Arab Union of Commercial Arbitration

Arab Union of Commercial Arbitration seeks to enter into agreements with Arab governments, like the agreement protocol with the Iraqi government, to train, prepare and qualify international arbitrators defending their national rights before the international courts, contribute to creating a legal investment environment drives the economy in the country.

Middle of this picture Union completed the transfer of its headquarters to Iraq, which began to yield results after widespread interest to the government, lay the foundations for building the capacity of arbitrators able to dismantle and resolve commercial, financial disputes and investment decisions of a fair contract that satisfies all parties, in all parts of Iraq.

The Secretary General of the Arab Federation of Commercial Arbitration adviser Kzar Rubaie said the deployment of commercial arbitration culture has made the first steps to success consensus of most of the Arab countries on the transfer of the headquarters to Iraq, as “advanced”.

Rubaie in his statement to the “morning” praised Champions of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al – Abadi and Justice Minister Haider al – Zamili, who were took part strongly, to lay the foundations of legal training institutions concerned with trade and investment affairs, to provide legal investment environment in line with the government directives cemented to the Iraqi economy and prevent financial manipulations.

The Secretary General also pointed out that the union seeks to raise efficiency, experience and dissemination of legal culture in the field of trade and investment disputes, through specialized courses in three levels of the Iraqi Judicial Institute, according to the memorandum of understanding between the Union and the Ministry of Justice to benefit from the expertise of academics, judges, lecturers at the institute, Besides coordination to professors from Europe and all developed countries in the field of commercial arbitration in the world to develop the expertise and capabilities of international arbitrators for iraqis.

Adviser Rubaie announced the opening of the door to the EU membership, especially as the Union intends to expand duties and it’s work, to enter into placed resolving tribal disputes, as well as discounts that go into engineering and legal functions and even the media, including, indicating that the primary basis for the work of the Union access to a formula of compromise between the rival Parties least time and effort, the fact that legislation, the courts and the judiciary for so takes to reach the verdict is final, while preserving the rights of all parties.

On the other hand, according to Deputy Secretary – General Chancellor Najat Hussein al – Jubouri that the difficult challenges encountered the work of the Union and the opening of its headquarters in Baghdad, to work for months at a time exceptional efforts made to Iraq, success to the vision of legal training institution specialized disputes, develop and supply the expertise and capabilities arguing before the Iraqi and international courts.

Jubouri said “morning” that I have several tasks Union at present the most important preparation expertise to plead and the provision of funds to the state treasury, at a time when the country is witnessing the difficult economic situation and the costs of the war on terror that pay for Iraq and the world, provide security and stability.

The Chancellor urged the need for openness of state institutions on the activity of the Federation of Commercial Arbitration, from having the necessary expertise in the development of the field of work and framing the investment side as one of the fundamental guarantees for the advancement of the country ‘s economy.

Arab Union of Commercial Arbitration agreed to conclude a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Electricity to work on the settlement of investment disputes for the Ministry of Electricity and coordination with the Ministry of Justice as tasks and pursue foreign lawsuits and arbitration cases before the courts and international arbitration centers.


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