The Big Call (Intel Only by PinkRoses)



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call Tonight. Let’s talk about where we are. It has been very quiet. Today is Tuesday. We always get information from the weekend since our last call on Thursday. Tonight is no exception to that. We do have some information. I would say first of all we tend to start with Iraq and see what is going on over there. I am trying to think.  I can’t think of anything that is meaningful right now that where we have to look at Iraq for.
Bruce:  I don’t think there is anything I am expecting other than we know Iraqi Americans have Qi cards like they do in Iraq, and we know they are able to go on those cards at midnight tonight and be able to have access to their funds and see quite possibly a new rate populated. They can see that on their cards. They have an account they can go to and see the value of the Iraqi dinar to the dollar. That is good and positive for them. Those of us who don’t have a Qi cards and aren’t getting a percentage of the oil and gas profits over there in Iraq, maybe not be as meaningful. I will tell you from what I am hearing everything is moving forward in that arena.

Bruce:  Let’s go back over here.  What I have been told was and I believe it is true and comes from a very strong source that we are very close.  The wording was within a whisker having this all go down yesterday at 2:00. Now it didn’t happen for us, but the reason stated was because some of the banks still needed to get their weekend business from Friday and Saturday finished and completed. They didn’t feel they could start with the exchange process with that left to go. We came very close. I thought there was a possibility of it going yesterday afternoon, but I felt there be greater of it going this week Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Bruce:   I have been told since by at least 5 or 6 sources that this is imminent and I could be receiving the toll free numbers anytime. Some people had it before the call. Some people had it after the call. Some people have mentioned no particular time one way or another. Just we are right here, right where we need to be. I am going to take that and say okay, that is fine. We don’t have to have a specific time. We don’t have to have it before or after the call tonight. That is one reason we are doing a one hour short call or less.

Bruce: I feel as if most of the Intel that I have brought you has been accurate. The only thing that has not been accurate is the Go time. Even though I get some idea when that is, I never get exactly when it is. People that exactly tell you a specific time most of the time it is not true. It is not going to be a specific time. They don’t want us to know really when it is going, but we supposed to have an idea approximately when it is to go.

Bruce:  I would say if you are into celebrating Ground Hog Day because every day it seems like it could go and it hasn’t yet, you are not alone. We are feeling that, but we also know every day and I see it form a different perspective, because I get a lot of Intel from different sources and I know how to evaluate sort of discern that, we can kind of see progress moving. We see a lot of progress that is going through, and we know it is happening according to a plan. It may not be our plan, but it is happening according to a plan. We just have to sometimes resign ourselves to the fact this process is taking longer than we thought. I know that for a fact. I know it is, but I believe that we are in it for a reason.  We are going to be stronger as a result having made it all the way through this and I am looking forward to it. I have heard very strong evidence for, let’s just call it test exchanges, going on now just a way to ultra prepare for the reality of when we get started.

Bruce:  I know what the schedules are. They scheduled the appointment times to be one hour and 45 minutes apart. Not that you are going to need an hour and 45 minutes. You would do your actual appointment in an hour or an hour and 10 minutes. The difference between an hour and 45 minutes and the time you take to complete is the time the Exchange Centers and the Redemption Centers will have time to resolve all paperwork and new accounting and everything for your appointment that was just completed. There is a half hour plan between appointments for that purpose. That is why in an hour and 45 minutes they are expecting you to use an hour and 15 minutes of it or less.  It gives them a little cushion between those appointment times. That is something I did mention it I believe on Thursday call.

Bruce:  I really think we are at the point where you know really the concept of going in like Sue said being in your best God self going in and having confidence, breathing and just being aware.

Try to be aware and enjoy the experience. Try to enjoy what it is going in. Look at the people in their eyes.  Listen to what they are saying. If they are giving you their name, say their name once or twice or three times so you remember it.  When you are introduced to someone it is always a good way to remember a name when you mention it. Most people like to hear their name. So it is okay if you mention their name back to them. It is a smart way to remember somebody’s name if you mention it 3 times you should be able to hold on to that and remember it.

Bruce:  I can go in so many different directions, but I really don’t think we will gain a whole lot by anything we have already covered.  I think we covered the majority of it. You know the rates are privately negotiable when it comes to dinar, dong, and Zim. You know the Zim is a bond and will be treated like a bond. No zeros will come off. You will be able to do the structure payouts like we said for 5, 10, 15, 20 even 30 years. I don’t know if we will go beyond 30 years. I have heard yes. I have heard no. The point is you will be able to set your rate for your exchange for Zim. For example for your redemption of your Zim based on the amount that you have, and based on how long you plan to do your projects, and use your structure payout, and so on. Where the longer you go and the more you have of the Zim, the higher the individual rate would be that you could negotiate for. I am sure they will give you the parameters on that. Some of it you might have to just ask for.

Bruce:  I think we are pretty much ready. We are looking for a start. We do believe it should be it should be this week as far as I heard. I am just going to say when I do get the phone call for the toll free number, Bob is prepared to send out the emails out with the number fairly quickly, and we will try to put the numbers on both our websites: and  We will have them placed on both of those.

Bruce:  We are still looking for (2) numbers for the United States and (3) for Canada, one each for the main banks in Canada- RBC,  HSBC, and Scotia Bank. That is what I have heard recently for Canada more recently. We will see how it shakes out. We will try to cover Canada too.  I can’t say the same thing for Mexico.  I don’t know about Mexico if I am going to get information about that. If you are in Mexico, try to use HSBC or do your exchange legally in the United States.

Bruce:  Other than that I think we got everything basically there that you need.  There is nothing super specific other than different times. I am looking for this. We will see how accurate that is as far as coming in or it coming in matter of hours and days. I think that is what we are looking at.  There is no reason we can’t go forward. There has been a lot of clean up globally, not just here.  I am sure that is continuing and I think that is moving along very nicely and we should be good to go here shortly.
Bruce:  Thank you all for coming in tonight. We appreciate you very much. Even though we don’t plan to do a call after the blessing comes for at least a month, we will drop emails to you and let you know what our plans are, our future calls, and so on. Everybody stay as positive as you have been so far. Be prepared for this to go and we look forward to catching you on the other side.  Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, and Big Call Universe for listening in tonight. God Bless you All.


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