Gold prices today

Gold prices today

The average price of gold today with money markets in Iraq in Iraqi dinar

Unit Iraqi dinar United States dollar

The price of gold 24 caliber 47,475 dinars $ 40.20

The price of gold 22 caliber 43,520 dinars $ 36.85

The price of gold 21 caliber 41,542 dinars

18K Gold Price: 35,607 JOD

The price of 14 karat gold is 27,694 dinars

The price of gold 12 caliber 23,738 dinars $ 20.10

OZY Gold Prices

The price of gold is 332,336 dinars

Price of Kilo Gold 47,475,441 JD

Last updated gold prices today in Iraq on Saturday, April 01, 2017 12:09 AM Iraq time

Source: Cbi

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