KarenK: This is what Rex Tillerson says: Investment in Iraq is critical to avoid ISIS’ return
By CAROL MORELLO | The Washington Post | Published: February 13, 2018
KUWAIT CITY — Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Tuesday declared IRAQ OPEN FOR BUSINESS and urged governments and investors to help rebuild the country or risk seeing a return of the Islamic State.
Tillerson said the U.S. Export-Import Bank would sign a memo that would facilitate financing for $3 billion in American goods and services. He listed several large U.S. corporations that already have deals with Iraq totaling $2 billion, and he lauded the investment opportunities.
That is far less than the $88 billion Iraq needs to restore basic water and power and rebuild schools destroyed during ISIS’ reign over vast swaths of Iraq and Syria. And it is unlikely that the conference will net Iraq anywhere near that sum.
Tillerson said the conference was not about donating but about “understanding” the business opportunities available.
DR. CLARKE (2-14-18) – KAREN K:
Have you figured out WHY we basically said nothing was going to happen BEFORE or DURING the Kuwait Conference, even though EVERYONE ELSE (Intel Providers) were yelling at the top of their lungs, on Calls, Blogs, Sites & so-called Studies, for the past few weeks?
We’ll tell you NOW, because now you’ll see it, the way we “SEE” it, since we’re Now Today, on the other side of it (since nobody else has told you THIS about the Kuwait shindig, and what’s REALLY going on……so far, but us:
“The Kuwait Conference was set up a long time ago, just to be used primarily as a “Worldwide Public Advertising Tool”, to give Iraq a “Publicly Justified Reason”, on a worldwide scale, to FINALLY substantially increase the value of their currency, the Dinar……soon afterward……& JUSTIFY IT.
Yes in Kuwait, they collected a few funds (chump change), and ate a few hot dogs together, finalized and signed a few deals……FINALIZED……But:
It’s the type of deal, where they can NOW say, after they raise the value, “Hey, we did everything else that we could do up to this point, including calling the world in to invest & contribute, so out of desperation, we finally had to do the ONLY thing left to do – Raise our currency value, for the good of Iraq & it’s people.” – something to that affect.
HOW? They can NOW SHOW PUBLICLY, that they’ve done EVERYTHING POSSIBLE, to get the necessary funding to rebuild and re-establish their country monetarily, from all OUTSIDE sources – and have come up way Short, in terms of what they need.
This is now Public, for the World to see. It is NOW Fact……since the official liberation of Mosul over 8 months ago, and Iraq’s Officially PUBLIC Country Liberation & Celebration, a couple months ago at the end of the year.

Thus, NOW, they can justify in the World’s Viewpoint, a substantial currency increase in value, in order to move the country fully into the physical healing, it requires.
So, when the rate jumps overnight (suddenly, so to speak), Iraq can now justify it Publicly,in every way possible……and it won’t look to the World, like another “Insider Money Scam”, coming out of a country with a history full of Political Monetary Corruption – at least not as much.
They now have a Factual, Documented, Publicly Justifiable reason, to do what they’re about to do.
Keep Watching & Listening to the U.S. over the next few days.
We showed you last post, WHAT & WHEN…..
From Dr. Clarke’s lofty view…..One flew over the Coo Coo’s Nest.
Dr. Clarke
P.S. Plus, O I L …….is booming – Here, There & Everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Your $$$$$$$$.
Is this all “WAY TOO IL-LOGICAL” for Comfort?
We want to add a new, important word to our repertoire: “INSANE”
It’s about to get MORE insanely “IL-LOGICALLY INSANE”.
Excerpt from2-12-18
DR. CLARKE (2-12-18):   We told you (WHAT & WHEN) was NOT going to happen, even though EVERY major Intel Provider (EVERYONE else – printed articles, conference calls, blogs, websites) was, printing and speaking about it this past week or 2, and in fact we’ve been showing and leading you up to this, since our first post in January 2018…….actually since last July 2017……despite so many injecting their own, personal meaning into everything….without Us EVER saying RV RV RV!
We ARE telling you WHAT & WHEN – IS about to Happen…..
AND, we fully expect that NOBODY GETS OUT OF FEBRUARY, 2018, Without the Prize!……if they choose.
AGAIN, as said in last week’s Post – we’re fully engaged, focused, and pinpointing the activities between, FEB. 15 – 19th, 2018, as MAJOR……..and the “Process” will spread throughout the END of February……….and into March, with increasing benefit. Read carefully.
We’re very Optimistic & Expectant……& Direct.
DID WE GIVE YOU AN RV DATE?……that’s for you to decide, and it always has been. (RV is a questionable definition, and not ours)
The Steps must happen in order……EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE, FROM WHAT’S IT’S BEEN FOR SOOOOO LONG!………in February.
Are you watching the U.S – What is Said & Done……already?
Pay Attention!

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