The central bank addresses for “money laundering” new measures

Governor of the Central Bank revealed on the Keywords, Sunday, all went to the bank to prepare a solid base for addressing money laundering, stressing the need for concerted international and local efforts in this regard.

Official newspaper “Sabah” quoted Keywords as saying, “The trend to prepare a solid base to address money laundering is extremely important and contributes to building a sound financial sector,” noting that “a subject of local and international interest and we are working to build the correct rules of the adoption of international standards regulate the financial work The immunity of the banking sector and prevent money laundering. ”

Keywords pointed to “the importance that combine local and international efforts to coordinate mechanisms of action to achieve the goals that prevent the occurrence of such practices in various economies.”

He stressed Alaak the need to “adopt rules of sound using the latest technology and coordination among all the concerned authorities in this matter to control these diseases and prevent their spread through the path established for this matter to coordinate action among all parties map, and there are legal regulations paint the right courses of action,” he said, adding ” Besides the importance of human resources training and the expansion of the circle of knowledge in this aspect. ”

He stressed Keywords that “the central bank’s latest great mobility in this aspect and the provision of basic and advanced detailed in this important work rules and development occurred in this aspect during the past period and formed banks and specialized units in this side to undermine the opportunities for these crimes.”

Means the process of money laundering obtaining money from black sources are illegal and introducing them into the economic cycle and taking them out as clean money free economic suspicions.

Source: waradana

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