Federal Court: The President of the Republic cannot veto the budget or any law 


Previous documents obtained by Mawazine News issued by the Federal Supreme Court on the non-eligibility of the Presidency of the Republic to return to Parliament or veto.

The documents issued by the Court on 8/4/2009 show that “the President of the Republic elected at future sessions, after the 2010 elections, is not entitled to use the veto or to return the laws to Parliament according to Article 72 of the Constitution.”

According to the document signed by the current President of the Federal Supreme Court Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, the infallible cannot be re-budgeted to parliament.

The legal expert Tariq Harb, on Tuesday, the decision of President Fuad Masoum on the rejection of the budget loss of legal and constitutional value, indicating that infallible does not have the right to restore any law to parliament at all.

The President of the Republic, Fouad Masoum, on Tuesday, refused to approve the budget of 2018 and returned to the House of Representatives with a view to reviewing its content, claiming the existence of 31 articles contrary to the legislation in force.

Source: Mawazin News

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