We know Iraqi Americans have Qi cards like they do in Iraq, and we know they are able to go on those cards at midnight tonight [Tuesday] and be able to have access to their funds and see quite possibly a new rate populated…see the value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar.That is good and positive for them.
I will tell you from what I am hearing everything is moving forward in that arena…I thought there was a possibility of it going yesterday afternoon, but I felt there be greater of it going this week Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

I have been told since by at least 5 or 6 sources that this is imminent…we are right here, right where we need to be. We see a lot of progress that is going through, and we know it is happening according to a plan.  It may not be our plan, but it is happening according to a plan. We just have to sometimes resign ourselves to the fact this process is taking longer than we thought.

I think we are pretty much ready. We are looking for a start. We do believe it…should be this week as far as I heard.