Adam Montana

I have a couple of rumors that I’m holding onto.

I had hoped to have ?a better confirmation on them before posting this…

I do not have ?what I need in order to release it, so I’m sticking with my original ?guesstimate of the rate.

When I think about it, I hope I’m wrong and y’all are riding with me ?to a much higher rate!

You don’t want to see $3.14 any more than I? do!

But I’m a realist, and that guides my logic on matters like this…

Let’s move forward a few steps and talk about a ReValued dinar.

I agree that a lower rate than the Kuwaiti Dinar will be a blow to the ego’s of the Iraqis.

I agree that it should be on par with the USD, or even higher.

I agree that the rate WILL get there… eventually.

I believe that Iraq can sustain a very stable currency at a rate of $3 or higher, but I don’t think they will immediately jump to that rate even if they ultimately desire it to be so.

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