Abadi is our only candidate for 2018, Al-Dawa party

A leader in the Islamic Dawa Party has denied reports about the intention of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to form a new party or to join in alliance with the Sadrist Movement in order to contest on the premier’s post after the general elections in Iraq set for 2018.

In statements on Tuesday, Ali al-Allaq said that Abadi will be the only candidate of the National Alliance and Islamic Dawa Party after holding the local and parliamentary elections later this year. Elections are likely to be held in April.

Abadi could take independent decisions for the best interest of Iraq  in case he won the general elections in 2018 and chaired the government, added the party official.

In April 2017 Iraq will hold its next important round of local elections. These are the elections during which voters will choose provincial officials and council authorities. Despite the ongoing security and economic crises, the country is already looking ahead to this event.

The local elections will stage the scene for holding general elections in Iraq in 2018 to choose a new government.

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