The MasterCard services are now going to allow the Master Card transactions not only inside of Iraq but outside of Iraq.

This is a first…we have been waiting for this to happen.

IMO, we don’t believe that this can happen at a program rate of 1184.

We are strongly opinionated that this requires a new exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar.

If they are activating their MasterCard right now outside of their country, then they have to have a rate.

The activation of many things are occurring right now.

Our friend who has businesses there said it all had to be done before the 21st…it is.

The speed of Monetary Reform is at a completely different light.

The CBI said in January that they were not ready to go International…but Alaq  has made it very clear that he is now ready to do this.

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny)

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