Those who had come to DC had gone home or were going home…other meetings would happen in Iraq now.

Article: ”5-day vacation by force in Iraq ~ Iraq TradeLink News Agency”

Well this seems to be a big announcement out of the norm…usually they have a 3-day holiday but they are indicating a 5-day event this time…and…this does not appear to be a coincidence.

Our TEAMS fascinated about this abnormality…and yes we are all on the same page about this holiday as well as a rate.

According to I-TEAM…they have seen inside the 2017 Iraqi budget and it is full of funds and projects…

So if the budget is to be seen…the NEW RATE has to be in the budget, it would be illogical at this point if it would not show up.

What is next to be watching for…?

Look for the UN to make an announcement before the budget …we believe this very strongly.

[What do you believe happened at the meetings in DC and why is the announcement (5-day holiday) after the meetings?]

The Foreign Reserves of the budget were funded, gas prices are to go up, there was a commitment of the private sector investments.

[All this means is that Iraq is a point of no return.]

Correct…no turning back, no delay, no change of positions…etc…etc…

[I’ll say here that the rate you see coming out will go up almost immediately.]

Inside of 76 days…yes…then things will be frozen for a bit.

[I like the fact too that many big people like this month.]

So for the remainder of this month we are on HIGH ALERT.

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