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xyz: Central Bank suspends the circulation of national bonds in the Iraqi market for securities

The Central Bank of Iraq stopped, Tuesday, the circulation of national bonds in the Iraqi market for securities.

The bank said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that “the suspension of circulation of national bonds issued the first stock market of Iraq as of March 5 present.”

“The suspension comes to extinguish national bonds on March 4,” the bank said.

The Iraqi Central Bank announced on January 14, 2018, the circulation of national bonds in the Iraqi market for securities.

xyz: The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague granted Iraq a formal certificate of ending its international obligations to destroy banned chemical weapons residues;

xyz: Masoum refuses to approve the 2018 budget and sends it back to the House of Representatives

DinarResearcher: Masoum welcomes the lifting of the ban on airports in Kurdistan and calls for resolving all other differences

DinarResearcher: Tuesday 13 March 2018 – 02:12 PM: President of the Republic Fuad Masoum welcomed the announcement of the reopening of the Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports for international flights and the lifting of the ban on airports in the Kurdistan region, while calling for full cooperation between the concerned authorities as well as continuing a comprehensive dialogue to resolve all other differences between the two sides on the basis of the Constitution and decisions of the Federal Court.

DinarResearcher: He also stressed the infallibility of a statement in a statement received by al-Marbid on the need to return the lives of citizens in the Kurdistan region to normal and solve the problem of paying salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region and ease the restrictions on private banks in the region and normalization of relations between the people of one Iraqi all as stressed the need to unite all citizens from In order to liquidate the remnants of terrorists and prevent the return of criminal terrorist acts in any form or place of the country.

DinarResearcher: The Prime Minister Haider Abadi, announced today the opening of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah airports in front of international flights, pointing out that a higher committee will be formed to oversee the management of airports in the region and its competitor and ensure compliance with federal standards.


DinarResearcher: Association of Iraqi private banks assesses the qualification program for the certificate of Islamic banking CIB

DinarResearcher: 03/13/2018: The Association of Iraqi Private Banks in cooperation with the Iraqi Company for Economic and Administrative Consultancy, in the headquarters of the Association in Baghdad, has prepared the qualification program for the certificate of Islamic banking accredited CIB, with the participation of 17 trainees from private banks and financial transfer companies.

DinarResearcher: The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Ali Tariq, in an interview with “Economy News”, “The rehabilitation program is held in cooperation between the Association of Private Banks and Iraqna for Economic and Administrative Consulting Representative of the Foundation for training and approved by the General Council of Islamic banks and financial institutions CIBAFI represents the official umbrella To all Islamic financial institutions worldwide, noting that the program lasts for seven days.

DinarResearcher: Tarek added that the target group in the qualifying program is the employees of the Islamic financial and banking system from banks and Islamic finance and investment companies at various levels of professionalism. He pointed out that the participants will receive the certificate of Islamic banking accredited after passing the examination of the program.


DinarResearcher: Documents: Federal Court issued an official statement on the disputed areas between Baghdad and the region

DinarResearcher: 13-03-2018 01:18 PM: The Federal Court issued a decision to correct the previous decision concerning areas of conflict between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region.

DinarResearcher: “Before we referred to the unconstitutionality and seriousness of the interpretation of the previous decision of the Federal Court, which did not consider Kirkuk and Khanaqin from the disputed areas, and even considered Sulaymaniyah, Kifri, Erbil and Dahuk of the disputed areas,” wrote Amang Rahim, secretary of the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan Region in Facebook.

DinarResearcher: “We have contacted several Kurdish judges in the Federal Court to correct this decision.”

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that ‘the Federal Court corrected the previous decision and issued a new resolution to correct this matter’.

DinarResearcher: The central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan region of Iraq have been fighting for years in areas in several provinces with a mix of nationalities and sects, and tension between the two parties has returned because of these areas, with Kurdistan holding a referendum on independence on 25 September 2017.

DinarResearcher: The Committee for the Implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq defines the disputed areas of Iraq as those that were subjected to demographic change and Arabization policy by the former regime during his reign from 1968 until his overthrow during the US invasion in April 2003.

DinarResearcher: And the disputed areas are under the control of the Government of Baghdad, others are under the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government, and are distributed in the following provinces:

DinarResearcher: KIRKUK (north of Baghdad): The conflict zones include all its districts and districts, including the administrative district of Tuzkhurmatu, Salah ad Din province.

DinarResearcher: Nineveh province (northern Iraq): The government of Baghdad and the Kurdistan region of the provinces of Sinjar, Shikhan, Hamdaniyah and Baasheqa and Qahtaniya.

DinarResearcher: Diyala province (northeast of Baghdad): The government and Baghdad and the Kurdistan region to the district of Khanaqin and its suburbs, in addition to the district of Baldrooz.


DinarResearcher: A slight decrease in the exchange rate of the dollar on the stock exchange and its stability in local markets. 03/13/2018

DinarResearcher: Alsumaria News / Baghdad: The exchange rate of the dollar fell slightly on the stock market struggle, while prices stabilized on the domestic markets on Tuesday (March 13, 2018).

DinarResearcher: Kifah Stock Exchange – Baghdad 122 thousand dinars, while the prices were for Monday 122.100 dinars.

DinarResearcher: Selling and buying prices in banking

DinarResearcher: Selling price of the dollar = 122,500 dinars.
DinarResearcher: The price of buying the dollar = 121.500 dinars.

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DinarResearcher: A deputy asks the government to deduct a quarter of a dollar from the export of oil per barrel and disbursement to the citizen

DinarResearcher: March 13, 2018 – 11:23: Alsumaria News / Baghdad: The deputy for the province of Basra, Adel Rashash al-Mansouri, on Tuesday, the government to withhold a quarter of a dollar from the export of oil per barrel and disbursement to the citizen, while called on the regulatory and legislative authorities to pressure the government to achieve the right and equity of Iraqi citizens.

DinarResearcher: Al-Mansouri said in a statement received by Alsumaria News that “the government to monitor the financial share of oil to the Iraqi citizen,” noting that “per capita share for one month would be 787 thousand Iraqi dinars if the government cut a quarter of a dollar from each barrel source.”

DinarResearcher: Al-Mansouri added that “the oil wealth is the right and the property of every Iraqi,” strongly denouncing “the injustice of the Iraqi people by the government as Iraq is exporting daily more than 3 million and a half million barrels of oil worth 63 dollars per barrel, if we assume that the dollar exchange rate is 1200 Iraqi dinars, the equation for the calculation will be a monthly salary for every individual Iraqi 787, a right guaranteed by the law and the Constitution.

DinarResearcher: Al-Mansouri called on the legislative and legislative bodies to “pressure the government to achieve the right and fairness of the Iraqi citizen who has suffered the woes since the regime was buried and thousands of martyrs and wounded in fighting terrorism since 2003 and so far.” He pointed out that “the size of the financial crisis is important, For a citizen of 63 dollars never hurt. ”

DinarResearcher: Prices fell in June 2016 to reach in 2016 to less than $ 20 per barrel before resuming the rise again by the end of 2017 to reach more than 60 dollars a barrel.

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DinarResearcher: Predictions: Abadi when winning a second term .. will do 5 things. 03/13/2018

DinarResearcher: As the next parliamentary elections are due to take place on May 15, questions have been raised about who is the most likely political figure to take over as prime minister. And what is its government program, which will work at the next session?

DinarResearcher: According to political forecasts, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi is the most likely figure to win the second term because he has the admissibility of most of the political blocs and international and regional support. He also succeeded in some issues, including liberating Iraq from the organization of calling the terrorist and imposing security in Kirkuk.

DinarResearcher: Observers confirmed during an interview with (One News) that Abbadi will target the popular crowd and some political figures in the fight against corruption, as well as the change of heads of independent bodies and directors and ambassadors, mostly of political parties.

DinarResearcher: “Abadi will win a second term because he has received considerable support from the United States, the Gulf states and other countries in the region because he is carrying out what these countries are trying to do: to distance Iraq from Iranian tutelage,” he said. “He also has the admissibility of most of the political blocs , Which will facilitate the process to win the second mandate in accordance with national consensus. ”

DinarResearcher: “The first issues that the prime minister will have to do if he wins the second term is to rebuild the country so that Iraq can rebuild its relations with the surrounding countries and the region. Washington wants Iraq to be a state with a strong government,” he told The News. Is consistent with its policy in Iraq and this is what I found in the character of Abadi, she wants to win Abadi second term in order to remove Iraq from Iranian hegemony.

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that “Abadi will work to integrate or abolish the popular crowd and this is what began by issuing the Diwani order to organize the structure of the crowd by stipulating that the age of those joining the crowd and its leaders should be graduates of military colleges. Elements of the crowd within the military system, “pointing out that” the goal of issuing the Diwani order is to keep the mullahs’ ideological-oriented crowd away from the popular crowd and this will facilitate the process of resolving or canceling it in the future. ”

DinarResearcher: Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi announced the upcoming parliamentary elections on May 12.

DinarResearcher: Abadi said he formed a “transient sectarianism, discrimination and discrimination” coalition called the “victory coalition” to run for parliamentary elections.

DinarResearcher: For his part, stressed the strategic expert and al-Hashemi that Abbadi since the beginning of his presidency of the current session has made important achievements on the ground, the liberation of the land from the control of the organization calling for the terrorist and strengthen Iraq’s external relations, and prevent attempts to divide Iraq.

DinarResearcher: Al-Hashemi told (Wan News) that “Abadi in the event of winning a second term will complete what he worked on is the development of foreign relations and the development of anti-corruption program and the reconstruction of the State Institution and the development of the Iraqi economy.

DinarResearcher: He ruled out al-Hashemi Abadi government to reduce the number of ministries because Abadi worked on this in the previous period and reached triviality to the lowest, especially if formed a government of national partnership and this is what the next government is going to, but in the case of the formation of a majority government there may be a number of ministries.

DinarResearcher: He pointed out that “the popular crowd is a security force belonging to the military system and is one of the formations of the armed forces and operates under the command of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, as Abadi can integrate the popular crowd within the security forces and this of his powers, but he refuses, especially after the organizational restructuring of the work of the crowd, Noting that “Abadi will also change some of the Directors General and the heads of independent bodies and some ambassadors of Iraq in the States.”

DinarResearcher: “Abadi will work to combat corruption and will target some of the political figures accused of corruption, and this is what appeared in the previous period,” he said.

DinarResearcher: Abadi is credited with rebuilding the Iraqi army quickly and defeating the terrorist “da’ash” organization with the help of the popular mobilization forces.

DinarResearcher: Abbadi issued Diwani’s order to organize the popular crowd action, which some saw as a resolution that would support the presence of the popular crowd and guarantee its rights, but others saw it as targeting some of the factions involved in the popular rally.

DinarResearcher: Revealed a deputy close to Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the preparation of the latest comprehensive report on administrative and financial corruption in preparation for the launch of a large process to prosecute corrupt, while confirmed the war promised recently will be launched early next year 2018.

DinarResearcher: “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been working on a detailed report on public funds smuggled out of the country, as well as money-laundering and administrative corruption,” Jassem Mohammad Jaafar said in a press statement.

DinarResearcher:  “The report includes tracking all the money that has been smuggled abroad since the time of the previous regime and until now, as well as the bank accounts of senior officials accused of corruption previously and currently.” He added that “the report includes all the details after using international experts in the field of integrity and money laundering.

DinarResearcher: “The campaign aims to correct the course of the government and prevent the smuggling and theft of funds and the continuation of administrative and financial corruption, as well as the return of large amounts in favor of the state treasury.”


DinarResearcher: Masoum is re-balancing because of 31 points that intersect with the legislation in force

DinarResearcher: Tuesday 13 March 2018 – 02:: The Presidency of the Republic, on Tuesday, the rejection of President Fuad Masum, the ratification of the budget and return to parliament, because there are about 31 points where intersect with the legislation in force.

DinarResearcher: “The President of the Republic Fuad Masum decided today to restore the draft (the Federal Budget Law of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2018) and voted by the Parliament on the third of March, to the House of Representatives to re-audit in form and content From a constitutional, legal and financial point of view. ”

DinarResearcher: He added that “there are about 31 points in the budget intersect with the legislation in force,” noting that “the re-budget came after the experts and legal and financial advisers to study and scrutinize in detail to diagnose the most important constitutional and legal violations and financial for some of the articles or items or paragraphs that need to be addressed before ratification, Flawed in its formal formulation “.


chattels: Fuad Masum returns budget bill lacking Peshmerga salaries to parliament By Rudaw 33 minutes ago

DinarResearcher: Abadi: They are able to turn the situation of Kurdistan to the best, and its airports will open Thursday

DinarResearcher: Tuesday 13 March 20

chattels: Iraq’s federal government and the KRG have apparently reached an agreement on reopening Erbil and Suli airports. English language version of the decree is available here: …

DinarResearcher: Prime Minister Haider Abadi issued an executive decree on the federal authority on the airports of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah.

DinarResearcher: “According to the powers granted to us under Article 78 of the Iraqi Constitution and in light of the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 78,” al-Abbadi’s press office said in a statement. 305 of 2017 and ensure the travel of citizens through the airports of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah International, and after the response of local authorities in the Kurdistan region to restore the federal authority in accordance with the law. Constitution, we have estimated the following:

DinarResearcher: 1. The establishment of a Directorate for the special protection of the airport in the Kurdistan region, which will be under the command and control of the Federal Ministry of Interior, and the Minister of the Interior will be determined to any body attached to the Directorate as well as. – the installation and organization of its staff and the use of existing resources after the reorganization of these resources and its annex to the federal authority as follows:

DinarResearcher: (A) The protection department at Erbil International Airport and the Protection Section at the Sulaymaniyah International Airport shall be linked to the above-mentioned Directorate. (B) The Director of the Protection Department shall be an officer of no less than a colonel, and his assistant shall not be less than a colonel. (C) 2014. – Members of the Directorate shall abide by the specified unit of the security forces of the Ministry of Interior under the provisions of Decree No. 7 of 2014.

DinarResearcher: 2. The biometric verification system at airports and crossings should be linked to the border in the region by the Baghdad main system, as in other Iraqi ports.

DinarResearcher: 3. The Federal Ministry of Interior, according to the law, is to attach passports, nationality and personnel to airports in Arbil and Sulaymaniyah.

DinarResearcher: 4. The technical committees of the General Authority of Customs shall supervise the development, production and handling of materials and equipment by obtaining official approvals from the authorities concerned for local and foreign importers and auditing the approvals. In accordance with the relevant jurisdiction and in accordance with Decree No. (1). (126) issued by the National Security Council on 9 May 2011.

DinarResearcher: 5. International air traffic to and from the airports of the area shall be permitted and in accordance with the approvals provided by the Federal Civil Aviation Authority after the completion of the requirements of this Executive Decree, provided that this is not more than one week of its history.

DinarResearcher: 6. A Higher Committee shall be established to supervise the management of airports and border boundaries of the Area and to ensure compliance with federal standards. This includes representatives of all the relevant authorities in the Center and the region, and reports to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces or the authorized person.


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