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NBC Television Network of America reported that the US National Security Council presented to President Donald Trump several possible options to address the “nuclear threat” of North Korea.

Network sources have quoted that among the options the possibility of deploying part of the US nuclear arsenal in the territory of South Korea, and the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong – un.

NBC shows that talk about the measures Washington may have to use them in the event of disappointment that the possibility of China ‘s influence on North Korea to persuade it to abandon its nuclear program.
According to the network the United States can deploy nuclear bombs in the US “Osan” base located 30 kilometers from the South Korean capital, Seoul.
The second option, which requires the assassination of Kim Jong-un and other North Korean leaders who control the operation of the “nuclear button”, transferring network say Mark Lippert, the former US ambassador to South Korea, which was considered that this procedure negative aspects of serious, Cardh sharp reaction by China, and the ambiguity of the political future of North Korea after the disappearance of Kim Jong-un and the demise of the existing system in the country.
NBC also reported that among the options presented by the US National Security Council send US Special Forces and South Korean elements to North Korea to conduct sabotage operations targeting installations and sites of vital infrastructure in the country.

(Source: nnciq)

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