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jeffjane says to subgirl():I vote rcookie should give IRAQ the answer to the top 10.

jeffjane says to subgirl():Oh, and when they should get er done

Josie says():”CBI announces direct work in the electronic system to sell the dollar” Is this a mechanism to REPLACE the auctions ?
Okie Dinar says to subgirl():(y)
Josie says():referencing Diagy 1st post above

Josie says to Okie Dinar():Ok thanks. IF it is, it has been my understanding that that would be game over … 🙂

Pablo says to Josie():You may be right.

rcookie says():Cabinet agrees to reduce fees for the electricity plants of the private sector

Il Giornale The Cabinet decided, reducing the wages of electricity commercial, industrial and agricultural lines, as approved by the Council, by the Ministry of Industry to return the remaining funds from the Rehabilitation Committee Anbar province projects to the Ministry of Finance.

According to the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi statement Tuesday that “hold its regular, headed by Chairman of the Board of the Council Haider al-Abadi, During the meeting, informed the Council of Ministers on the results of a key visit to the Turkish and Jordanian ministers and their delegations and produced it.”

The statement added, “It was also a financial grant from Kuwait to discuss the establishment of projects and humanitarian aid and sheltering the displaced and to issue guidance about them,” he discuss the provision of school buildings for students to meet the annual needs, as well as finding solutions to them in the liberated areas and others. ”

With regard to the issue of displaced persons, which is one of the important topics of the government, Alorza Council devoted part of today’s meeting for discussion, where he presented the Minister of Immigration report on the displaced and their numbers and what is presented to them and the measures taken to provide possible services to them in addition to health services.

The Cabinet approved, the amendment to the religious school system (2) for the year 1993, according to the Cabinet decision No. 58 of 2016.

The Council also approved, by the Ministry of Industry to return the remaining funds from the Rehabilitation Committee Anbar province projects to the Finance Ministry by the re-financing of the Inbar support to restore stability.

And to encourage the private sector, reducing the wages of the Council of Ministers of Electricity commercial, industrial and agricultural lines

Josie says to rcookie():”CBI announces direct work in the electronic system to sell the dollar” Is this a mechanism to REPLACE the auctions ?

rcookie says():Edit important government buildings in Mosul, including Acer ‘s Investment Authority and Nineveh Electricity

Author: AT Editor: AT 10/01/2017 20:52 Number of Views: 333
Long-Presse / Nineveh  Declared war media cell, Tuesday, liberalization of a number of important government buildings in the left side of Mosul, including telecommunications and postal services complex and Investment Authority, indicating that the operation resulted in burdening the organization (Daesh) great losses in lives and equipment.

The commander of the operations ” are coming Aaninoy,” Lt. Gen. Abdul – Amir Rashid Aarallah, in a statement, received a (long – Presse), a copy of it, ” The anti – terrorism forces in control of communications and mail Nineveh and Building Investment Authority and the Directorate of Nineveh , electricity and building the internal security services compound in the left side of the city of Mosul. ”

rcookie says():Mayor of Mosul reveals for “Sputnik” proportion “Daesh losses”
ARAB WORLD 01/10/2017 21:43 (Updated 21:59 01/10/2017) Copy the link 0 30 0 0

Declared Mayor of the city of Mosul, Hussein Hajim, in a statement to correspondent “Sputnik” in Iraq, said on Tuesday that Iraqi forces liberated more than 75% of the left coast to the center of Nineveh, northern Iraq, from the control of the organization “Daesh” terrorist.

Hajim says, “The organization” Daesh “is in a state of collapse we have not seen before, and the fact this delightful, so that the march aircraft no longer see the movement of the elements of the organization and the collapsed defeated on the left coast.”

He Hajim, that the remainder of the organization “Daesh” on the left coast of Mosul, only “old center” featuring subfamily areas, and the university, and “Garage” North, Canadian facility, and a complex circuit that passes by way of the four bridges, a few parties of Sumer neighborhood east of the city.

© AFP 2016 / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE Iraqi forces free of significant sites “Daesh” in Mosul He continued, that these remaining areas of the presence of the “Daesh” encircled by Iraqi forces from four sides, on the left coast, which is almost entirely editor.

He concluded Hajim, that the organization of “Daesh” suffered heavy losses, and that the troops advancing in the second phase of liberalization Left Coast operations, so that Aldoaash are no longer as they were at the beginning of the battle “coming, Nineveh,” Ahajon forces Palmfajkhat bombardment, because of the total their collapse and the control of semi It ended completely since Monday, and Tuesday.

The commander of operations “are coming, Nineveh,” Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir Rashid Aarallah, it had announced earlier in the evening of Tuesday, the anti-terrorism forces in control of communications and mail Nineveh circles Complex, and the building of the Investment Authority, and the Directorate of Nineveh, electricity and building internal security in the side It left the city of Mosul, from the control of the organization “Daesh” terrorist.

Aarallah said, in a statement received “send us a copy of it, that troops have raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings after the incurrence of the” Daesh “loss of life and equipment.

These sites were, of the most important and most prominent organization dens “Daesh” on the left coast of the city of Mosul, which is witnessing continuous progress of Iraqi forces backed by tribal members and the international coalition against terrorism.

It is worth mentioning that the operations “are coming, Nineveh, to” liberate the province and position the connector from the control of the organization “Daesh” terrorist, where Iraqi forces have made progress and the big wins will continue until the moment, since the first day of its launch in October / October 2016 17

rcookie says():Local investors in Basra , more than foreign financial delaying projects!

Il Giornale Basra – Journal News Director of the board of investment of the province of Basra on the Gaspe end announced receipt of requests for wanting the nomination to the post of managing the Authority Investment Basra province and members of the membership of the Authority to the private and public sector, noting that applications for the position of Vice-President of the Commission has been received and handed over to the governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui formal request.

“The Gaspe that according to the mechanism established by the national body was to invest candidates are selected by the province and are selected three names and submit them to the National Audit body was later returned to the province to be sent to the purpose of the provincial council for ratification.

“The number of applicants is ten names of candidates has been completed introduction, revealing that the national body was ratified the representative of the private sector after ordering an administrative by the governor of Basra to the appointment of Dr. Thaer Abdul-Zahra Basra Times Project Manager Square representatives from the private sector.

With regard to the problems experienced by the board to invest my Gaspe that currently the Authority can not promote a conference of investment and the like because they do not possess adequate allocations and this effect in more circles and not the body was only we currently rely on the cause of all the employees’ salaries for the purpose of continuity of work in the Authority.

Revealed director of the board of investment for “the existence of other obstacles relating to non-ratification by the Ministry of Finance on rents projects flying by the Authority or delayed ratification of the investment contracts as well, pointing out that he was submitting a proposal for local government of Basra approached the Ministry of Finance in the transfer of powers as in the Ministry of municipalities which is empowered conservatives authority to ratify the contract without returning to Baghdad.

rcookie says():In response to a question correspondent of Il Giornale issue of investment opportunities in the board of investment between the Gaspe that the number of opportunities that exist currently are about 189 postings on the website in the various sectors of opportunity, noting that Iraqi investors, numbering more than foreign investors where they invest substantial opportunities in The province .

To that, the member of the Basra Governorate Council and chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Provincial Council Ahmed al-Sulaiti through his interview with reporter Journal work to support all government departments, including the board of investment, stressing the need to keep the Authority from political conflicts because of their role in promoting investment opportunities.

Indicates investor Adel al-Moussawi that encourage domestic investment in Basra is important to the province of Basra, there are businesspeople, investors were able to do large projects, whether in Basra or the rest of the other Iraqi provinces and this is encouraging for investment factor in Basra with the large number of investment opportunities under the situation facing Iraq and the province Basra, where large tracts of land are located can be invested in a variety of important areas of the city.

On the other hand, met the President of the board of Basra Investment Engineer (Ali Gaspe Muhammad) delegation including Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Water Iranian Mr. (Bahram monarchy) and a representative of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Affairs of economic relations and the Union of Iranian energy companies and advisers on Tuesday to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the two sides the electricity and water sector.

Said Ali Gaspe Mohammed, Chairman of the board of Basra Investment The Iranian delegation expressed its willingness to assist and provide support in the electricity sector in the province of Basra and the readiness of Iranian companies to work to maintain through the establishment of private laboratories for electrical and piping of various kinds and pipes the GRP, which are characterized by high resistance to corrosion,

whether from home or abroad what makes it the first choice for use in coastal areas where soil salinity where high and features of these tubes light weight and ease of transport and rapid installation and resistance to rust and acids include the most important uses, sewage and seawater and desalinated water and industrial waste water transport, fire-fighting and cooling systems and irrigation systems and other industries.

Visiting the initial agreement to study the complete infrastructure for industrial zones investment has been during the meeting with the delegation in the province of Basra (southern and northern Alorcelli Alorcelli and the area behind the Zubair bridge) and processing of electrical energy through the establishment of investment projects in this vital sector.

rcookie says():Deputy: Abadi and security leaders hosted by the parliament next Aasbua (Details)
10-01-2017 07:59 PM Hits: 311  East News -He favored MP Bloc citizen rights activist Salim Chawki, Tuesday, hosting the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi and security leaders, in a session of parliament next week.

Shawki said in a statement , ‘East News’ received a copy of it, that “there are requests submitted to the House of Representatives on host security leaders next week to discuss the deteriorating security situation in Baghdad and the provinces.”

The statement pointed out that “host Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi also about the nomination of candidates for the vacant ministries names.”

jeffusa says to rcookie():ok if I put in a Mosul article?

jeffusa says():The Iraqi forces continue to advance in Mosul, killing at least 200 militants of so-called Islamic State (IS), including leaders, while recapturing more neighborhoods from the terrorist group, the army announced Tuesday.

A military squad advanced toward Mosul’s northern direction leading to Al-Seddiq, Sokar, and Nisan Seventh neighborhoods, liberating Sokar entirely and Nisan Seventh partially, and killing over 20 IS gunmen with the help of the international coalition warplanes, Lt.-Gen. Abdulamir Rashid Yarallah, Commander of “We Are Coming Nineveh” operation, said in a statement.

Another military squad advanced toward the southern direction leading to Al-Thobbat and Al-Maliya neighborhoods, liberating Al-Thobbat entirely and killing over 66 IS elements, Yarallah added.

jeffusa says():He also noted that Iraqi army units, backed by International coalition warplanes, were deplored to Mosul’s northern axis and were able to advance toward Al-Hadbaa and Nisan Seventh districts, liberating the two districts and killing around 25 terrorists.

Furthermore, Iraqi federal police forces, backed by the ninth armored division, were able to break through and recapture Al-Salam, Palestine, Sumer, Eastern Yarmaja, and Al-Saheroun neighborhoods from IS’s control, killing around 41 IS gunmen as a result, Yarallah said.

Meanwhile, Iraqi air force unites have launched several airstrikes on Mosul’s eastern coastal areas, including Tal Afar and Al-Hadar, killing 41 terrorists and destroying two car bombs, he added

jeffusa says():now attacking Mosul(north) from 3 sides…. also probing westward….
Okie Dinar says to jeffusa():(y) Thank you Jeff 🙂
jeffusa says to Okie Dinar():yw

rcookie says to jeffusa():THE MOSUL NEWS IS AWESOME!..
rcookie says():TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2017
Iraq, Jordan Trebiel outlet to open in 5 months, Premier
Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Jordanian Premier Hani al-Mulki disclosed that the border outlet Trebiel between Iraq and Jordan will be opened after five months.

?He disclosed that an agreement will be reached with a security company for the international highway connecting the two countries.

” Within the coming ten days, we will have contract with a security company to protect the highway, as well as removing custom tariffs”, he added.

Premier al-Mulki’s 2-day visit Iraq was regarded a move to support Iraq in its war against Da’ish (ISIS) organization.

jeffusa says():not going to bring this article but check the title out…
jeffusa says():Hundreds from western Mosul getting medical attention amid fight to retake Iraqi city
jeffusa says():notice Western Mosul…. nice… moving to the west… the western side is only 1/2 as big as the east..

rcookie says():Rafidain Bank announces increase to 75 million loans

Ali Salman 75 2017-01-10   Rafidain Bank, announced Tuesday, increasing the amount of loans granted to doctors of various specialties hitting 75 million dinars.

And today, the Bank said in a statement that “the Bank has decided to increase the amounts of various doctors loans General and dental clinics and veterinarians add to pharmacists.”

The Bank continues to slide as mentioned loan legal controls and safeguards which provides advanced grants 25 million dinar guarantee salary and employee of one sponsor, as well as a loan worth 25-40 million dinars and ensure sponsors number 2, in addition to granting 40-75 million dinars provided secure property.

jeffusa says to rcookie():money and Mosul…. things moving the right way
Doug_W says):yess Jeff

rcookie says):Iraqi judiciary

Eliminating stop financial thefts at 800 billion dinars permeated the electronic clearing system

Author: AR Editor: AR 10/01/2017 14:19 Long-Presse / Baghdad   Confirmed to achieve fairness in the court of Baghdad, on Tuesday, Alamsham off financial thefts government and private banks as a result of manipulation complicit staff through electronic clearing system, while suggesting to stop the disbursement of some 800 billion dinars.

The court revealed that the withdrawals of large sums of money under the instruments do not carry balances led to the bankruptcy of some banks, have shown that their actions contributed to address the imbalance and stop the disbursement of some 800 billion dinars.

He said the first court of inquiry integrity judge in Baghdad, Mohammed Salman said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, “the Iraqi judiciary and through the procedures dealt with electronic clearing problems for the work of banks, whether civil or government,” noting that “dealing with the system caused the loss of a lot of money as a result benefit from the breaches that were getting in. ”

Salman said that “how much he was stopped and prevent stolen during the last term of up to 800 billion dinars, both from the Rasheed Bank, or Mesopotamia, in coordination with the relevant authorities,” he said, adding “many accomplices staff arrests and long judicial rulings involved penalties reached sometimes life imprisonment. ”

He stressed the first court of inquiry integrity judge the importance of “electronic clearing for being very advanced systems being dealt Bmugea domestically and check all big positives for the Iraqi banking system not to manipulate the staff, leading to a theft.”

He Salman “The advanced system is used for several purposes the most important in the exchange of electronic instruments encoded ink magnetized and the work is done by keeping the original copy of the instrument in section depositor it and send a picture of it and its data to the public administration of the bank’s headquarters,” noting that “investigative procedures concluded cases opening current accounts, mostly among government banks free of the amounts required to be converted. ”

Salman pointed out that “the people will give the instruments to others for the purpose of dispensing may be, including an actual business deal or collusion with the drawer and the beneficiary of the instrument is checking in with their account in one of the private banks or government after receiving the value of the bank to send the instrument electronically to the drawer bank,” he said “duty is the responsibility of the bank to verify the fact that the drawer has a balance the amount of the instrument or not the notice of the drawee bank so.”

rcookie says():Salman and cautioned that “the notice must receive within three days. If elapsed without the receipt of the instrument Answer is considered accrued to the bank that offers him such an instrument, which is obliged to pay the amount.”

He stressed that “it is too long without access Answer is a sign of the bank’s payout verification instrument balance of the depositor and the bank has not get intercepted and that he would turn the amount required for later.”

He pointed out that “the gap is limited at this time that he used some of the staff of the accomplices of thieves looted public money.”

And the role of staff, said “they deliberately delay the delivery of the answer to the bank that gives the amounts that there is no sufficient balance the drawer,” noting that “it would retain a copy of the instrument and not to turn it into a current account until the end of the three-day period.”

Salman noted that “the part of the banks declared bankruptcy and closed its doors after falling prey to the mistakes of the electronic clearing through a very huge amounts of money stolen from their balances instruments are incorrect.”

For his part, the prosecutor finds in the presidency to resume Baghdad / Rusafa Judge Haidar Hisham that “crime will not be realized without the complicity gets from the employee responsible for the clearing of electronic bank robber who purports to drag him.”

Hisham said that “the judiciary turned to breaches in the system and the procedures taken against those responsible, whether thieves or corrupt officials.”

He revealed “measures recently taken by the court led to the adoption of a new mechanism which is not to launch any amount from the bank without making sure about the availability of a clear balance of the free instrument.”

It continues that “the recommendations of the President of the Federal Judiciary Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud judges come to the continuous follow-up of all the corruption and waste of public money and to avoid any loophole can get carried out, during which they looted and accomplices amounts Files”.

He pointed out the prosecutor to appeal to the Rusafa “integrity courts in Iraq is keen to sustain communication and coordination with all the competent authorities with the support of the banking system of Iraq to address any mistakes and to prevent the theft of the money in any way.”


jeffusa says):Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sleeping in suicide vest: US-led coalition
jeffusa says():we can only hope he has a bang up dream

Dr Dave says():They stopped the dispersement of 800 billion ….. wonder how much of the looted funds have they recovered so far|?
Dr Dave says():disbursement

clay says():hey guys no school here for 2 days now killing business need this RV
clay says():where is it
clay says():8-|
Dr Dave says():flashing on vBnk screens Clay
SRW says to clay():It’s Subby’s fault..
Dr Dave says():bank
clay says to Dr Dave():lol
clay says to SRW():I know right (lol)

rcookie says():The industry achieved the highest levels of the marketing and production of concentrated sulfuric

1/11/2017 0:00  BAGHDAD / morning   Furat State Company for Chemical Industries and pesticides have achieved one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals highest production and marketing of concentrated sulfuric substance levels and contracts are direct with the Directorate General for the production of electric energy / Central region to equip them in the quantities of raw materials for sulfuric acid.

The director of the Media Center at the Ministry Abdul Wahid al – Shammari said the company ‘s sales volume increased upward after increasing production of a substance sulfuric acid, which reached to the highest level in it ,

where production reached 1050 tons and this amount is realized for the first time in seven years , noting that the rate of evolution in production 69 percent, offset by a significant increase of sales, reaching 650 tons and bringing the total gain of the evolution in the marketing of the product to 92 percent for the period earned and similar her for the month of November last year 2015.

He said Shammari said product concentrated sulfuric acid is facing stiff competition in the local market because of the lack of protection of the national product and flooding the market with imported goods , but the company continues to implementation of its plans to double its production and increase its sales of material concentrated sulfuric acid and diluted, articulating the possibility of the company to fill the local need of sulfuric acid product center and diluted so as to contribute to the development and increased financial resources and dispensing import.

The Euphrates State Company for Chemical Industries, pesticides , conducted at the beginning of this year , maintenance work on the sulfuric acid plant equipment status enabled it to increase production capacity and a decline in disbursements raw material and fuel ,

and the percentage of damage to the standard rate in addition to the low purchase price of the raw material of sulfur which contributed to the low levels of production costs and thus reduce the selling price of this product in addition to its potential to compete in the market with imported products

rcookie says():Proposal to adopt the technology in obtaining tax
1/11/2017 0:00 In a move aimed at increasing imports of State for Finance
BAGHDAD / Imad Emirate
Sanda taxes represent an important public budgets in many countries of the world which relies sophisticated collection systems contribute to the identification of legal mechanisms ratios and get them away from all forms of evasion.

And is now processing or reduce the deficit in the current year budget is aconcern among experts and stakeholders from specialists in the economic file in their reading of the budget in 2017 and calling for the need toreduce it, especially after the 21 trillion exceeded dinars requires speeding up the implementation of solutions to address the deficit, including tax reform to its important role in establish a sound economic system through the use of electronic government.

Address the deficit academic economic d. Imad al – Ani, said the need to diversify revenue included in the federal budget, describing the improvement of the tax system in Iraq as the most important tributaries that fall within the address the budget deficit.

And between in an interview for the “morning” the importance of improving tax administration in Iraq because it would contribute to the expansion of thetax base through reconsider entirely organized in the country and working methods towards modernization, that is associated with the availability ofthe existence of a genuine will to subjugate all segments of society covered pay taxes without considering the establishment of political weight or influence or wealth.

Human experience and pointed out that theuse of the system of incentives for those working in the tax department may contribute to the eradication of corruption or watered down in terms of attracting the best human experiences on the other hand, the other hand there should be effective measures to deal with

rcookie says():corruption and punish corrupt.
The budget year 2017 came estimate revenue of 79 Trliuna and 11 billion and 421 million dinars, calculates the income earned from the export of crude oil at a rate of $ 42 per barrel and therate of export daily rate of three million seven hundred and fifty thousand barrels per day.

He continued, in order to increase tax collection and toincrease financial return there must be transparency in the tax work focused on the need to provide the taxpayers to pay tax to local and international of all tax information and investors as well as the publication of reports and statistics and applied flyers and everything related to theprocedures of tax it is easy to use systems possible information and coherent way that facilitates the work of the administration of the tax.

He stressed that it will provide the procedures by which the tax is paid by taxpayers, noting that these items are not accurate , but using e -government and the use of the Internet and e – mail to stroll tax transactions. He said al – Ani, that the tax situation in Iraq needs to reform is reason to reconsider the tax system the whole,

pointing out that the reform of one kind of tax process will be at the expense of another kind , and because the case of inconsistencies and sequential in thereform can Cons reflected its effects on the level of speaking revenue and efficiency,

it is necessary to focus on monitoring and follow – up and extrapolated performance indicators processes, as well as make thenecessary adjustments quickly and effectively even achieved the best results, as well as to give enough time to process the tax design and then implementing and monitoring results in order to carry out acomprehensive tax system in Iraq evaluation.
Tax  evasion and to increase fiscal revenue in the tax base has to be the fight against tax evasion rampant not only in Iraq but in most economies in the world and that varied from one economy to another, according to Ani , who pointed to raise staff efficient management of tax collection and improve their abilities ,

which runs on high treatment cost the low yield this efficiency may be due to poor working environment in which it operates these employees, that low wages and salaries paid to these staff may not have to create the incentives and motivation sufficient to accomplish the work assigned to them in the best way.

rcookie says():Iraqi forces continue to progress and regain 53 dead in Mosul
Date of publication: 11/01/2017
Baghdad: «Gulf», and agencies    Said an Iraqi military official, said yesterday that Iraqi forces gained control of 53 of the east of Mosul neighborhoods from the grip of the organization «Daesh», since the start of liberalization of Nineveh operations in October / October last, while Iraqi forces continued their incursion in new neighborhoods, and was able to edit sugar neighborhood, and began clearing shy of Palestine and Sumer,

while the terrorist organization to blow up government buildings in the city, while raids international coalition led to blow up bridges and roads linking the district of Hawija in Kirkuk has led to fully insulate the judiciary from Nineveh and Salahuddin.

He said the joint operations commander of the Chairman of the (anti-terrorism), the team’s first corner student Hgati Kanani, at a news conference, said that the Iraqi forces, especially the fight against terrorism continues to advance troops, and recently gained access to the bank of the Tigris River and the control of the fourth bridge in the city.

He explained «The fourth bridge is a vital bridge, since the control of the means to enter into the depth of the city (Mosul), which is a big blow to the militants« Daesh »», pointing out that the other bridges will be controlled by Iraqi forces, according to plan. He said that the control of the 53 slums Mosul is a «great achievement», indicating that the job has been edited and large neighborhoods and near the Tigris River.

In the same context Kanani pointed out that the left coast of the city of Mosul, will be edited soon, and that the Iraqi forces have the right plans for the coast in cooperation with the joint forces and the support of the international coalition.

Brigadier Thanon Sabawi, the elements «Daesh» proceeded to blow Qaimmqamah Mosul Department building, and the building of Nineveh province in northern Mosul Alternative Faisaliah area after stealing all its contents before the bombing and escape the elements «Daesh» of the Faisaliah.

He pointed out that this comes in conjunction with the progress of the Iraqi forces to the northern axis on the left coast, where the headquarters of the organization. The military confirmed the media cell, that «Daesh» dawn of the fifth bridge iron bridge in Mosul, on the one hand the right coast, noting that «it came to trying to impede cross the Iraqi security forces to the right coast».

In Kirkuk province, said the leader of the crowd Hawija Hassan mystic, that the «flight international coalition bombing yesterday, intensely leadership positions for the organization« Daesh »in the district« Hawija », indicating that« coalition also bombed sub Himt Bridge, which connects Hawija, Nineveh, and Bridge issued Hawija river,

which connects the left coast to spend Shirqat in Salahuddin province. » He added that «the organization« Daesh »restored earlier in the construction of these bridges», stressing that «Hawija become completely isolated from Nineveh and Salahuddin».

rcookie says():Conference judiciary today

1/11/2017 0:00 BAGHDAD / morning will hold the federal judiciary, today ‘s press conference, described as significant, for issues of concern to public opinion.

A statement of the Information Office of the Judiciary, received the “morning”, that ” the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al – Mahmoud, senior judges and court presidents, will hold a press conference today no matter what.”

The statement added, ” The conference will be at the headquarters of the Federal Judiciary, to talk about issues of concern to public opinion.

?Josie says to rcookie():” The conference will be at the headquarters of the Federal Judiciary, to talk about issues of concern to public opinion. Well hopefully it will cover ongoing fight against corruption or start namimg some high profile charges…!

loop says():From MadDScout
loop says():Urgent infallible approve the 2017 budget law
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Masum approve the 2017 budget law

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Sadiq President of the Republic on the financial budget law for 2017.

A statement by the Information Office of the Presidency and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “the president Fuad Masum, approved the budget for fiscal 2017, the law voted by the House of Representatives earlier in accordance with the provisions of item {first} article {61} item { Thirdly} article {73} of the Constitution. ”

He explained that “initiated this law in order to approve the general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017,” adding, “sent for publication in the Official Gazette.”

The House of Representatives has ratified in the seventh month of December last on the budget for Iraq in 2017, the size of more than 79 trillion dinars {} $ 68 billion and the value of the total deficit amounted to 21 billion Dolar.anthy


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