Made-in-Vi?t Nam giant cranes exported to India

The second batch of made-in-Vi?t Nam ship-to-shore cargo container cranes is headed to India.

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The Times: Washington plans to assassinate the President of North Korea

A US plot to assassinate North Korean President Kim Jong-un,

South Korean

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Obama costs the US Treasury more than $ 1 million a year

WASHINGTON – The annual cost of living for former US President Barack Obama in 2018 will be

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UN says Iran complying with nuclear deal

Iran remains in compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, a UN atomic watchdog report showed Thursday, even … Read More

Iran: 5 days to enrich uranium to the level of nuclear weapons

Baghdad News –

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran will need only five days … Read More

The solar eclipse is costing millions of dollars to American companies

NEW YORK (Reuters) – US companies and employers are expected to lose $ 694 million on Monday … Read More

Saudi Arabia, Iraq draw closer with wary eye on Iran

It was an unusual meeting: an Iraqi Shiite Muslim cleric openly hostile to the United States sat … Read More

America: Hajim al-Hassani, the next prime minister

Baghdad / Sky Press:

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Saudi Prince “asked for Iraq’s Mediation for ties with Iran”

Iraqi Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji (pictured) has said that Saudi Prince Mohammad bin-Salman has “officially asked Iraq … Read More

Saudi Arabia and Iraq to re-open border crossing after 27 years


Saudi Arabia and Iraq plan to open the Arar border crossing for trade for the first … Read More