Central Bank announces rise in sales of the dollar for today

The central bank, announced Monday, a rise in the sale of foreign currency to more than $ 164 million, compared to yesterday where he sold more than $ 162 million.

The bank said in a press release, “The size of the amount sold for the day amounted to 164 million, and 418 thousand, and $ 642, priced at 1182 dinars to the dollar exchange rate, with the participation of 35 banks and 11 financial transfer company.”

He added, “The amounts transferred to the accounts of the banks at a price of 1190 dinars per dollar sale abroad, as well as cash sales.”

It is noteworthy, that “the central bank announced earlier that Iraq’s reserves of hard currency will arrive in 2018 to $ 62 billion, adding, that there are no dangerous to the decline in reserves to $ 49 billion, where it is sufficient for 18 months.

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