Abadi seeks to remain in his position: observers


State of Law Coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, Fatah Alliance led by Hadi al-Amiri and Victory Alliance led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi are communicating in order to form a new coalition together, an informed source said on Tuesday.

Victory Alliance spokesperson, Hussein al-Adli, denied that the alliance will join any new coalition, pointing out that the alliance succeeded in the Iraqi Parliamentary elections.

Observers who spoke to The Baghdad Post said that the current rapprochement between Nuri al-Maliki and Haidar Abadi is due to the implementation of their alliance, which was signed few weeks ago.

The observers added that Abadi seeks to continue in his position as the country’s Prime Minister, adding that Fatah Alliance and State of Law Coalition will agree to let Abadi remain in his position if he provided more power to Iran Militia in Iran and Syria (IMIS).

Earlier on Tuesday, Saairun Alliance announced that it will form a new coalition with Prime Minister, Haider Abadi’s Victory Alliance.

Saairun candidate, Raed Fahmi said in a statement that the alliance will cooperate with the political blocs that want to implement governmental reforms, stressing that these blocs must be free of any corrupt figures.

“If we are asked about the bloc that will form the new coalition with us, the victory alliance will be probably the closest”, Fahmi added.

On May 12, Iraqi people made their way to the poll stations to cast their ballots in the country’s first parliamentary elections since the defeat of ISIS terrorist group in December 2017.

According to the High Electoral Committee, Saairun Alliance, which is led by Sadr, won the most number of seats in the upcoming parliament.

Source: The Baghdad Post

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