It announced that it will reveal the terrorist moves

BAGHDAD / Isra al-Samarrai
The Ministry of Communications confirmed that Iraq ‘s possession of a satellite, will work to achieve the communication is secure and confidential infiltrated high military cuts and the security agencies, especially as they will be managed by an angel and national.
The director of satellite communications in the General Company for Post & Telecommunications Ministry, Ali Abdul Hassan Ali »Sabah»: that Iraq ‘s possession of a satellite separate its industrial, comes to achieve sovereignty and independence in the province allocated to him by the International Telecommunication Union orbital positions, as well as a guarantee do not block Iraq ‘s cable TV channels and non – interference in directing the media to serve the terrorist elements supporting terrorism and countries, while providing a free information security and intelligence authorities space.
He explained that « the project will provide huge amounts of hard currency for the country, what contributes to the support of the national economy through the payment of amounts in hard currency to the space institutions to hire satellites for satellite broadcasting Iraqi satellite channels and security systems, especially that Iraq is one of the most Arab countries equipped to quite a few channels the space compared to countries in the region. »
I went to that big fiscal revenue expected to be collected from the project, also will be achieved through marketing Satellite Iraqi services to include pan neighboring countries through the use of modern and sophisticated techniques when renting some space beams of the moon, noting that he will also work to provide visual communication of audio services and communications informatics for oil companies , especially those working in remote desert and mountain areas.

Prime Minister for Economic Affairs
Arab Union of Commercial Arbitration

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