: @Baxter 20010/11   : @Baxter 2010

Baxter: Okie was at the top then: he could do no wrong
Clay: @Baxter yes sir

Baxter: you had to dial in an hour ahead of time to get on one of his calls
Clay: @Baxter lol: @Baxter he was something else

Baxter: I would just like to know… one way or the other..
Clay: @Baxter me too

Clay: @Baxter enjoy
Clay: @Baxter me too

Xbruster69: managing and developing the fields of oil and gas reserves currently known (proven) and estimated at (140) billion barrels of oil and (110) trillion cubic feet of gas. Note that exploration in the country has not yet been completed. Iraq

Shirley Temple: So what is hogoi on with Mountaingoat? I thought she was real positive until I read her on dinar guru and she’s saying we won’t see an RV for sevrsev months. I hope she’s not right

Shirley Temple: Is going on

?Doug_W: @Shirley Temple we knew  : ask LADY as IDK
Doug_W: most of us here have stopped listening to ANY guru after MANY years of lies

Shirley Temple: Oh. Do you think the dinar will ever make a change?: Or is this a scam?

Doug_W: I personally do YES   Doug_W: NOT

Shirley Temple: Any ideas what we are waiting on from Iraq to make the rate increase?

Doug_W: there is NO specific date OR event so no

Shirley Temple: @Doug_W oh well we sit amd wait. Maybe we will see something this year

futuremoney: @Shirley Temple I have been waiting for 7 years

Spectra: @Shirley Temple This is a currency whats is the scam ?
Spectra: @Shirley Temple if you are expecting a return on it …Nothing a guarantee
Spectra: @Shirley Temple No its not a scam its called a speculation

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