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Baxter: I think its about time to start selling off some of this pink stuff

TheGifted: anyone need wallpaper? I will personally put it up for you for 800 dollars per room

TheGifted: i can sell it as toilet paper, but u will have to do your own application ;toliet

Baxter: well… im done with wall paper… i just stripped a house of it… no more

Tebow: go for it, I plan hanging on to mind. Maybe someday.

Baxter: no one has written one line since last night? Really

spanki: i think if something does not happen soon many will dump their dinar

Baxter: I agree spanki….. even this site is slowing down

Baxter: cant believe it went 9 hours without a post

spanki: i read the du blog and it is like a cheerleader section cheering – everything going great- but i think he is pushin dinars now with the guise of helping friends in need

Baxter: dont you need some kind of license to buy and sell dinars?

spanki: would think so
spanki: even chattels is wondering if this is good-

Baxter: then we are in trouble…

spanki: some say if the bitcoin can go up so can the dinar–lol

Baxter: well it cant go down much more….

spanki: thats good bax-lol

chattels: Baghdad increases pressure on KRG with budget cut Omar Sattar November 17, 2017

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chattels: Baghdad — The first draft of Iraq’s federal budget for 2018, approved by the government at the start of the month, envisions slashing the Kurdish region’s share from 17% to 12.7% of the total.

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chattels: “There have been no negotiations so far with Baghdad on the budget or other pending issues, despite the KRG’s desire for talks,” said parliament member Najiba Najib of the Kurdistan Alliance. “The central government is still refusing to receive the Kurdish delegation.”

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chattels: ” ………. the central government has felt “arrogant and powerful” since it regained control of Kirkuk.”

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chattels: No signs yet Baghdad willing to enter into talks with Erbil: official By Rudaw 1 hour ago

chattels: A Kurdish and Iraqi MP say that talks between the Iraqi and Kurdish governments have already began away from the media

chattels: Baghdad has so far refused to publicly commit to such talks. The Saudi-owned Sharq Awsat, however, reported on Thursday that the talks have begun “in secret.”

chattels: Baghdad is internally divided and is not sending the right messages to Erbil. “There is no one single Baghdad. There are many rulers in Baghdad. But what we hear from the Iraqi government, and the office of the Iraqi prime minister, they say they want to deal with the [Kurdistan] Region within the framework of the [Iraqi] constitution.

But as of yet, the indications coming out of Baghdad does not indicate that they are prepared to enter negotiations at the current time.” He said it may take some time before Baghdad decides to take the path of dialogue.

chattels: He said Iraq is heading towards general elections in May 2018 and this may hinder talks as Iraqi parties feel they must show voters they have taken a strong stance against Erbil.

chattels: the Kurdish faction in the Iraqi parliament may take part in the upcoming Iraqi elections and enter into a “coalition” with other Iraqi parties and alliances.

chattels: If Iraq does not implode / explode before the elections then there may be some progess thereafter, IMO.

chattels: The elections are scheduled for May, 2018.

chattels: Op-Ed: McGurk’s Kurdish Policy By DAVID ROMANO

chattels: the U.S. attitude towards the referendum appeared indifferent until the very last moment. When U.S. diplomats from June until September 2017 did no more than blandly repeat the old mantra that they support both Kurdish rights and a unified, democratic and federal Iraq, the Kurds took this as an indicator that the Americans understood that politics in Baghdad lay beyond redemption and would, when the moment came, support the Iraqi Kurds’ justifiable aspirations.

chattels: Kurdistan’s leadership in Erbil could not imagine that the Americans would stand by passively as Iranian-controlled Shiite militias and the Iraqi army turned their American-supplied weaponry against America’s most faithful ally in the Muslim world. In cultures that value honor, courage and strength, one does not let an enemy throttle an ally.

Especially given President Trump’s bellicose rhetoric about “containing Iran” and putting a stop to its nefarious activities, Kurds in Iraq believed they could at least count on the Americans to try and block Iranian-orchestrated military moves against them.

chattels: Trump’s rhetoric against Iran appears to have been little more than words,

chattels: McGurk’s “Kurdish policy,” in short, goes no further than using the Kurds to further an American policy of supporting strong leaders in Baghdad. One needs only recall that until 1990 Washington had no problem with Saddam Hussein. During Nuri al-Maliki’s nine years as prime minister, Mr. McGurk remained one of his most ardent backers right until the end.

Now Mr. Abadi is McGurk’s man in Baghdad (as well as America’s, at least until a sensible policy review occurs). Will Prime Minister Abadi turn out to be the unicorn that Mr. McGurk and the U.S. State Department have been looking for? Will he prove himself a pro-American Shiite Iraqi nationalist moderate who will block Iranian aspirations in the region?

chattels: Maliki: The next stage requires the survival of the popular crowd as a backup force

chattels: The foregoing is a bad idea from a bad man, IMO.

chattels: Parliamentary Finance: The World Bank is pressing the government to reduce the salaries of employees in the budget of 2018

[pm]Doug_W: “politics” eh?

chattels: [Where-Baghdad] A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Masood Haider, on Saturday, said that the federal government is determined to reduce the salaries of employees in the federal budget for 2018 by 20%, noting ” the insistence of the World Bank to convert those deductions to the provision of goods and services.”

He said in a press statement today that “the government is determined to reduce the salaries of employees in the general budget for next year by 20%,” noting that “the government responds to the terms of the financial grant to the International Monetary Fund, which provides for an amount equivalent to 7 trillion Iraqi dinars annually.”

chattels: He explained that “representatives of the government met with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to discuss the federal budget, where the two institutions insisted categorically on the reduction of seven trillion dinars, of the salaries of employees specifically, equivalent to 20% of the total salaries of the Iraqi state.

chattels: Wonder what the chances are of a reduction of salaries in an election year and in a war on corruption ?

chattels: The image of a ” snowball in hell ” comes to mind.

[pm]Doug_W: lol

chattels: ” ………. 7 trillion Iraqi dinars annually.” is seven billion dollars U.S.

chattels: About 20% 0f the Iraqi budget last year.

chattels: “The representatives of the government” tried to negotiate to persuade them to reduce this figure to two or three trillion dinars, which means that the reduction order is almost settled because of the pressure of international financial institutions, “noting that” the meeting concluded with the refusal of the World Bank and his insistence on the full deduction of salaries And also insisted on converting the seven trillion dinars from the salaries of employees to the door of goods and services, “describing this section as” those services that the citizen did not see anything for years, which is usually a door to corruption in all its forms.

chattels: So, the urging of the IMF and World Bank seems to be falling on deaf ears.

chattels: ” Our press conference was very urgent and deliberate, for the sake of Rescue staff and remedy the disaster urgently and fast, and to support the federal government not to accept those conditions and give a clear message to those financial institutions that prejudice to staff salaries would be rejected by the Finance Committee , especially the Iraqi Council of Representatives peek. ”

[pm]Doug_W: amazing to say the least
chattels: ” …………. to support the federal government not to accept those conditions ………..”

chattels: Haven’t the gurus been telling us how compliant Iraq has been and how pleased the IMF and World Bank are with the progess of financial institutions in Iraq ?
[pm]Doug_W: yes

chattels: More bovine scatology it would appear.
[pm]Doug_W: so it appears “C”

chattels: Basra demands its financial dues and threatens to escalate in case of non-response

chattels: Basra / Iraqi national news agency / nina / The local government in Basra, called on the federal government to grant them rights from the benefits of funds, while promising escalation and resort to the people in the event of marginalization of their demands and benefits within the budget of 2018.

chattels: Basra is not happy with the politics of Baghdad either.

chattels: Iraqi spies have infiltrated Isis ‘sleeper cells’ to prevent future terror attacks, says minister Exclusive: In an interview with The Independent, Iraq’s Interior Minister says the government sometimes lets Isis bomb a target and then releases fake casualty numbers, in order to protect informants Patrick Cockburn Baghdad, Iraq

chattels: Violence in Iraq has fallen to its lowest level since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, as Isis loses its base areas and its bombing attacks are thwarted by informers and double agents.

A senior Iraqi security official says that intelligence about potential Isis attacks has improved to the point that government forces can monitor a bomb from construction to detonation, allowing it to explode after evacuating civilians so Isis does not know that its bomb-making networks have been penetrated.

? chattels: Isis shows signs of demoralisation and defeatism as it loses its last pockets of territory, though it leaders are likely to have recognised that it was going to be defeated in Mosul because of the military superiority of its enemies.

It will therefore have prepared “sleeper cells” along with desert hideouts and arms, ammunition and food dumps to enable its remaining forces to survive and launch occasional attacks to show they are still in business. Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the predecessor of Isis, was able to recover from defeats by successfully lying low between 2007 and 2012, when it re-emerged as circumstances changed in its favour.

chattels: Isis will try to do the same again, but cannot succeed if its networks of militants are exposed and eliminated.

chattels: Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Amendments to the Central Bank gives him the freedom to work on a wider area of law” I believe the added ability to develop the financial market (securities) is important to the plan to float the dinar. [Is there more Banking laws needed…?] Not waiting on any banking laws, just IMF compliance.

chattels: ” The wheels on the bus go round and round, …………… round and round. ”

chattels: And that’s the way it is from the news that i read, this Saturday, the 18th day of November, 2017. Hard to believe that it is almost 2018.

chattels: ” If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,………..: If you can dream – and not make dreams your master; If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; ………………Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it…….” – R. Kipling —

chattels: ” Dum spiro, spero. ” While I breathe, I hope.


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