Investment Opportunity: Producing Gas Oil from Heavy Fuel Oil

The Ministry of Electricity has announced an investment opportunity to build a plant on a BOT basis to produce gas oil from heavy fuel oil in Al Musayab gas turbine station.

Tender No. MOE- HQ11/ 2017

Tender subject : constructing a plant 3200 m³ / day of heavy fuel oil

Closing date : Sunday 10.09.2017

Time : 12:00 pm Baghdad local time

Estimated cost : (6,5 dollar/ barrel) for produced gas oil.

The interested parties requested to attend MOE Headquarter – Investment and Contracts office/ Tenders Section in Al- Mansour District – Baghdad / Alnaqabat Street to get the investment opportunity documents against non refundable amount of (500,000) ID five hundred thousand Iraqi Dinar to be paid against a receipt with valid official authorization letter of the interested party.
The Technical, commercial and financial offers shall be submitted in three separated stamped sealed envelopes one for technical the second for commercial containing price depend on section 4 from the document and the third containing financing offer , you have to write on it :address including (website, e mail address, authorized person’s name and phone number) presented offer should be true and correct without additions or correction written with Arabic language stamped by company stamp on all pages .
You may submit your offer by hand or by DHL (offers sent by email will be rejected) to Ministry of Electricity, headquarter, Investment and Contracts office/ Tenders Section in Al- Mansour District – Baghdad not later than the dead line on Sunday 10.09.2017 before 12:00 pm Baghdad local time, if the day of closing date is holiday, the next day will be the closing date.
Winner bidder bears the cost of advertisement and any related cost if any.
MOE has the right to choose the appropriate offers regardless of the offered price.
Technical and commercial proposals not substantially responsive will be neglected.
Any question, explanation do not hesitate to contact or call Mobile 07901935786
Source: Iraq-Business News

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