Clinton and Obama are at the heart of the sex scandal that rocked Hollywood

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The sex scandal of Hollywood’s most influential producer, Harvey Weinstein, spread to politics after being exposed to links to the US Democratic Party, especially its leaders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Weinstein, who is steeped in a scandalous sex scandal, has donated $ 2.2 million to the Democrats over the past 25 years in various forms, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Thursday.
By the end of 2016, he had donated $ 26,000 to the losing candidate in the presidential election, and he had been a strong supporter of former President Barack Obama and had given him $ 45,000 during his campaign.
She pointed out that the former Democratic president sent his daughters Malia and Sasha to train in the company Weinstein last year.
On Tuesday, Obama and Clinton issued separate statements condemning the behavior of the harasser, but they did not talk about returning the money, but that was not enough for the Republicans, who considered the Democrats’ response to be slow.
The New York attorney general, Cyrus Vance, also a Democrat, rejected the Weinstein trial in 2015, although there was an audio recording of actress Ambra Gutierrez talking about harassment.
After months of harassment, the US attorney received a $ 10,000 donation from the producer’s lawyer.
It did not stop there. The harasser’s contributions to New York Governor Andrew Coco, who is also from the Democratic Party, received $ 60,000, which led him to ignore a harassment case in 2015, Democrats say.
A right-wing organization monitoring the Democratic Party’s activities called for the money to be returned to the harasser. “America Rising” said in a statement: “If the Democratic Party claims to be the woman’s champion, it should provide a model for the money it received from Harvey.”

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