Saudi statement reveals the most important was the “meeting” King Salman Abadi

BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

A statement issued after the meeting with the Saudi monarch, King Salman bin … Read More

Moscow is unable to resolve the fate of al-Baghdadi

BAGHDAD / Sky Press:

An official at the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that Moscow is … Read More

Oil settles near the lowest level in seven months

Oil markets have stabilized near the lowest level in seven months on Tuesday as investors focused on

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Russia threatens to down U.S. jets in Syria

Russia has drawn a red line after the U.S. shot down a Syrian warplane.

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Iraqi PM Abadi heads to Saudi Arabia at start of MidEast tour

Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi headed on Monday to Saudi Arabia, the first leg of a Middle … Read More

Russian Defense published an image of the air strike that targeted al-Baghdadi

{International: Euphrates News} The Russian Defense Ministry on Friday to publish a photo air strike that targeted … Read More

Urgent injury Republican in the US Congress after being shot in Virginia

Injury after being shot in the Virginia Republican in the US Congress
{International: Euphrates News} reported US … Read More

High oil prices with Saudi Arabia’s exports drop

il prices rose with the start of trading on Tuesday, due to signs of declines in US … Read More

PM Abadi visits Saudi Arabia Wednesday, Gulf crisis on agenda

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will visit Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for a meeting with King Salman … Read More

Australia prevent the entry of Muslims into its territory ..!

Called on the Australian Senator controversial Pauline Hanson Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull seriously consider a proposal

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