Abadi: Current year to witness end of ISIS in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi said Monday that this year would witness the end of ISIS in Iraq.

Speaking at a press conference, Abadi stressed that the joint forces recaptured most ISIS-held areas, noting that ISIS terrorists are currently in panic everywhere.

Abadi also stressed that Iraq will not cut its relations with Kurdistan.

The PM warned against foreign agendas to incite sectarian rifts between Iraq’s sects, noting that any discussions must concentrate on Iraq’s unity, respecting its constitution and refusing Kurdistan’s recent referendum.

He also noted the forming a confederacy requires modifying the constitution and the approval of two thirds of the parliament.

Abadi called for extending Baghdad’s control over all Kirkuk governorate’s oil wells, urging Peshmerga forces not to clash with the Iraqi forces in Kirkuk.

Kirkuk is an oil rich governorate and a disputed area between Erbil and Baghdad, as both sides claim their sovereignty over it.

On 25th of September Kurdistan carried out an independence referendum and included Kirkuk governorate in I, which caused a major rift between Baghdad and Erbil.

Source: The Baghdad Post

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