Dinar Updates

Firefly: Historically all currency adjustments are made in the 1st quarter of the fiscal year. Kuwait and Zambia are good reference points.

There is much going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of. I for one am extremely excited at where we sit today.

Anybody that’s been in this investment for any period of time should know that a lot of negative news will pop it’s ugly head at the end.

Just remember what Dr. Shabibi said at Jackson Hole back in 2011 when he was asked when he will do the currency adjustment.  After thinking about the question for a bit of time he stated “AFTER MUCH MEDIA PROPAGANDA”

This is not about us. Just be thankful we were given the opportunity to be a part of this investment.  Timing is everything right now.

One mistake in their calculations would be catastrophic. …the true rate will show on the CBI 1st.

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