Chat Room – News Excerpts & Highlights

xyz: The referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan is a “negotiating tactic” to pressure Baghdad
Noname: @xyz yes,,,,and so is the UNSC decision to keep scansions on until 7-18.

Spectra: @Noname excuse me can you give us a news link saying this!UNSC decision to keep scansions on until 7-18.

xyz: cbi: the country today is unable to introduce foreign currency

Noname: Xyz put it up extend the mandate mission in Iraq. 3 pages back

xyz: @Noname article was not about sanction

Spectra: @xyz i did not think so? Ty !
Spectra: @xyz thanks for the news!

Noname: @Spectra sorry. Well the last one sure doesn’t sound good.

xyz: The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Aliq on Saturday that the non-oil deficit in the budget this year amounted to 78 trillion dinars, indicating that the deficit balance of payments other than oil exports amounted to 37.7 billion dollars.

“The non-oil deficit in this year’s budget is 78 trillion dinars, because the local revenues now account for 22 percent, while the ideal situation is that local revenues will cover the size of domestic expenditures,” Al-Aallak said in a session of the Institute for Development Policy.

The size of the money that comes from abroad is higher than the money that comes from the inside. He added that the expected revenues of Iraq during the next five years of oil will be between 53 trillion dinars to 64 trillion dinars, pointing out that the current balance of payments deficit of 37.7 billion dollars.

Adding that the deficit in the balance of payments pressure on the central bank because the country today is unable to introduce foreign currency in addition to the money coming from oil, noting that the inability of payments means that the country is unable to attract investors and tourists.

Spectra: @Noname well its all in how you want too see it! That to me means they have to change that!They must get investors or they will fail there is no option in that regard!

Noname: @Spectra I sure hope you are right.
Noname: @Spectra I would think there only option is to raise there value

Spectra: well its a do or die situation ! One way another if they fail at least it will be over ! Thats the way i see it! IVE BEEN IN IT SO LONG !

Tebow: yes must change or they’re going nowhere with their economy

Spectra: @Noname perhaps!
Spectra: @Tebow yes do or die!

Noname: @Spectra I know a lot of us have
Tebow: yes

Spectra: im prepared for either-after all ive been through!

Noname: @Spectra just do something
Spectra: @Noname what you mean?

Noname: @Spectra CBI make a move
Spectra: oh ok !=lol
Noname: @Spectra not you. LOL

Spectra: Frankly i just want it over with i dont care anymore-lol
Spectra: ill live without it!
Spectra: Life goes on

Noname: @Spectra I agree
Spectra: yes, its just money!money won’t buy you happiness!
Spectra: ive had alot and was still miserable -lol

Noname: @Spectra but money worries are gone

Spectra: not really you get different kinds worries never go!
Spectra: believe me i need money !

BlackGold: Did anybody check out the DFI account that Shabibi was suppose to set up with the federal Reserve In 2010 Shabibi had 100 billion but after they collected all Saadam’s money from all central banks the account was probably closer to 250 billion. Where is it?

Noname: @Spectra alaak may be giving a reason to raise the value in that artical

Spectra: @BlackGold thats intresting! where is that
BlackGold: Shabibi is gone and the money is gone

Spectra: @Noname That a good analagy


BlackGold: here is only some of the info with lower numbers of course
BlackGold: We may neer get the truth

Noname: @Spectra my analogy came from you after I thought about it

Spectra: @Noname expect negative reports before A re installment of dinar!

Noname: @Spectra true

Spectra: @Noname that’s how they roll look at kuwait!
Spectra: @BlackGold we wont know your right
Spectra: They Are Planning On Dumping Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Into Ocean
Spectra: thats really wrong

Spectra: pretty sick stuff!

Noname: @Spectra brietling had a interesting analogy on his call yesterday. Iraq really only has oil to depend on. With the world oil prices coming down because of the US Iraq has no choice but to raise there value. And soon

Spectra: @Noname in a simplistic terms ! yes! i agree!
Spectra: Do it or fail They will be bankrupted if they don’t!

Noname: @Spectra in a round about way that what he was saying
Spectra: good

Noname: @Spectra we the US because of fracking has changed the world. The middle East is losing control and they know it

Noname: @Spectra we the US because of fracking has changed the world. The middle East is losing control and they know it
Spectra: so it seems to be!

Noname: @Spectra it’s about time
Noname: @Spectra after Trump went over there prices are still declining

Spectra: but a last year i read the new energy is going to made from silica from sand!Turning Sand into fuel – Silicon oil as an energy carrier

Spectra: @Noname now if this new energy is made that would make the middle east countries very wealthy in the future!

Noname: @Spectra death valley here we come

BlackGold: That funny Fukushima Dumping heavy water and the US bought about 30 ton of heavy water from Iran. Nice

Spectra: @Noname i found this out last year
Spectra: @BlackGold yeh they need to stop with the nuke energy

BlackGold: They could have got it free

Noname: @Spectra I haven’t heard of it. Thanks

Spectra: @Noname i spread this around last year but no one payed attention to it!

Noname: @BlackGold more Obama bs
Noname: @Spectra I must not have

Spectra: Sand may be the answer to storing solar energy

Spectra: I am going to invest in this


Noname: @Spectra well that would put them back in the game

Spectra: yes and those countries know whats coming thats why they will invest in iraq

Spectra: and saudi arabia probubly has the most sand
Spectra: even though there oil running out they dont seem worried do they=no !

Noname: @Spectra all of north Africa

Spectra: @Noname true!

Spectra: @Noname alright im off too relax .! you all have a good evening!

BlackGold: saudi arabia isn’t worried because they will attack Yemen because they found out Yemen has oil They also know Qatar has oil and Uranium and will be attacked also. its already started

Spectra: @BlackGold yeh well they are all a bunch of creeps!-lol goodnight too much thinking too makes me grumpy!

Pizzaman: Hello peeps any sign of an RV? Im so tired

xyz: Frank missed that the content been around since @ least march 2016


xyz: Not new

Pizzaman: Peeps take a look at this site apparently they’ve activated master cards for citizens to use in and outside of iraq. Can they do international at 1184?

TWW: @Pizzaman wheres the link??

TWW: @Pizzaman I C

Pizzaman: xyz you may be right but its mid July half the years over somethings got to be up brother.?

Meatball: Master card in Iraq is nothing new

?Pizzaman: I know but something tells me were close like in days. Otherwise its 2018

hornat: @Pizzaman please explain a little more about the Master cards for citizens

Meatball: @Pizzaman what is telling you in days?

TWW: @Pizzaman My friend Arty Johnson would say ‘…very interesting…’ No Me At what rate??No mention

Meatball: the country is in ruins, days after Mosul and magically there suppose to Rv???

Pizzaman: I have no guru crystal ball but when i smoke my cuban cigar it makes me wise and i feel like it cant go on any longer

hornat: @Pizzaman ,maybe apart of CNN cashless

Pizzaman: Dinner time see u in one hour friends

Meatball: see you on here next month

Pizzaman: Haha

Pizzaman: No c u in hour

Meatball: and you will see everyone on here next month

hornat: @Pizzaman I read about people placing their foriegn currnecy in a bank held as the foriegn currency, I have not been able to find a bank that does this.. anyone heard about being able to do this!

Meatball: I would not let any currency that I own out of my sight or possession

RickeyT: @Pizzaman Tman stated that.

hornat: @Pizzaman sorry as I’m sure you know I ment foreign currencies

Meatball: what is the advantage to doing this?

RickeyT: @Meatball none

hornat: @Meatball thinking it would be easyer to trade once rv

Meatball: @hornat be careful what you read
Meatball: 90 percent regarding all of this is BS

hornat: @Meatball faster already set up in the bank for conversion just getting on line and

Meatball: nobody can say how or if any of this will be conducted
Meatball: or how banks will approach any of this

Meatball: believe what you want

RickeyT: Buy 30 chickens and 3 roosters, then you can at least eat chicken and eggs

hornat: @Meatball I read about this in a sight set up for doing trading in the maket using many different currency to do trades from one bank and later seen others talking about it in chat.

Meatball: @hornat and are they trading the dinar?

hornat: @Meatball I’m asking you and others if you have heard of anyone doing this.. because I couldn’t find a bank

hornat: @Meatball well that pushed everyone else out of the conversation.
hornat: @Meatball cant find a bank not back

Meatball: lucky if you can find a bank willing to deal or discuss the dinar
Meatball: few and far between
hornat: @Meatball hmm’

RickeyT: Look for a international bank that exchanges foreign currency. Iraq is a exotic currency so call and ask before you go.

Meatball: ask yourself this…. how much would a bank make of the dinar at present?

hornat: @RickeyT hmm
RickeyT: Kuwait is exotic also

hornat: @RickeyT yeah I have .. but when I find that is seems most have to be set up in their country and I also read that there are a couple that will do this in the USA

Meatball: such as?
hornat: @RickeyT iraqi
hornat: @RickeyT iraq
hornat: @Meatball iraq
Meatball: Iraq what?

hornat: @RickeyT yeah
hornat: @Meatball you were asking what countries right?

RickeyT: Most large citys will have a exchange bank. Call the exchanges at the airport and ask who they do business with.

hornat: @RickeyT thanks for that Idea

Meatball: exchanges at airports will rake you over in charges for any dealings
Meatball: part of there business

hornat: @RickeyT i figured they might

Meatball: why do you think they set up there

RickeyT: @Meatball but where do they exchange at?
RickeyT: @Meatball who do they do their daily banking with?

Meatball: let me ask this….. why is everyone talking about exchanging?

Meatball: tell me what has changed?

RickeyT: @Meatball I am broke and need to sell some dinar to pay bills.

Meatball: if anything
Meatball: @RickeyT contact Dinar Inc.
Meatball: @RickeyT know many who have had easy transactions with them

Meatball: on various currencys

Meatball: fast turn around time to from what I was told

hornat: @Meatball I’m just looking for anyone that might know someone that knows something about setting up accounts that will hold foreign currencies as the foreign currencies until someone is ready to trade it in for another type of currency

hornat: @Meatball RickeyT just giving me ideas on contact thats all

Meatball: @hornat not just seeing it on here ,,, but on a few different places

hornat: @Meatball not sure what you mean

hornat: @Meatball yes I have seen people talking about doing it but I have search for a while now and have not been able to find a bank .

hornat: @Meatball thats why I’m talking about it!
hornat: @Meatball hoping to come accross someone that might have know where to go
hornat: @RickeyT thanks for input advice

Meatball: @hornat I am talking about all this talk about folks getting ready to exchange

Meatball: @hornat like its gonna happen in days
hornat: @RickeyT who said it
hornat: @RickeyT I cant see who said it

Acerginnala: Island1211 had a great post on Recaps today. His take on it is later this summer and he has some solid reasons for it. I think we are close, but not days away close. But hopefully, I am WRONG!


Tebow: @MB “it’s going to happen in days”. Really?

Meatball: @Tebow what folks are believing

Meatball: like I asked what changed?
Tebow: don’t stop believing

Meatball: whats to believe in ?… this is economics
Tebow: soon, in the coming days, early 2017,

Meatball: all the prayers in the world wont change a rate
Meatball: early 2017??? were half way through the year

Tebow: point is no one really knows when. We can only hope…..

Meatball: @Tebow glad someone sees it for what it is

Tebow: been with this since 04 I’ve seen this all many times before. It wild happen when it does

hornat: @Acerginnala Island1211 are you talking about this ~ The RV needs, IMO, in this order: 1) Mosul (and then Raqqa) 2) National Reconciliation Law 3) Day of Celebration for getting rid of ISIS and coming together politically 4) HCL 5) RV with no announcement nor fanfare Read more at:

Acerginnala: @HornatHere is the Link


Meatball: @Tebow I have spent my time over there and have seen all of this come and go…. and still have my dealings with folks over there… nothing is gaununteed in any of this

hornat: @Acerginnala thanks

hornat: @Acerginnala :ty:
hornat: @Meatball who said it was going to happen in days

Meatball: @hornat plenty of folks are believing it on sites and fourms

hornat: @Meatball hmm so you were trying to get people to talk more on it

Meatball: @hornat my question is what are folks basing there conclusion on??? info off of recaps and guru sites?
Meatball: see where that gets you
Meatball: there track record speaks for itself

hornat: @Meatball ok

Meatball: folks can believe what they want to…. up to them…. so is the disappointment
hornat: @Meatball I seen who it was that had been saying stuff.. I was talking with that person earlier

Pizzaman: Yo Yo Meatball just finished a large tbone steak with shimp with veggies feeling good as I resume my stogie. Did we RV yet my brother

Meatball: its an open forum here all opinions are welcomed
Pizzaman: Meatballwh res your stogie

Meatball: @Pizzaman phone aint ringing so I would say no
Pizzaman: Haha good answer

Meatball: trust me I am not sitting around waiting


Pizzaman: You know I feel like something is gonna happen in July
eatball: like what?
hornat: @Pizzaman :good

Pizzaman: Christine our friend over at the IMF 2 years ago said 7 is the magic number. Do u remember? She was sending a message to the world July 2017. IMO its been planned for a long time. Maybe Monday if 7 17 17 or anytime this month. Why else we she say such a ridiculous thing. Its the month of July 2017 isis is done Iraq is in shambles and there currency is worth 1 1000th of a penny. Just my view

Meatball: Really??…. 7 ? magic numbers?

Pizzaman: After 7 plus years ive never felt better about this investment
Pizzaman: Brother its time to smile. Wheres your stogie?
Pizzaman: Just trying to cheer you up
Pizzaman: Besides your the stogie man Right?

Meatball: I really don’t need cheering up, nothing to be bummed out about
Meatball: like I said …this is all economics… nothing more

Pizzaman: Whats your business associates saying? I know you have business over there

Meatball: only thing I talk about with the folks I know over there is about up coming work and the security situation

Pizzaman: That cant afford to wait any longer. ISIS and Iran are waiting for Abadi to slip up
RickeyT: I really really need this to happen, the light bulb in my refrigerator burned out…..

Pizzaman: Ricky T ur a funny guy
Pizzaman: If they wait to 2018 were screwed
Meatball: how are we screwed?

RickeyT: @Pizzaman it means that we have been lied to for many years and still refuse to look at things logically

Meatball: bout sums it up

Pizzaman: Ricky logic says we should of never got into this investment in the first place
RickeyT: @Pizzaman yep
RickeyT: @Pizzaman that is what most tell me

Pizzaman: Yup
Pizzaman: Ricky Ive read every article till im blue in the face. Its now or never for Iraq
Pizzaman: Meatball wheres your stogie
Pizzaman: Im enjoying mine
Meatball: finished mine off after dinner
Meatball: way to hot out on the porch for it

RickeyT: @Pizzaman I roll my own…..
Pizzaman: Ricky you’re a smart man

Pizzaman: Lets just hope and pray we get what we came for soon?

Meatball: hope everyone comes out of this well off…. and I hope they use it wisely
Meatball: the old careful what you wish for scenario

Pizzaman: Absofreakinlutely Meatball

hornat: @Meatball so what does anyone think about the thing that has been stated that if we have and preoject we can get a better rate..

hornat: @Meatball humanitarian project or investment plan
hornat: @Meatball also I see where some are telling us to not sign a gag requirement to get the rate or to even exchange ?

Meatball: @hornat the rate will be what is established…. not the nonsense the gurus talk about

hornat: @Pizzaman so what does anyone think about the thing that has been stated that if we have and preoject we can get a better rate..

Meatball: @hornat and who said there would be a so called gag agreement?
Meatball: no bank will give you more then what a currency is worth

hornat: @Meatball some of these gurus when talking with others on a radio show were stating that when they get the 800 number to set up time and place for exchange they also told them to not be suckered into signing a gag .. because it is only a way for them to have a contract for such a thing and they could take you to court if you talk about your rate and what ever was written in the contract you signed.. they could take your money through legal system

hornat: @Meatball they stated that the gov it giving better rates to people that have a humanitarian project or investment plan in place.

Meatball: @hornet where is the proof
hornat: @Meatball you mean from me.. ?
Meatball: from them

hornat: @Meatball I sort of thought it was a load of …
Meatball: @hornat you are correct

Meatball: @hornat I have been in this a long time and have heard all the BS that got tossed out

hornat: @Meatball so I stopped listening to them.. started thinking that alot of people out there might be plottign to find ways to take others money from them .

Meatball: @hornat and this is why I make the statements that I do, and why this site was founded

Meatball: @hornat my advice for what its worth… hang on to your currency, don’t let it out of your hands and live life

hornat: @Meatball so glad to hear from others , what I have been thinking for a long time.. this is why I have not wanted to talk with people in sights

Meatball: @hornat don’t be betting your life around any of this
Meatball: @hornat nothing is certain, regardless of who says it
hornat: @Meatball okay .. thanks..

Meatball: @hornat all a roll of the dice and opinions
Meatball: @hornat if something ever happens,,, trust me you will find out

hornat: @Meatball… I have not had anyone to talk with about this in year … been just waiting quitely …

Meatball: @hornat best way to be
Meatball: @hornat this is a good site…. a lot of good folks on here
Meatball: @hornat plenty who have been in this and seen it all and plenty of good discussions

hornat: @Meatball but I have wanted to talk a little bit .. about the banks … and the other things I talked about tonight .

Meatball: @hornat ask all you want.. that’s why this site was started
Meatball: nothing is really off limits in here

hornat: @Meatball … maybe someone else might have answers … we shall see… I plan on coming back to this sight again..

Meatball: @hornat just be cautious on who you choose to deal with

hornat: @Meatball who started it, is it listed
hornat: @Meatball .. I will do my best to be careful.. have tried to keep a low profile

Meatball: not really sure… I came on here shortly after its inception and its really the only one I use ….. besides Sergio’s site

hornat: @Meatball not wanting to draw to much attention to my self.. signing up to talk in here was a huge step for me to take.. I have just try to dig and read stuff only for years.. but lately It seems like we might be getting ready for something to happen soon’

Meatball: @hornat if this ever does happen, life will not be the same for any of us and everything will change… even how folks look at you

Meatball: @hornat the potential for Iraq to prosper is undoubtly there, for it to happen remains to be seen
Meatball: @hornat time will tell the story

hornat: @Meatball yeap and I’m truely worry about that..because even some family members will be like that.. and I can honestly say I really don’t know how I’m going to recieve them down the road..

Meatball: @hornat two side to this coin definitely

hornat: @Meatball sad but true.
hornat: @Meatball yes
hornat: @Meatball oh I almost forgot to bring up another issue that has my interest
hornat: @Meatball irrevokable trust

RickeyT: @hornat that means that you will not be able to touch your money, take a class now on financial management

hornat: @Meatball I have seen were the rich and elite use them to protect their riches
hornat: @Meatball have you taken a class

Meatball: @hornat my opinion… and its just that … something to research and look into but not something to jump into right at this second…. seems like there are a few cons going around at the moment regarding them

Meatball: @hornat just my thoughts
hornat: @Meatball oh okay

Meatball: @hornat I am suspicious of anyone telling me this is what I have to do with my money

hornat: @Meatball i have some reservations on it my self, that is why I brought it up .

Meatball: @hornat for it to be safe

hornat: @Meatball what do you think about the dollar crashing and
hornat: @Meatball or dieing

Meatball: @hornat Vic touched on this subject on his last cc call…. was pretty good
hornat: @Meatball whos Vic

hornat: @Meatball do they do it in this sight
Meatball: @hornat Gatekeepers call
hornat: @Meatball is it a radio talk show

Meatball: @hornat see if I can find the link for you
hornat: @Meatball okay
Meatball: hang on
hornat: @Meatball found it

Meatball: the last one was a 2 part call… worth a listen, esp part 2

hornat: @Meatball how long is it

Meatball: I am not a big fan of cc calls but Vic talks sense and is pretty down to earth as far as his thoughts
Meatball: @hornat lol… clear your schedual

hornat: @Meatball i called the number and it told me that the host has not arrived yet and to call again later

Meatball: @hornat its got some length to it
Meatball: @hornat do you see the IQDCalls link to the right of your screen?

hornat: @Meatball yes
hornat: @Meatball is that a link to vic ?

?hornat: @Meatball wow this sight has it all .. all the links and it is opened

Meatball: and they don’t ask anyone for any kind on money

hornat: @Meatball so should i listen to 1 or 2 onthe issue i ask you about earlier

Meatball: I would suggest part 2 for your intrest
hornat: @Meatball thanks

Meatball: it was discussed

Meatball: @hornat your welcome
Meatball: @hornat research is your best friend in all of this

hornat: @Meatball best advice ..

Meatball: @hornat I believe it will make or break folks in this and life
Meatball: @hornat a lot of us are on here Sunday night, usually pretty busy in here , stop by and jump in

hornat: @Meatball about what time
hornat: @Meatball Knowledge is powerful.
hornat: @Meatball i will try thanks for all your help!

Meatball: @hornat any time… usually kicks in around 6 or 7… plenty of laughs

hornat: @Meatball so its a lot of talking like we are doing here.. but at a faster rate>
hornat: @Meatball because alot of people are talking at once?
Meatball: @hornat somewhat… a lot of subjects get brought up and discussed

Meatball: @hornat a lot of goofing off to lol
hornat: @Meatball I will try to be in ..
Meatball: @hornat sounds good take care !!

hornat: @Meatball oh so I can bring up some of the things I talked about tonight and see what they might say on the issues

hornat: @Meatball ok make it a great night!


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